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Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook


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  • Trip Report Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

    Yesturday I when to Disneyland for the Long Lost Friends week 2 to see if I can get the characters that has been on mine list for a long time. I got to Big Thunder Range around 1:15 and when I got there, there was no characters out at all so I just got in the farest stand that I saw well it had the name Hercules on the sign so I when in to see Meg for the first time ever but after a bout 3 mins one of the CM turn the sign around that said Tarzan so I figure that I will not get Meg as my first character to see but Tarzan in her place. So I waited in line which I was about the 5 person in line and there was still no sign of any characters. About 15 mins later only 3 of the 5 characters for the half hour came out. Peter Pan's Group,Merlin and Robin Hood's Group but still no sign of Tarzan. He,Jane and Terk didn't come out until a little bit after 2 along with Stitch,Lilo & Brer Rabbit,Fox & Bear who took the place of Merlin,Robin Hood and Peter's Group. I wanted to see Capt. Hook after Tarzan but when they left I figure I get them on the next round. So once I saw that Tarzan was coming I took this photo of him and the other two wild I was in line.

    Once I did get up to see Tarzan and the others Jane ask me how I was and I told her that I've been good then we took our picture.

    After I saw them I when in line to see the character who I votes for over 400 times Brer Rabbit but the line was so long and the time was going fast so I just got these photos of Brer Rabbit,Fox and Bear wild I was in line.

    When I got to the front and was the second person in line that is when Brer Rabbit and the others started to leave so I miss out on getting them this time so I stay to get to see Merlin. Once he came I when up to him and said to him. It's been a long time send I have met you. He play along and saying yes it has how long has it been I told him which took me a few mins. to think of it about 2007. He said that sounds about right. He ask me what my name was so I told him yet then we took some pictures together.

    So after I saw Merlin I when to see Jiminy Cricket send he is one of the others that I haven't met yet as well so once I got in line which wasn't that long I got up to see him and the others I shook all there hands and I had ask Jiminy if we can do a back to back pose and he did it for for me.

    As I was about to leave Honset John had took my backpack and was starting to take off with it. One of the CM told him to put it back down.

    So after I got my backpack back I when in line to Pocahontas but I didn't really go in line to see her wanted to see Hook send I knew he be coming out in a few mins. Just like what happen with the Brer's I was the third person in line to see Pocahontas when she and the others had to go. Once when Hook and the others came in the line was moving and after the first two people in front of me when and saw them. Hook came up to me and saw my shirt and hold my hand to go up front. I took Hook listen to this. I said to him out louad that Peter Pan is a Cog fish. When Peter hear that he said "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" When I said that both Hook and Smee gave me a Hi! 5.

    So after my fun with Hook and the others Smee got my back and handed to me and then I when off to see Brer Rabbit finally. Wild I was waiting to see them I took some more photos of them been silly.

    When it became my turn Brer Bear grab me and gave me a bear hug :lol: and took me to the others.

    When it was time for the photo to be taken I did one of Brer Foxes poses with Brer Rabbit by gaving him extra rabbit ears.

    After I got done with them and the fun they where doing I when back to Pinocchio's group cause Meg hadn't come out yet. When It was my turn I told Honset John don't take my backpack this time. He look at me and just walk away. Even Pinocchio was telling him to be good. I got another hand shake from Jiminy and then it was time for more pics.

    Once it was done John was trying to do it again with my bag.

    So after I got my bag back I when in the line for Meg this time cause this was going to be my last time trying to get her before 4pm cause I wanted to see my friend Princess Tiana who I haven't seen for almost a month now. So once I got in the line it was moving pretty fast so I figure I wouldn't get to see her and would get to see Tarzan again. So once I got to the front that is when Tarzan and the others left and then I got to finally see Meg,Hercules and Hades. Once I got up to see her. I said your the only one that I have never met that I have met them before. She was teasing me and said well I've never met you before. She ask me what my name was and I told her what it was. But from her look at me I knew she has met me before and I really know her to. Well not say where I have seen her before but she is a friend of mine.

    So after I finally got to see Meg for my first time I leave LLF for a little bit to fine my Princess. More to come.

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    Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

    This has been a big year for you in terms of meeting characters on your wanted list. Nice TR so far.


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      Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

      That is for sure as you see I already made a new sign for my remining characters that I want to see. I know from the list I have I may never get to see at less 2 of them but it's wroth the try.


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        Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

        Thanks for the TR Capt Hook! Congratulations on getting a bunch of characters from your wanted list.

        I had read that Hercules, Meg, Tarzan and Merlin would be there, but I was really curious who else would be showing up! I was hoping someone would report it.
        I'm happy to see that Hades made an appearance as well.
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          Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

          wonderful trip report the picture of hades there lol.


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            Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

            nice trip report!!!!!
            These are some of my favorite TRs I have posted

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              Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

              :shy: HerculesandTarzan
              Great report! I really wish some of these guys weren't so long lost because they'd be nice to have on a more regular basis.


