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    Originally posted by circleVision
    Dump the Cali theme. And no offense Jspider, but the last thing we need is a L.A. area when the real one is down the street. How is L.A. magical or exotic? This would just be a repeat of past mistakes.
    your right, that's why you don't recreate the real LA you create a magical and enticing LA

    a modified version of RnRC that is a hybrid coaster darkride in the truest since of the word, it'd be cool to be zooming up city streats looping over buildings and past wacked out sites, that's what Superstar limo should've been, no narraration just a wacked out version of California that you zip by like crazy and do all sorts of amazing stunts

    my LA expansion idea also has an increadibles idea that ties in with the technical showcasings they already regulary do in California, but most showcasings arn't hosted by Syndrome! with his crazy robots and everything going out of control, but luckily our friends the increadibles are here to save us

    you don't have to toss the theme in peoples faces just use it loosly, imagination is key if it's going to be California make it DISNEY'S California

    not DISNEY'S Characters and most certainly not disney's sad recreation of things that you can already see and are more impressive in their natural surroundings
    "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


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