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Your favorite souvenirs


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  • [Fun] Your favorite souvenirs

    Just got back from our trip yesterday. We don't tend to buy a lot of souvenirs so I find myself interested to hear what other people are interested in. What kind of stuff do you gravitate towards?

    For us:
    I don't do tchotchkes or things I can't "use" so our souvenir of choice when we vacation anywhere is an ornament. I wanted to buy several of the shoe ornaments but they didn't have a special "3 for" price like they do with the mouse ears I bought last year So I bought one ornament, the Rapunzel shoe.
    I don't care for a lot of destination clothing either, but last year I did buy one of the princess shirts with the modern princess art. It is the cut in particular that I love, it's cut very loose and flowy, and the fabric is incredibly soft. I bought a Snow White one last year and found that I have worn it a lot so this time I bought the Belle one.

    For little chickie I bought a nightgown and a Rapunzel crown to go with her Disney Parks Rapunzel dress (bought on eBay before we went, ka-ching!). Her grandma and grandpa later upstaged me by buying her an entire Belle dress AND matching crown, but at least I tried.

    For little man, I bought three of the Star-Wars themed Cars characters, because it combined two of his favorite IPs. He got Mater as Darth Vader (why not Darth Mater??), a cow tractor as a stormtrooper, and Luigi and Guido as C3PO and R2D2. They are pretty cute.
    His other big thing was one of the lightsabers from the Star Tours ride (his favorite ride - he rode it 8 times). But that night when we played with it and we realized it made cool sounds and stuff, the next day we made another one so we could have two. Several duels have ensued since.

    I wanted us to do ear hats but honestly the kids won't wear them. Last year little man got a Buzz cap and Woody mouse ears. He never touches either. Little chickie does not touch her Minnie mouse ears from last year, either. So although I really yearned for new mouse ears for each of them, I just didn't bother.

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    Re: Your favorite souvenirs

    Congratulations on what sounds like a lovely souvenir collecting trip!

    As I've mentioned before, my grandfather owned a souvenir store so I grew up lovin' cool stuff that said "Denver" on it. But I digress.

    Can't wait until Princess Leia is an official princess, just like Rapunzel or Belle. So glad to see Star Wars had enduring value. Hope there's no pink light sabers...that would sorta be sacrilege.

    My favorite souvenir? Over forty years? As a child I never bought any. It would have been like buying a souvenir from the neighborhood park and my mother wouldn't have the prices.

    Now I have bits and pieces of my trip in 2009 hung all over my wall as photos I took before my camera died on the fourth day, but my absolutely favorite would have to be the tattoo I got after getting home: Mickey and Pluto heading off to Disneyland with 2009 and a Napa Rose logo.

    I gravitate to T-shirts. Nothing improves my day more than wearing a Disney T-shirt, whether to bed, for dog-walking or just generally out-and-about.

    I especially love finding others' discarded vintage souvenirs in second-hand shops. I bring them home and give them the homage they deserve.

    Hope you got Mouse Ears for yourself. I can't wear mine around the house -- the dogs think something's going on...
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      Re: Your favorite souvenirs

      I use a Mickey Coffee cup everyday and my son gets a new DL hoodie every time we go. He wears one of them just about every day which is always a nice reminder for me.


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        Re: Your favorite souvenirs

        I'm an ear and mug collector. A new shirt every now and again.
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          Re: Your favorite souvenirs

          I get a new antenna ball or two on most trips, but my big weakness is magnets. I particularly like HM ones, or ones that represent an attraction.


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            Re: Your favorite souvenirs

            Pins are definitely my weakness - I only buy ones I like, I don't trade or "collect", they serve as souvenirs for me.

            I also love ear hats, and other various "goofy" hats that I really only ever wear to the parks.

            I have a few shirts I love, my favorite being my black Star Wars shirt. I wear it on every trip (minus the latest ones where I was pregnant... can't risk stretching it out!).

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              Re: Your favorite souvenirs

              My weakness are shirts but only if they are attraction or land specific (My Hatbox Ghost Haunted Mansion shirt just came in the mail last week ) or if it has a vintage Disneyland feel.

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                Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                My most recent "thing" are antenna toppers/balls. I always stock up when I go to the parks

                I'm always a sucker for anything Snow White related (sometimes it's hard since most things are more oriented for little girls...but sometimes that doesn't stop me, lol).

                Things I'm slowly getting in to: pins. I have like...6? But I can definitely see myself getting into it more. Not there yet. Maybe soon

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                  Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                  Yay love the responses!

                  So I see lots of votes for shirts and mugs. Maybe I should take up coffee.

                  I was sad I didn't buy ears but I didn't think to do so until we were almost done, and I would have preferred to wear them the whole time!

                  Keep em coming. I enjoy reading about the things that people like to purchase.


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                    Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                    Ours are the pins each day every one gets one pin it is onr of our favorite parts of the day finding that purfect pin. for the day.


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                      Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                      My favorite thing at the parks is eating, so the only souvenir I currently own is the Disney chef's recipe book. I did like some of the new HM merchandise but I don't really have any place to put it. I used to have all of the Pirates of the Caribbean lenticular cards, but somehow they disappeared from my desk at work one day. Now I have a cabinet that I can lock when I'm out of the office that has my Disneyland nametags, the We're 41, 42, 43, 44 Today pins, the Disney 75 Year pin, and my lightbulb from the Main St. electrical parade after it "glowed away forever" in 1996.
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                        Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                        As a kid my favorite souvenirs were from the magic shop.
                        But as an adult my favorite souvenirs are attraction prints .
                        Click image for larger version

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                          Re: Your favorite souvenirs

                          Some of my favorite things I've picked up:

                          - Attractions Collections Doom Buggy
                          - Star Tours Rex action figure
                          - Spaceship Earth antenna topper
                          - EPCOT Center cap with the teaser poster art
                          - "My Other Car is a Doom Buggy" decal


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