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                Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                I'm back for the second part of my trip. So after I saw Meg and the others I when off for a little bit to see if I can fine my friend Princess Tiana over at New Orleans. I got there around 4 and waited for her around the time she usely pops up at which is around 4:35 when 5 o'clock came and no friend I when off to the Royal Hall to see the other Princess. On the way there and about to go in I stop by the Royal Theater cause I saw a friend in there who I haven't seen in a long time. She was out of character so I will not be showing her picture on here. (Sorry) Well anyways when I saw her she was doing the show for Belle I waited tell she was coming out to go in the back I had call her name as she was walking out. She saw me and gave me a big smile. I told her I will be here after the show. She shook her head at me to let me know she hear me. So after the show she came out to see me and we got to talk for about 3 mins and took a picture together and hug before she had to go back to work. After that I when walking to the Royal Hall and notes that only two of the Princess names where up Aurora and Cinderella. So I knew that the third Princess would be a speaical Princess. So when I got in line it wasn't that long and when it became my turn to go in the first Princess I saw was Cinderella. My little break of not seeing Cinderella is over with for now. So when I walk up to her she said hello my Prince but then she saw my Capt. Hook shirt and she said I mean mr. Pirate. I growl like a pirate which I have never done before. She ask me how my day was. I told her that I when to see the Long Lost Friends and Capt. Hook. I told Cinderella the story of what I told Hook about Peter. She laugh about it. So then she ask me if I like to have a photo taken so we took are place for the picture.

                So after the picture Cinderella said goodbye and before I leaved I bow to her. She then said you are a gentelmen and crusey to me. So then I when on to the next Princess and it would have to be my favorite Aurora. She remember from the last time I was there and ask me how I have been doing I told her been good that I was a little tier from all the stuff I did today. Then she said that is good then ask me to pose for the picture. I said sure after all you know your my favorite out of all Princess.

                Next up was the speaical Princess send Ariel wasn't there Princess Tiana took her spot but this one wasn't my friend but I think I did from what almost happen when I came up to her and almost call her Princess Aurora by mistake. I cot myself just before I said it but Tiana did hear it come out. I said to her sorry about that by mosting to her that Aurora was over at the other stalland that she is Tiana. I told her the story that at another time I call another Tiana by mistake Jasmine she step back and said Jasmine! I said yeah but I appoize [ms] to her about the name mistake. She said it was alright she understand. So then we took are place for some photo taken.

                So after see the Princess I look at my watch to see I had a little bit of time to give one more time at Long Lost Friends. Once I got there I saw that Tarzan was out and the line wasn't that big so I when in line to see if I can give him one more shot. When I got to the front and the third person in line. It was time for Tarzan to go but I did get this last pic of him and Jane.

                We where told that Herc and the others would be the last characters to meet for the rest of the day. When they came out around 5:30 Hades was in a mood that he wanted people to cheer him. I when and boo him he hear me boo him but he was pointing at Herc. I said not him you. Meg hear me and said yeah Jeffrey Herc even gave me a yeah Jeffrey and then he said your back again. I said I had to do it for one last time. So I got on Herc's side for the pic this time.

                After the pic Meg and Herc said goodbye and I did the same I then when in line to see Pocahontas for the only time. When I got there I had made it just before they close the line and when it became my turn to see Pocahontas she ask me how my day was. Meeko at the time when into my camera bag to see if I had anything to eat in it. I told him there was nothing there. Pocahontas ask me what my name was I told her my name then we when and took are photo.

                So after I said goodbye I leave to get some food but before I did I walk by the Royal Hall again and ask one of the CM what time the place will close she told me around 7. So I figure to go in cause by the time I got to my food and back it would be close. So when in line which wasn't bad and when in the first Princess was Cinderella she said hello again to me as did I and then are picture.

                Then after her came Ariel she ask me how my day was I said it was very good and that I was getting hungery so then she and I took are place for pictures.

                Then the next Princess was my Aurora. This was a different Aurora from the one I saw early but one I have met before.

                So after I saw them I when off to have dinner and when to Main Street for a little bit. I got a call from a friend he told me that the Royal Hall was still open and this was around 7:35 so I when back to see them for the third time like I usely do. This time the Princess where in this order Ariel was first. She said hello to me and said how my day was.

                After I saw her it was my Aurora the one I met the first time around she said your back again. I said joking with her that I always do a three peat. She laugh at me then we took are photo.

                After saying my goodbyes it was Cinderella the one that call me mr. Pirate. She also said your back I said yes I am. We then took are place again and after the photo she said goodbye my handsom Pirate I bow again to her she then said my nice Pirate. I said yes I am I may like Capt. Hook as a villian but I'm a nice guy. She then said goodbye again to me. So this ends my report once again.


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                  Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                  Thanks for sharing these pics...Poca's dress looks so sad, especially seeing the other princesses dressing after!
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                    Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                    Your wanted list is tiny now Captain! Another great trip report


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                      Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                      Great pics Hook! Thanks for Sharing!
                      I open a toy, review it and take mediocore pictures. Read all about it HERE!

                      Originally posted by VintageMouse;n8463446

                      You know best :-)


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                        Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                        What a wonderful trip report. I am not into meeting the characters so much, but I've really enjoyed your trip reports and reading about your enthusiasm for them.


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                          Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                          Great pics Capt'!


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                            Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                            That's great you got to cross more off your list. I always love reading your reports and seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing with us!
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                              Re: Long Lost Friends Trip Report part 2 by Cap. Hook

                              Nice report man, sounds like a busy day of back and forth!


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