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A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for me


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  • Trip Report A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for me

    I when to Disneyland yesturday around 11am and my first gold was to see Tinkerbell and the other Fairies send I haven't seen them in a very long time send when I get to DLand I get there after they close send I have to work. So once I got off the tram from Mickey & Friends I when right to Pixie Hollow as I was walking to there I happen to see Peter Pan I wanted to see him cause I had a photo I wanted him and Hook to sign that was taken when I was at Long Lost Friends week 2. So when I got up to him and show the photo to him to sign he was looking at it and saying that it look like I was having a fight with Hook even thou I never did say he was my favorite also Peter never did see what I had on my shirt :lol: so we then took a photo and a misstake photo that the lady did when I haned her my camera.

    So after the photo and for him to sign my photo he ask me if I was going to have Hook to sign it. I told him yes when I see him at the Villians meet which the sad thing is I never got to see him. So I didn't get his autograph so next time. Once I do I will show off that photo I have both Peter and Hook to sign. After seeing Peter I when into Poxoe Hollow with a wait time of 30 mins, I was hoping to see any of the fairies other then Rosetta send she is the one I see the most. So as I got closer to the front to enter I saw from the tall grass cuts Fawn walking back and forth. So I knew I would see my first favorite Fairy. When it came to my turn to see her she saw me and gave me a big smile she seem to know me she was about to say to me it's good to see you again but before she say that she saw my shirt and started to back away and said you got Hook on your shirt. He is not nice. Then she said are you a good pirate or not. I said I'm good would never hurt you. She said good she then said she is a fread of him because she had to go on to his ship to rescue a baby bird and then she said don't tell Hook about me I told her I wouldn't. So then we started to take our photo when I put my arm on her shoder she said to me so your doing one of my poses then. The CM though it was cute so after the photo Fawn told me before I leave tell Ariel when I see her to never come to Neverland ever again. I said to her why. She then said that mermaids are mean to her.

    So after seeing Fawn finally out of all these years I when on to see Tink when I got up to see her she started to say Hi! ever friendly but then saw Hook on my shirt and started to back up. She said are you a good pirate or bad I said good go ask Fawn. She said that's good but I really don't like that shirt. So to be funny I did a little rowr to her and she was so fun with it.

    Then after teasing Tink I did the same pose as I did with Fawn.

    I wanted one more photo done of me scarying her cause I didn't know that the Photopass girl took the first one so we did another.

    So after seeing Tink and saying goodbye I didn't know where to go I wanted to see my firend Princess Tiana but I also wanted to see the other Princess before hitting to see the villians. So send I was closer to The Royal Hall I figure to stop there on the way to see Ariel in her new beautiful dress which is alot prettier in person then on photo. I saw Belle on the outside of the Theater and haven't got her in a wild outside of the show. So I when to her to see her. She ask me how my day is going I told her it's been good so far. So after a little talk we took a couple of photos.

    So after seeing Belle I when in the Royal Hall and after what seem like hour and a half I finnly may it inside and the first Princess I saw was the one and only Ariel. I had to wait a few seconds before I can see her but once I was able to see her I ask her if I can get one by herself before seeing her.

    Here is a photo of me talking to Ariel of what Fawn told me about her never coming to Neverland again.

    She said well the Mermaids in Neverland where mean but she isn't. Then I told her how much I like her new dress, She ask me is thisthe first time for me to see it. I told her yes it has. She then said that she likes it how when she turns around that the bottom shines. I said to her I have seen it from a photo of a friend of mines. Then after are little talk we took our photo.

    After seeing Ariel and saying goodbye I when on to see Cinderella she ask me how my day was I told her been good then took a photo.

    Next up was my love of mine live Princess Aurora she also ask me how my day was and what I had been up to. I told her that what I was doing and what happen with Fawn and Ariel. Then she ask me about Peter send she saw my Hook shirt. I said he didn't say anything and didn't notes my shirt I said he wasn't acting like himself. She also though it was weird of him not noteing my shirt.

    So after seeing Princess Aurora and the other Princess I when off to see the villians and skip my friend Princess Tiana for now cause I wasn't sure how long the villians be out send the park closes at 8. So on the way to the villians I saw both Alice and Hatter walking by so I took this pic wild Alice's back was to me haha.

    So after the quick pic I made it to the villians which the line wasn't bad at all I didn't check to see how long it was so I would say about 20mins it took before I when in. The villian that was brong to live was Cruella De Vil. I was told by one of the CM inside the Royal Hall that Malefecint was there as well but I never got to see her. Anyways here is some photos with Cruella.

    What was funny when Cruella came out about half of the people in line leave they didn't want to see her :lol: So when it came to my turn to see her. She look at me and didn't like my look she call me a Dapper Dan cause of my hat. So she did this to me with my hat.

