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Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?


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  • Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

    It has been said that the layout of Disneyland is like a wagon wheel extending from the partner statue hub area into spokes like a wagon wheel but lately I have begun to think of it more like a pinwheel. The base or the stem is the long narrow Main St area, which feed the roots where the nutrients (guests) enter...

    Once you reach the hub each spoke extends out but seemingly bends in a curved in perfect motion away from the pin wheel center. The only area that does not confirm to the model is the NOS/Critter Country area that seemingly floats on the end of the Adventureland spoke/Frontierland spoke.

    To be honest I think the model is nearly perfect, I love it, opening up new paths or new lands would be nice but they would never "reinvent" the wheel so to speak, least not the pin wheel.

    This my friends is the largest failure of DCA, less the theme and more the layout and I don't know if it can be corrected.

    If Disney does consider a third gate I hope the study the design of the pin wheel/wagon formation and consider these elements when designing what ever it is they build.

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    Re: Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

    It was originally a definite wagon wheel with no connections between lands except the hub. The connections between lands didn't come until a little later. But it's true, you can now go from Adventureland to Frontierland to Fantasyland to Tomorrowland without ever returning to the Central Plaza.

    I've noticed that DCA definitely fails at layout. If you're going any further than Muppetvision or Soarin', it takes FOREVER to get to your destination. Very annoying.

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      Re: Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

      Very true, and for that reason I hope they stay with the "pin wheel" layout and not go back to the "wagon wheel."

      Can you imagine the gridlock at the hub if everyone was forced to return there to go from land to land? It certainly helps to spread out the crowds when you can go from Frontierland to Fantasyland, etc.


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        Re: Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

        Originally posted by RPH
        Very true, and for that reason I hope they stay with the "pin wheel" layout and not go back to the "wagon wheel."

        Can you imagine the gridlock at the hub if everyone was forced to return there to go from land to land? It certainly helps to spread out the crowds when you can go from Frontierland to Fantasyland, etc.
        It'd be even better for the crowds if you didn't dead end at Critter Country and ToonTown.

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          Re: Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

          ^ And that is why a new land or two is needed behind Rivers of America to connect Critter Country and Frontierland and Toon Town!!

          Then from (my idea), a new land takes up Matterhorn, Sub, MBC, and north half of Auotpia. There's that dead area at the end of the parade route at Small World that could be strengthen with this new land. Then Fantasyland, can connect to this new land and Tomorrowland back there. This way, Matterhorn way and the surrounding paths at Matterhorn gets freed up. Will probably look even MORE like a pin wheel!

          But yes, at first it was a wagon wheel. Then there was expansion and crowd issues so the park grew into a pin wheel. WHEEL! OF! PROGRESS!

          This always leaves me wondering how they messed up DCA's layout! DAK and EPCOT are good. Disney-MGM I'm not too sure about.

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            Re: Wagon wheel or Pin wheel?

            Disneyland essentially remains in a wagonwheel configuration, spinning off of the central hub. It is said that the therd gate will be a "Best Of" park, with original attractions added to the mix.

            Taking an analytical approach, we can use the process of deduction to rule out the Magic Kingdom, and all of the foreign Disneyland's. Our Disneyland already has most of the attractions that they do - and we are in the process of getting more rides, etc. - and revamping old ones. DCA is inheriting the best attractions from the Disney movie based parks in Orlando and around the world.

            So, the only twi gates that remain as far as "Best Of" attractions go are EPCOT and DisneySea. Therefore, the third park should be a combination of the two...Wescot - DisneySea. EPCOT is designed like a wagonwheel, with Spaceship Earth being the hub. DisneySea also shares this configuration, with Mysterious Mountain being it's hub.

            As Spaceship Earth is outdated, WesCOT - DisneySea's hub would likely be Mysterious Island. The Time Racers attraction previously considered for EPCOT would likely be built in place of SE. As DL's Finding Nemo Subs render TDS's mediocre 20K ride, another attraction would probably accompany Journy To the Center Of the Earth. I'm thinking EPCOT's Disney Seas and/or Storm Rider. Aquatopia could be placed in the MI body of water, instead of the mock sub.

            Anyway, it would be interesting to see how Disney would put these two parks together in order to form one gate - and one wagonwheel for the shape of it's design.

            I realize that I left out Animal Kingdom as a source of Vest of Attractions. Let's face it, though. We're esentially talking about a wildlif park, and most of it;s other attractions have not been all that well received. Therefore, Calufornia would get few if any of it's attractions. Expedition Everest looks to be awesome. But, we've already got the similar Matterhorn. I'm thinking that the third park would receive an original mountain coaster ride of it's own (with a backwards element), and flume ride as well. Raging Spirits would be another strong possibility. Perhaps the the train would begin on ones side of the river and travel in an underground tunnel to the other side,like Big Thunder RR does at Disneyland Paris.
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