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Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park


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  • [Chat] Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

    So of all the times you've visited Disneyland, what day stands out as your best visit ever? And what day stands out as your worst day ever?

    For me, both days would go back to visiting as a kid with my family. My best visit ever was when I was somewhere around 8 years old (1986) or so and we went on my birthday. I got to pick half of the rides, and for the first time I got to order dessert at a Disney restaurant. We ate at the Plaza Pavilion, and I had spaghetti and I had cheesecake for the first time, which ihas become one of my favorite desserts.

    My worst visit also came right around that time (age 10 or so). It was the day that I got sick in the park and "got" to take my one and only visit to Disney first aid. We were having lunch at the Plaza Gardens, and right after I finished eating I threw up. We went to first aid, and after that I was still feeling kind of crappy but okay, so we did stay in the park, but I could only go on the tame rides and not Space Mountain or Big Thunder. I woke up the next day and discovered that I had the chicken pox.
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    Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

    One of my best times was my senior grad night. It was the final year of the Main Street Electrical Parade and we got to see it one last time. I bought a T-shirt with the parade characters on the front. I still have it (too small, but I'm working on being able to fit into it again!) It was a fun time with my high school girlfriends, running around the park like kids. The worst time I can remember was in the summer when my best friend's mom took us around our junior high years and it was so dang hot and crowded. Before that as a little kid, my parents took me on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for the first time and I didn't know that the car drove itself. I was only around 8 years old. I was in the driver's seat and thought that I had to get my family through the ride safely and actually steer the car. It scared me so much and I cried afterwards, hitting and pushing my dad who was carrying me out of the building ("How could they do that to me?").... I haven't been on that ride since. :blush:


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      Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

      One of my best visits was a three day trip I took with my daughter some years ago. She does Disney like I do, so we opened and closed the parks each day. We did a princess lunch, and the wonderful lady as Ariel remembered my daughter by name on three different days. It really made it special.

      one of the worst (and gladly t here really aren't too many) was when they were closing the Electrical Parade and the park was filled to capacity. Just too many people.

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

        My worst visit on memory would be 2010. It rained quite a bit. That had the benefit of making the park attendance light, so it was a great visit weather not withstanding.

        My best visit was this past May. We were blessed with a Club 33 invitation for the wife and my 10th wedding anniversary...and got to experience cars land!

        Much like pizza, even bad disney is good disney.
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          Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

          best visit ever, when son was five and we had Goofy's bounce house all to his self, we had taken some advice from a guide book that said sometimes you can sneak to the far end of the park when it is convention rented out and extend your stay, no one was in ToonTown. And then we purchased light up bounce ball that went in haphazard directions and played with that under the TT railway bridge, NO ONE WAS IN THE PARK . It was the best.

          And get this, we played with that ball l when we arrived home and on the third bounce it never came back down, landed in a bird nest, three years later we found it when the tree was trimmed.

          WORST . When splash is under refurb


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            Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

            As I just mentioned on another post, my best visit ever was a Gay Night, when everyone, especially cast members, were exceptionally silly and chock-full of Disney double-entendres.

            My worst experience? I waited two hours by myself sitting on concrete to see Fantasmic and then people with strollers moved in front of me and I could see absolutely nothing. I spent the next hour trying to find a place I could stand and see the show to no avail -- I'm short, but so are most children! Finally I gave up and went back to my motel room.

            But like whoever said above, "even bad disney is good disney."
            "Ignore the Chihuahua behind the curtain."


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              Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

              Best: in 2010 for a family reunion, it was at the very end of August so all the rides were walk-on

              Worst: in 2012, it was July and it was cloudy yet VERY humid and sticky, it was one the rare times when I actually wanted to go home


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                Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                Best: My 15th birthday in 1989. Still my best birthday ever.

                I've only been to Disneyland twice (then and in 1985), so I haven't had a "worst".


