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This is Halloweentime: DLR Halloweentime Expansion Ideas


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  • [Idea] This is Halloweentime: DLR Halloweentime Expansion Ideas

    With Halloweentime at the Disneyland Resort in full swing, it seems to be appropriate to put up my ideas on how to enhance and improve the Halloween experience at Disneyland and DCA. This is meant to bring Disneyland's Halloween up to the standards of other parks without having to be scary (although there may be an exception or 2). One thing to note is that these ideas are meant for both regular and party guest. These ideas will range from simple decorations to entirely new experiences. So without further ado This Is HALLOWEEN(time)!

    The Overall Theme:
    One of the big things that will bring Halloweentime together will be the new theme of the Disney Villains taking over, taken from the current ads for halloweentime that highlight them and expanded it (with Hades bringing them together and taking over the kingdom). There will be a limit on where this theme is used in the parks (like Carsland, Monstropolis, Bugs Land, and Toontown won't have a villain emphasis). Each land will showcase their own villains that can fit in the theme, some know, but some of them obscure (like the Bowler Hat Guy in Tomorrowland), and some of them will be brand new characters in the park (like Ursula). There will be meet and greets for them so there won't be too much of a risk of missing your favorite villain (but they can be seen walking around for photos). The main feature will be a fan voted Master of Scare-emonies (inspired from the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor) who will be revealed on the first day of Halloweentime in a big ceremony. Voting will occur during August, but will have some limitations (like no winning 2+ years in a row) to allow other villains to have the spotlight. What happens after a Master is chosen will be an added emphasis on that villain in some areas, a maze in the unused CL area (detailed later), and, obviously, themed merchandise highlighting the winner.

    Now here are the specific details on what will be added/changed to each park's lands
    Mean Street-
    - Characters (for M&G): Cruella De Vil, Horace, Jasper, Peg leg Pete, Mortimer Mouse, Edgar Balthazar Foulfellow, Stromboli, Big Bad Wolf, the Coachman, Gideon, and wandering Villains
    - Main Street Cinema will feature Halloween themed cartoons.
    - The Disney Gallery will feature displays based on the villains, Haunted Mansion, Museum of the Weird, and Tower of Terror (would also replace the Disneyland section temporarily).
    - The current decorations would remain relatively the same
    - the Disney Showcase will receive more detailed decorations
    - Blue Sky: An interactive Villain based game (like Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom), or just SotMK with the starting point in the fire station
    - the Partner's statue would be temporarily replaced by on with Oswald instead of Mickey (inspired by Epic Mickey)
    - Disneyland RR will receive a ghost train theme which includes some decorations, an new whistle (to give it a ghost train sound), a new soundtrack, and a "out of the mist" effect as the train enters each station.


    - Characters: Maleficent, Lady Tremaine and the Wicked Step Sisters, Ursula, Evil Queen, Hades, Captain Hook, Mother Gothel, Queen of Hearts and her card army, Smee, Old Hag (Evil Queen's disguise), Ratigan, the Horned King, Gaston, LeFou, Pinnochio villains previously mentioned, Queen Narissa, the Stabbington Brothers, Prince John, Judge Frollo, Madame Medusa, Shan Yu
    - Sleeping Beauty's Castle will be overylayed into Maleficent's Castle (which includes a briar patch all around the castle and an overlay of the Castle Walkthrough to tell Maleficent's story)
    - Fairytale Hall in Fantasy Faire will become Hall of Villainy and the main M&G for Maleficent, Hades, and Ursula
    - The Royal Theater in Fantasy Faire will feature stories from the Villains perspective (like Maleficent)
    - Maurice's Treats will be rebranded as Stromboli's Sweet Cart (featuring a Poison Apple Freeze)
    - Zero will replace Figaro on the porch
    - wanted posters for each villain all over the land
    - Village Haus will be temporarily rethemed to Gaston's Tavern (with his statue out front)
    - a new version of Mickey and the Magic Map highlighting Villain songs
    - Small World Mall will continue to be a M&G center for Fantasyland Villains, along with the Motor Boat Dock
    - Nighttime projection show (themed to the Master of Scaremonies and the Disney Villains) on Small World, different from Celebrate the Magic
    - Ghost occasional projections on some of the buildings
    - Bald Mountain overlay on the Matterhorn (ride will feature soundtrack, projections, and will be more enclosed)

