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  • Just got back from DL

    I just wanted to share a couple of things I noticed this week at DL.

    1. The castle is flawless right now, it literally sparkles.

    2. In my opinion Buzz Lightyear is a great ride that will almost certainly be around for a few decades. I rode it 3 times. The third time it broke down completly and I got to walk thru about half of the ride with the lights on. Buzz's ray gun at the end of the ride, has these fiber optic strings spinning around super fast. It was funny when they shut the music off you could hear all the mechanical arms squeaking it made it seem really cheap.

    3. The Tiki birds still click just not as bad. They don't CLICKETY CLACK is more like it.

    4. I saw a mouseadventures group yelling at each other.......hillarious.

    Im done now
    I find it hard
    It's hard to find
    Oh well, whatever, nevermind

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