    When I took my hat back I started to growl at her she said what are you now a tiger and then she started to growl as well and she try to get me to say puppies but I wouldn't do it.

    She then told me to leave so I just gave her the stair down.

    After sassing back at her I when and saw Goofy. I had to get him about 3 times cause for some reason my camera wasn't working after seeing Cruella but I finally got a photo with Goofy.

    Next I when to see my friend Tiana. More of this later I have to get going.

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    Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

    Good trip report so far! I never saw Goofy in that costume; I like it.


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      Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

      Hahaha Cruella's face broke your camera. :lol:


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        Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

        Capt Hook you take the best photos. I always enjoy your trip reports. The pictures you share are always so full of joy and life, and when you talk to the characters and interact with them something magical happens and I can just feel the energy in their faces like they are truly thrilled to be having that picture made with you. They always look JUST LIKE they do in the movies when they are in pictures with you. I love your attitude towards life and I am so grateful you keep posting these trip reports. They are SO MUCH FUN!!!


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          Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

          Always love your trip reports


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            Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

            Love the report and I LOVE your pictures!!!!

            Trip Reports: One, Two, Three, Four


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              Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

              I'm having some problems right now with Photobucket of getting my photos but once it comes back on I will finish my report.


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                Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                Another great trip report Hook! Like the others have said, your get the best pix, and I always love the pix before you actually pose for your pix. The candid ones are always so funny and full of excitement with different looks on everyones faces.


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                  Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                  Photobucket is back up so now I will contenue with my report. So after I when and see Cruella and Goofy I may my way to see my friend Princess Tiana once I got there Tiana's handler told me that the line was close for now and that she would be back at 2:30 so I look at my watch and it was almost 2 so I just sat around New Orleans for 30 mins waiting for Princess Tiana to return. When that time came up I was looking for her but I couldn't see her coming. So I would say about 2:35 I started to get up to move around and all of a sudden I see Princess Tiana coming from the Hunted Manstion side. So once Tiana got to her spot to do her meet and greet and it was my turn to see her (third person in line) I when up to her and said you trix me U always told me you come from the Golden Horseshoe side. She said I know but for a wild they have me coming from the Manison side. She ask me how I was doing and I said been very good. She then said have I seen Capt. Jack Sparrow today. I was like SURPRICE when she said that cause I had no Idel he was out today. I told her no didn't know anything about him beening out. She said alot of people don't know but he is on the Island right now and that I should see him after seeing her. So of chourse I wanted to see him. Before we did are silly pose and are reg pose. I had her do a video message for one of my friends that she also knows. Then after the little video we try to get Tiana's helpper to take our pictures. So we where trying to figure out a silly pose and I just came off with this pose.

                  My friend Princess Tiana just loved it she said we never did anything like that before even Tiana's handler like this pose then of chourse we took one more.

                  So once we got done I said goodbye to my friend and ask her again where Jack was she told me the Island. So I when on to the brige that took me over to the island and once there I had a hard time trying to fine Jack Sparrow send I never been on the island before. So I though he was in a cave but no luck I when to as far as where Mickey and Maleficent's dragon is for Fantasmic is at but didn't see him. I was getting little worry because I was a fread that I had miss him and wouldn't get to see him. So I when back the way I started and when down the other end and still no luck then I saw this family go down a path and so I follow them and then I saw a whole lot of people in line and then I hear a voice once I got up close I saw that it was Jack himself. So I knew I found him. Wild waitting in line for him I took some photos of him.

                  Once it became my turn to see him he saw me ask me how I am I told him good and then he said he's a good Pirate but then he saw my shirt and said you have a Capt. but it is of Hook so when is the other Capt. me. At first I said don't have any but then I remember on my phone I have a photo of Capt. Jack Sparrow from the Disney Infinity game on it. (Which I don't have the game but I wish I do.) So I got my phone out and show him the photo of himself. He look at it and said I knew I'm the handson Pirate of them all.

                  So he ask me if he could see his picture again so I show him the picture.

                  He wanted to pose like his game character look like which is this pose.

                  So after seeing Jack Sparrow. I said goodbye Sparrow he then said that is Capt. Sparrow I then said goodbye Capt. and then I may my way back to the villian to hope to see Hook. Once I got there, there was only like 4 people in line but the tent was close for a few mins cause I think they where about to start the next villian to show up. So after about 15 mins I when in for my turn to see who we get and once again I got Cruella again. When it became my turn again she saw me and said you again I said yeah you told me that u would be seeing me again soon so I may it happen.

