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Golden Ears 4 sales..kinda early isnt it?


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  • Golden Ears 4 sales..kinda early isnt it?

    I found this on ebay...I thoguht they werent going to sell the ears till May 5
    Ebay Auction Golden ears But i did place a bid on one of them.. theres 3 available.. ahahaha ..yah yah im a dork like that...

    CHeck it out.. does it look real?
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  • #2
    They went on sale at the park yesterday (3/15), they are the real thing, and currently $3 more than what the park charges ($10 for adults, $9.50 for kid sizes).

    Embroidery is free, and I presume they are getting the Premium AP discount of 10%...

    Since you live close to the park, I wouldn't bid again....
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    • #3
      AWW MAN!!..I didnt even see those.. haahha ill retract my bid..ehhehe
      Thanks DB.. Dark beer.. hmm beer.. mmmmm Hef sounds good right now..
      We rock the party that rocks the party!
      We are truly a new generation of the Brady Bunch!


      • #4
        I made one bid since I dont live close to the park and would like one for my grandson its only up to 9.00 we shall see what happens.


        • #5
          I was at the park today, they couldn't keep em on the shelves...
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          • #6
            I saw them at the Hatmosphere today. They have 3 different sizes! Trust me, they've ordered hundreds of thousands of units. There will be no shortage at the parks. I would't bid on ebay for them.
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            • #7
              I bought a pair today for $9.50.

              This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


              • #8
                I was in the park today and boy people were buying them up left and right! they look cool and i saw about 20 or so people wearing them and it was cool to see. No, its not early, ive been waiting for these for months, its about time is more like it!
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                • #9
                  Originally posted by AP2CM
                  I saw them at the Hatmosphere today. They have 3 different sizes!
                  3 sizes? I know adult and kids - what is the 3rd size? lol, I may have to look into this since I got a big 'ol head :monkey:

                  This is what they look like in real life:
                  Took the pic today when I was in the park.


                  • #10
                    Reflective ears! Now those are awesome! I am so getting one.
                    I lurk.


                    • #11
                      I love the ears part and the embroidery emblem, but the mustard yelllow beanie is welll.. garish. I was hoping the beanie part would remain black, or some other better color. It would be way cool if they had made different ones for each land featuring the opening day rides on them, I would so get an Adventureland one in a heart beat. Ah well, I dont have any mouse ears yet, so maybe if I find one at a decent price I will still pick one up.


                      • #12
                        Aren't they going to be given away for free on July 17th? or did I misunderstand taht Cast Blast video?
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                        • #13
                          I don't care how fugly they are, I'm getting a pair of my own tomorrow!

                          But on topic, doesn't anyone else find it strange that they're selling the ears starting 51 days out from the May 5th (I did count right, didn't I?) 50 days before May 5th I could see, but 51?


                          • #14
                            Technically it would be 50 since they won't be officially opened on the 4th. and the day 0 would be the 5th.
                            Best interview answer: My biggest weakness is my honesty...I can never remember my lies!


                            • #15
                              Eh, there's probably nothing to the timing except just another way to drum up excitement for the 50th. Thanks for posting the pic!

                              Since I know most of you are planning on being there on the 17th, you should all have a group pic taken at the hub in your golden ears! That would be a cool thing to see (since I won't be there
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