    Characters: Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Emperor Palpatine, Bowler Hat Guy, Emperor Zurg, Darth Maul, Syndrome, Loki, Whiplash, The Mandrin, Ultron, Clu, Captain Gantu, Experiment 626, John Silver, Aldrich Killian, Red Skull, Thanos, Count Dooku, General Grievous,
    - Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy will receive improvements (new projections both inside and at night, and new queue effects/videos)
    - Death Star Dance Party at the Tomorrowland Terrace
    - Blue Sky: a Star Tours overlay themed to the alien creatures of the SW universe
    - Blue Sky: a new 3D show in the Magic Eye Theater based off of Alien Encounter

    - Characters: Jafar, Yzma, Kronk, Scar and the Hyenas, Captain Hook, Smee, Kaa, Shere Khan, John Clayton, King Louie
    - Aladdin's Oasis and part of the Adventureland Bazaar will become meet and greet space temporarily (with AA Kaa, and puppet Scar and Shere Khan similar to Simba)
    - Interactive AA Iago beween Enchanted Tiki Room and Aladdin's Oasis
    - New effects on Temple of the Forbidden Eye

    - Characters: Governor Ratcliffe, Stinky Pete, Alameda Slim, PotC characters (on TSI)
    - Nighttime overlay of Mark Twain, featuring new soundtrack and fog effects around the river. Makes trips before, between, and after Fantasmic showings.
    - Halloween Carnival will still take over Big Thunder Ranch

    New Orleans Square:
    - Characters: Dr. Facilier, Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Sally, Haunted Mansion characters
    - new villain themed overlay on the Haunted Mansion (based off of early designs for the Haunted Mansion). Haunted Mansion Holiday transformation will happen in the weeks following the end of Halloweentime. opening the day of the X-mas season.
    - Dr. Facilier's Vodoo Emporium shop will replace Le Bat en Rouge.
    - Blue Sky: Pirates of the Caribbean could receive an overlay themed to ghost pirates

    Critter Country:
    - Characters: Br'er Fox, Br'er Bear

    Mickey's Toontown:
    -Characters: Pete, the Weasels, Big Bad Wolf, Magica De Spell, Negaduck, Flintheart Glomgold, Beagle Boys,
    - thematic decorations around the land

    - Fantasmic will receive a new villain version (expanded from the villain segment of the current show) and become Fantasmic Nightmares! and will showcase as many Disney villain songs as possible, but will follow Mickey as he tries to survive the villains trying to get rid of him, ending in a climatic battle with Dragon Maleficent (a lot long than the current one, with more of Murphy). Also added is a preshow with Hades where he brings all the villains together to plan there attack.
    - Unleash the Villains. A ceremony that will be held at dusk at both parks, based on the Friday the 13th event, where Hades and his minions will bring out the Villains to start the "scare-ebration". Would happen at the Rivers of America (where Fantasmic is preformed), and the Hollywood Stage in DCA.
    - Castle Lighting Ceremony. Similar to the one at the 24 hour event, this castle lighting ceremony will be held every hour or so at night and themed to the villains fighting over the castle until ultimately Maleficent wins in the end.
    - Hades' Scare-sational Parade. An overlay of the current Sounsational Parade to be themed to many "infamous" Disney villain songs. This is meant to give normal guest a Halloween parade without creating a new one (due to space issues) and will have a Nighttime version. The floats may range from simple decorations to a complete overhaul. The Underworld float will lead off as a replacement for Mickey's float (with Hades, the Fates, Megara, Pain, and Panic). Then follows Jafar's Royal Cymbal Celebration (in place of Aladdin), Ursula's Grotto Grove (in place of the Little Mermaid), Halloweentown Haunts (in place of the 3 Caballeros), Villainy Melodies (in place of the Princess float, with a Bald mountain replacing Rapunzel's tower), Scar's Beastly Melodies (in place of the Jungle float), Dr. Facilier's Other Side Symphonies (in place of the PatF), Pirates' Buccaneer Blast (in place of Peter Pan, and features PotC characters and Captain Hook and Smee), and the Grim Grinning Ghost Haunting Rhythms (in place of Mary Poppins, and themed to the Haunted Mansion).
    - Disney Villains Mix and Mingle. A borrowed show from WDW, but will alternate on which villain song to feature. Would be preformed in front of the castle each night.

    (to be continued)
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    Re: This is Halloweentime: DLR Halloweentime Expansion Ideas

    This is very awesome! I love the whole feel of it when I think about it happening. It would give such a awesome feel of Halloween! Nice idea!!


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