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  • Buzz Grand Opening

    So does anyone know what's going on manana (tomorrow) for Buzz's grand opening...wondering if its worth going? I dont have class tomorrow, so i debating if it's worth driving down to DL at opening and driving into the OC...
    Went to a party the other night
    All the ladies were treating me right
    Moving my feet to the disco beat
    How in the world could I keep my seat
    All of a sudden I began to change
    I was on the dance floor acting strange
    Flapping my arms I began to cluck
    Look at me..I'm the disco duck

    "Do the Disco Duck!!!"

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    tommorow is st. pattys day right?... you know disney... most likely they will celebrate both occasions (maybe even a clever way to incorperate the green army men)


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      In Cast Blast the main PR lady talked about the opening, and how not to miss it, and they will be celebratting St. Pattys day AND the opening of Buzz. She said to 'think green'.
      ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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        Those little 3 eyed guys are green and they seem to be rather popular in the theme of Buzz. So I doubt it will be the army men but those guys.


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          I heard they are going to have a bunch of elementary kids from Green elementary school (somewhere in CA) at the castle. Can't remember if they are going to be the aliens are green soldiers (may guess would be aliens). they are supposed to have a ceremony at the castle and then go over to buzz and do something of there.


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            I'm calling in sick tomorrow to go for the grand opening. I wonder if it's going to be crowded tomorrow at DL.


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