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Fantasmic...dying a slow death?


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  • Fantasmic...dying a slow death?

    Hi everyone! Well this is my first post, and sorry to say it's a rant.

    I've been so happy with a lot of changes at the park lately, but I haven't seen anything posted recently about the state of Fantasmic. Sorry if this is rehashing stuff that's already been said.

    We saw it Sunday without the Mark Twain. Of course the show ending is not as effective without the Mark Twain, right? That obviously has to be the case once in a while, and is temporary. But the problem is that there was no Mark Twain AND no Ursula float AND no Crocodile AND no Pinocchio figures AND half the stunts have been cut from the Peter Pan unit.

    I wish they would recognize that the show really is the sum of its parts, and that you can't keep cutting it "to infinity and beyond" without the show becoming weak. This nickel-and-diming stuff can really ruin a show. As it is, when they long ago decided to just omit the Ursula float from the villains segment rather than fix it, that already weakened the pace of the show quite a lot.

    Also I heard a rumor that the Pinocchio unit was removed because it somehow has trouble being moved during the show. Is this true? Or is the reality that, for example, the fiber optics need outsourcing work and they just don't feel like spending the maintenance money.

    Hasn't this show done enough good for the park that it deserves a nice refreshing like the Tiki Room just saw?

    Just curious for everyone's thoughts on this.

  • #2
    Do a search first.

    Second, I wouldn't mind Fantasmic dying soon. The good vs. evil fight has gotten old, I want to see a new, HUGE show that takes the best from Fantasmic, but adds new, cool effects and scenes.

    And it better not be called "Water Magic"....
    ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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      I love fantasmic!!!!!!!noooo!!!!!
      ...I finally changed my avatar...


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        I'd love to see a total refurb of Fantasmic!. It was originally supposed to be a short run show, so I'm not surprised that the effects have issues. I say start from step one, re-do the entire show tih updated, long-term effects, and keep on top of the upkeep. This show is not getting remotely "old". Good vs. Evil is a universal, constant subject that will be around forever. I hope Fantasmic! will be, as well!
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          I agree with Reaver, the show fails to incorperate almost 15 years of Disney history, close to 1/4 of the history of the park. Revamp it, create a new experiance, similar plot and themes and music and you will entice a new audience and bring the rest us back-Tom


          • #6
            Originally posted by testtrack321
            ...And it better not be called "Water Magic"....
            How about Fantasmic Rivers..? I was joking at first but i kinda like it and then I dont .hahahaha But No Fantasmic will must its still an awesome show.. yah there are some..ok many htings that are missing.. but tis still gets me hyped up. so no i dont think its dying jsut showing its age. Like what everyone else in other threads say it jsut needs some TLC..
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            • #7
              Well, I do agree that a lot of Disney's history and characters are missing, but that is the way it is at the park as a whole. So much focus on the Princesses and not a lot on other ones like Robin Hood or something. But I love Fantasmic! It has always been such a wonderful show and I think that it should also get refurbished. Another thing, it was not only supposed to be temporary, wasn't it also just a summertime show?? That may cause a little extra wear on the props for the show...
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              • #8
                Yeha- I feel the same way I love Fantasmic! and I have seen it probably 200 times at least. It would probably be well served to go down for a year to be freshened up, but what would you put in its place? 2 shows a night still pack in capacity crowds around the RoA (and refresh my memory, but I believe that's 28000+ guests). There are parts of that show that are pure magic and make it worthwhile- especially the ending with Sorcerer Mickey on the roof and the Mark Twain, my heart soars every time I see those moments. I think the best thing about it is that it gives Mickey a real place to capture your heart and fall in love with him. I hope after the 50th is done, they will seriously consider refurbing the show so that it will remian as special as it is to all of us.
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                • #9
                  I think Fantasmic's time is limited at DL. It has had a great run...but I think Disneyland deserves a new nighttime show!


                  • #10

                    If they do bring Fantasmic to the end of its run eventually, I just would like to see it go out in style, and not in a crumbling state, that's all.

                    If they ever did a "Fantasmic II" or something like that, I'd love it if the crew who designed the Animation lobby at DCA would create it. I love that lobby area! and it incorporates both the old and new films really well!

                    The only thing about getting rid of Fantasmic is that they would face the challenge of replacing it with something as good or, sometimes they seem to have a little trouble with this concept...need I mention Light Magic...Rocket Rods...Innoventions...etc.

                    I sure wouldn't mind an Incredibles segment where Syndrome and his robot come after you! And the river water getting suddenly frozen...


                    • #11
                      Disney should just take some time to give the entire show a more compelte refurb

                      from what I hear something snapped in the Pinnocio setup and it crashed at the bottum damaging several parts of it

                      Disney needs to take the time to fix up all the segments and see about replacing the ursala float (since it was the cause of so much trouble)

                      as far as new shows go Disney should turn its concentraition more to DCA

                      DCA needs two nightime shows too

                      that way you'll have Fantasmic and Fireworks at Disneyland
                      and at DCA you'll have the electrical parade+ a nightime show
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                      • #12
                        Originally posted by JoeCool
                        I think Fantasmic's time is limited at DL. It has had a great run...but I think Disneyland deserves a new nighttime show!
                        They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, Fantasmic! aint broke. Not by a long shot. It needs some repairs, yes, but it's still one of the best shows in all the parks. I do agree that the Animation building at DCA is sweet, and I'd love to see some of that influence on a refurb, but it still stands strong as it is...
                        Honor those who fall under the sword.
                        But pity the warrior who has slain all his enemies.


                        • #13
                          Wow, no Crocodile? Last Friday night the dragon was out of comission, that was pretty weak.

                          I'd hate to see it go. I still love it.


                          • #14
                            Gosh, how long has Fantasmic been running? It doesn't seem that long to me...
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                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Cuzco-topia
                              Gosh, how long has Fantasmic been running? It doesn't seem that long to me...
                              Fantasmic opened in 1992, so it's been running for 12 years now...

                              It was meant as a temporary show, not a decade-plus running attraction. See why it needs an overhaul?
                              Honor those who fall under the sword.
                              But pity the warrior who has slain all his enemies.


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