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My trip report the good and the bad


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  • Trip Report My trip report the good and the bad

    Having been an AP for a while now, visiting several times... This was my last visit for a while since I'm shipping off the mainland, for work, until next March..
    We went this past Sunday, the 15th. We started off, my wife and I, by dropping off the doggies at their day camp at 8am. Picked up our niece and drove down to Dland. We decided our first stop would be pumpkin beignets...wherever they are. Especially after reading them being sold out kind of fast on Friday. We arrive and park around 9am, seems like the place is filling up, we were parked up in Donald...
    trammed in and through the line free gate...9:30ish
    took a picture with Minnie by the flag as she was just arriving there. Strolled up Main Street, enjoying the light crowd and the "feel" Main Street always gives us. We were in no hurry. We never are.
    i assumed the pumpkin treats were in NOS, naturally. But asked the girls at the info desk out side Jolly, where they were. Their eyes lit up and they asked us to bring some back (they were so good). Funny. The Mint Julep Bar, they said. So, we headed that way, admired the dole whip stand as it had no line (unusual) but it was nearly 10am. Grabbed some FP's for Indy, despite the wait time posted being 10 minutes. Crossed over a vacant PotC line, no wait... Passed the Court of Angels, then found ourselves in the Mint Julep line. We ordered a dozen pumpkin Beignets and some warm beverages. Our bags were ready so we sat down there, opened it up and my goodness... Tasty morning treat. But they messed up the order, 6 regular, 6 pumpkin. They corrected it with 6 more pumpkin... It's time to enjoy the HMholiday. There was a decent 20 minute wait. It was a lot of fun, as always, and we really dug the new features. We exited and went back to the gate and asked to see the pet cemetery (never have been and all the mice chatters have said to check it out). So we asked the cast member and she rolled her eyes at us and said "I don't know what the appeal is, why anyone wants to see it, it's our break area". Oh, really? I told her it seems to be one of those spots that people enjoy looking at because its not as well known. She replied with another "I don't get it, it's really nothing". Well, we were glad to have seen it, too bad it was her who rolled her eyes and led us there like it was a hassle.

    Despite the grumpy CM, we enjoyed it.

    we went back to Indy and rode that again. Noting that the ride was much more animated and none of us could agree on the rat projection. How long has that been there and we could only remember the webs.

    we then headed to ride Ghost Galaxy, the wait was over 30 min, it was getting warm. First time for us on ghost galaxy and its cute. It's a fun ride without the overlay, but its fun to experience the overlay. Since we got fast passes for Star Tours, before getting in the SM line, we hopped right onto it.

    then we headed out eat, at the Storyteller cafe. Nice spot.

    jumped back in, into the toy story line. Endured the sun and heat while waiting, spun around in there and, as always, had loads of fun. The ride then tossed up towards radiator springs... To our surprise, the single rider line had zero wait.
    needless to say, it made the ride that much sweeter.
    being Sunday, we had to pick up the doggies early, so we window shopped and the hopped on the team and left.

    it was another fun trip to one of our favoritist places ever.

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    Re: My trip report the good and the bad

    Shame to hear about the Cast Member, but I am glad to hear about how well the rest of your trip went!
    All right, listen! I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder.

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