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                  Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                  Best visit(s); the first time each of my sons went to Disneyland. The magic of seeing it all through their eyes was just beyond any trip I'd had myself. I surreptitiously wiped away many happy tears on those 2 days. The memories can still bring me to tears.

                  Worst visit; went on a first (& last!) date to Disneyland with a guy who was all hands and ego. I still managed to have a tolerable time when I could tune him out & make him keep his hands to himself.
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                    Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                    Well, if WDW counts?

                    All-time Best: Summer of 1983 (first year of EPCOT Center)

                    All-time Worst: January 2013 (the entire WDW resort is decrepit)


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                      Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                      May sound odd considering the happenings around that time, I don't recall the exact date, but it was a couple days after 9/11, the park was empty, it was actually a little creepy to walk around and not see anyone really. All ride were walk on, some there wasn't a soul around, I recall Pirate of the Carribean, and it was creepy lonely, only me and my 2 friends on the boat.

                      We were working for an airline at the time, and had unexpected time off, and so went to Disneyland.

                      Worst was sometime in high school on a school group, it was a miserable time, packed, long lines etc. It wasn't a grad night event, just a school trip on a weekend.


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                        Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                        Best time: My sister and myself about 10 years ago on Christmas Eve. Basically had the entire park to ourselves. We counted 8 guests total on Main Street and in the shops. There was a mist that was hovering close to the ground all over DL. It was incredible and magical!

                        Worse time: Back in the '80s. Had a DL trip planned and woke up with a 104 fever. Decided to go anyways (yeah I know.. really stupid) Wound up in the park with the worse case of the stomach flu that I have ever had. My ex told me that if we left because of me we were never coming back.. so I stuck it out. But boy was I miserable.
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                          Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                          My best visit would have to be the very first day that I ever entered/visited Disneyland Park. That was July 16, 2005. We traveled from Chicago by plane, so by the time we got inside the park, it was just about parade time. We rode the train around the park, and when we descended down the stairway to Town Square, the Pinocchio float was doing a show stop. I absolutely love Jiminy Cricket, and so when I saw him on the Pinocchio float, I was super excited. All that followed those first hours in the park was magical moments. Seeing the light in the firehouse window for the first time. Seeing the castle, and the statues in the Hub. We didn't ride any rides that first day, because we wanted to get back to out hotel, and get to bed early. The next day was the Big 50th Anniversary Day.

                          I didn't have a worst day, but my worst moment/decision would come the very next day, when I chose to get in line to purchase the special 50th anniversary pin. I spent over 4 hours in that line missing many things that I wanted to do and see.

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                            Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                            Best day: Probably the first time, back in 1967 when I was a kid.

                            Worst day: I haven't really had a bad day in the parks. I would say that my 1973 trip could qualify, but only because it was TOO SHORT!

                            1967, 1973, 1977 - DLR (RV parks)
                            1980-1984 - DLR (multiple single days or at now-defunct motels)
                            1994 - DLR (off-site hotel)
                            2007 - DLR (single day)
                            2008, 2009 - DLR (BW Stovall's)
                            2012 - WDW (PopC)
                            2013 - DLR (Candy Cane Inn)


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                              Re: Your personal all time best and worst visits to the park

                              Best day: July 17, 2005. Park was packed, line to get in forever long. I was there with my kids, ages 14 & 16. Best. Day. Ever. Walking into the park, cast members clapping for the guests, still brings tears to my eyes. Walt's address. Gold ride vehicles. Being there for a once in a lifetime event.

                              Worst day: the 3 days in Sept 2007 my sister came out for a visit. Longest 3 days ever. All she did was complain, didn't want to hear anything about history or inside stories, whined about getting wet on Splash Mountain, and had me drive all over the place looking for a liquor store. The day she left (after I paid $100 for the cab to LAX because she "didn't know it would be so expensive"), the kids and I stayed until after 4 pm before driving back to Phoenix. Guess who hasn't been invited back?


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