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Armchair Imagineering Fantasyland rides with a 'budget'

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  • [Fun] Armchair Imagineering Fantasyland rides with a 'budget'

    There are strong rumors of the Fantasyland Darkrides getting some nice TLC for the 60th Anniversary, so I thought it would be fun to do some arm-chair imagineering of what could be added, improved, and changed to the experience's.

    BUT to put a spin on our blue-skying, we can give it some limitations with a budget. Of course it's hard to know the actual costs, so we can have a limited 'budget' of specific items.

    --> So pick a ride and decided where you would make some additions/changes using a limited allotted 'budget' of items below.

    --- MENU of ITEMS ---
    (note: Obvious things that need fixing like the outside area of Alice in Wonderland are 'free')

    1-4 Video Projections/Mapping effects (example: In Snow White the queens transformation and rain effects, in Alice in Wonderland the caterpillars smoke and the hedgehog ball.

    1-2 Video Screens (Alice: Cheshire Cat's appearing animation)

    1-4 limited animated figures/props (Alice: talking door-nob, Pinocchio: Stromboli)

    1-5 special effects/lighting


    So, I am going to pick 'Pinocchio's Daring Journey'.

    I am going to spend my 'budget' of items this way...

    - Video projections to ...
    1) Improve the shadowy back projected figures in the Pleasure Island scene
    2) to enhance the transformation of Lampwick (similar to the evil queen's transformation)
    3) to add more excitement to the scene with Monstro the Whale including an illusion of water splashing around
    4) and to give the Blue Fairy her classic effect from the movie when she vanishes.

    - I would use some video screens...
    1) to help explain the story in a quick way while waiting in line
    2+) to add some life to the Pleasure Island scene with monitors hidden in the set.

    - For figures I would ...
    1) improve the fox so he turns to look at you in a sneaky way as you pass.
    2-3) improve the figure of Lampwick transforming and the Coachman in the ticket booth.
    4) I would also give a simple mechanical effect for the pop-corn cart since it just feels like it should be moving around.

    - I would also add some additional fiber optic lighting to make Pleasure Island seem more spectacular at first and to contrast with it's horrors a bit later.
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