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Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?


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  • [Fun] Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

    I did tonight and it was AWESOME!!

    There's an added element of fun/suspense in not being able to see quite where you're going or how rough the waves are gonna be, but still giving the illusion of moving through a forest river at night. Plus, that second tunnel is DARK at night, a good 5 seconds of pitch black. The geyser field at the end looks great too when backlit at night - you just come out of the final drop and go into this mist cloud.

    On another note, my pass is expiring (I can't afford to renew it right now for budgetary reasons) so I spent a few hours tonight and last night at both parks getting those last few rides in. I got two runs on GRR in, which I was glad for because my wife refuses to go on that ride because she hates getting wet.

    At least when I can go back again the novelty will have return and I ended this AP run on a high note.

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    Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

    Glad you had a enjoyable "final run through" on your current AP. Sounded like a blast!
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      Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

      Yes! Riding at night is the best, they usually let you just stay on since there is no line. You can get a decent amount of rides through in 30 to 45 minutes or so. Of course at the end you and your friends are soaked and leave a trail of water wherever you go. Not to mention a pleasant surprise for anyone who has to sit on a ride seat after you.
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        Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

        I love doing GRR (and Splash) at night. There's never a line, the CMs are more laid back since there aren't a lot of guests waiting, and there's such a fun vibe on the ride. Plus, usually, everyone who rides at night is someone who really wants to be there, and there's usually a lot of enthusiasm.
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          Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

          I haven't! And now I REALLY want to!!

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            Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

            Oh well, now I just have to. lol I'm so glad you got to enjoy the last days of your ap and I hope that you are able to get a new one soon.


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              Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

              One trip, my daughter and I rode splash mountain TWELVE times in a row. Towards the end, we were the only people in the log, and never even got out, just round and round and round. We were a bit soaked, despite ponchos.

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                Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                I buy brand new MIP ponchos (Its Oregon, everyone has a poncho in the glove box) at garage sales for 25 to 50 cents and store them away in the Disneyland box. Then On the night planned to not stay late, we plastic up and ride away into the darkness. My fav is the view of the park lights and the last drop, the falls into the darkness. You are looking at the GCH lights and boom, down you go. And in between up the ramp and down the falls it feels like the bobsleds at the matterhorn are off track, if anyone has those nightmares in a Dali way!!!

                Other night rides are Thunder Mt during fireworks, autotopia around the subs, so strange back there in the forest. And casey JR, I only ride it at night, what a blast to the senses, that is why Casey is my last, good-bye Disneyland ride


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                  Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                  Originally posted by whoever View Post
                  I must say that BTMRR during fireworks is beyond awesome.
                  man, makes me miss big thunder. hands down my favorite to ride at night. though if i can get someone to ride with me, i'll have to try grizzly now...

                  another one that was unexpectedly cool during fireworks was the tower of terror. last time i rode, just as the doors opened, the finale was going off. with the parks' lights twinkling below, it was the best view i've had of the fireworks, though it were only for a few fleeting moments.


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                    Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                    GRR at night is amazing! Sadly last time I went it was when the water was drained. My favorite at night has to be Splash Mountain. Out trip last October we went with a friend who really didn't want to go on it. So when he left it was about and hour and a half before the park closed. We went on Splash 17 times in a row, then finished it off with big thunder. That was a fun night! I really can't wait till big thunder is back also!


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                      Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                      A friend and I did it a few years ago. It was pouring down rain at night, and I think we did 6 trips in a row, never etting out of the raft.

                      That was after running over there from DL where we had just done the same thing on Splash


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                        Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                        I haven't but it sounds like something I'll have to do on my next trip!!! Also Splash at night, never done that either!

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                          Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                          I have ridden GRR at night once but that was 7 years ago. I usually don't go on it especially since it's always busy during the summer. Getting wet before I leave the park however...I'm not a big fan of it.

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                            Re: Ever done Grizzly River Run at night?

                            GRR is awesome at night. You just have to deal with getting wet but no big deal for me. Splash mountain is awesome as well. one special night time I did was this last New Years I was on RsR right at midnight and saw all the fireworks go off while we were about to hit the cave. The on the racing portion we saw the fireworks going off. Couldn't have planned it if I tried! Also the line was only 15 mins long at that point of New Years Eve which was awesome!!!!!!
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