                  She didn't like that and she wanted me to put my leg out front like her wish I did but then once she had her back to me I when behind her and gave her a scare cause she didn't know I was behind her :lol:

                  She then said get your back to me so I did and I love the look on her face.

                  She was really letting me have it and I was doing the same to her. She then said Cherrio. I said to her I told you don't say that I hate Cherrios then she said alright get out of here. I said to her fine be that way. Everyone was just laughing.

                  So after seeing Cruella again I may my way back to the Princess and was hoping I get the other side to the Royal Hall which didn't turn out that way. I got the right side again but it was alright because it was the same Ariel I saw early and I ask her if I can take some photos of her spinning around in her new dress to get the sparkles of the bottom of her dress. The pics didn't turn out to well. I use the photo that take endless pictures at once. Sorry for the blurrynest.

                  So after the photo she ask me what I had been doing send the last time I told her that after saw her the first time I when on to see the Cruella that I didn't get to see Hook. Then saw Tiana who told me about Jack Sparrow and then when back to Cruella again and now back to you. She said you sure had a big day today I said yeah I have. We then took our final photo for the day.

                  Then she said goodbye to me and did the same then I when off to see Cinderella she said your back again I said yes I am she as well as me what I did and I told her what I told Ariel and then we took another photo together.

                  When it came to Aurora she saw me before I got into her spot and said your back again? i was teasing her as if I was going to leave I had one foot out of the door and said well then bye Aurora. I thing said to her I can't do that your my favorite out of all the Princess she said why thank you very much. Like with Ariel and Cinderella she wanted to know what I did and that it wasn't that long that I was there. I said it's been a little long. She said no it's like an hour when you where in here. SO we then took some more pictures.

                  After seeing Princess Aurora and saying goodbye I when off to have some dinner at the Mexican Restaunt next to the Fantsy Faire. I had there new Chicken englot MS. I really didn't like it didn't tase like chicken at all. So after had dinner I when to Pixie Hollow not to exspet it to still be open which at this time was almost 5pm when I saw it open I may it back to where I started my day off. When I got in there I saw that it was Silvermist this time who I haven't seen for a wild. When she saw me she didn't want no part of me heehee. She saw my shirt and ran to the giant mushroom that was there she told me I'm stay here and you on the other side. I told her that I'm friendly you can ask Fawn she will tell you. But she didn't believe me so I had to take this pic with Silvermist.

                  After the first pic I saw on the side on my eye how close Silvermist was so I put my hand on her sholder and well.

                  After that she said that she fill dirty now cause of me touching her cause of me having Hook on my shirt. I then said bye and may it to Tink. When she saw me and my shirt she also didn't want no part of me I said ask Fawn that I'm good she shook her hand no even the Photopass guy send I was good but she still said no to me. But then she came close to me and this is what she did.

                  So after I leave I when down to Main Street and to the Mad Hatter shop cause another friend of mine had text me a few days ago about a Mickey Mouse ears of Ariel so of crouse I wanted to get the ears. So when I walk in I couldn't fine any and I had hear one of the works there talking about that and Cinderella's and I show her a photo of it. The other worker told me that they where on the other side the Empolum shop. So I may my way over there and saw the hat. So I when and got it. After a few mins I wanted to take a photo with my new Ariel ears to have a little fun so when I saw Minnie come out I when to her line and had the ears put on and when it was my turn to get my photo taken I had these photos done.

                  So after putting them on and seeing Minnie I started to leave then something told me to check on the enterst side by the gates to see if anyone was there. I when over there but at first I didn't see anyone but then I saw a line in the middle where the Mickey flower is and I saw it was Ariel and it look like the one I saw inside the Hall. So I put my Ariel ears back on and when I got to the front she saw me and said I love your ears I said thank you. She told me if I had seen the Ursula ears I told her no I haven't. She told me they are so cute looking. She had to hurry up cause her time was about up so we took a quick pic together.

                  So after seeing her I when back on Main Street to see the parade and then ended my night. So this ends anoter trip report for me.


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                    Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                    Great report and photos! We still haven't gotten to meet a lot of those characters, you're lucky!
                    * *The dreams that you wish will come true* *


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                      Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                      Fabulous TR as always Cap! Two thumbs up :thumbup:
                      Marquis d'Bod of the RCMC... always and forever


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                        Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                        Lucky! I have never seen Peter Pan at Disneyland!


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                          Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                          I love that Capt Jack was out on the island! That's a perfect place for his meet and greet, and gives me a reason to visit the island.

                          Thanks for another great TR, Capt Hook!

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                            Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                            I hear that Jack Sparrow is only out this week so if you want to see him do it sometime this week.


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                              Re: A Capt Hook trip report for Sept. 24, 2013=Ariel's new dress and a surprise for m

                              I love how detailed you are.


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