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Does anyone feel the same way?

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  • [Question] Does anyone feel the same way?

    So I assume since we are ALL Disney geeks on this website we have all heard about AvatarLand coming to Walt Disney World and before people start saying "This should;d be in the WDW forum" let me finish. DisneyWorld Gets Avatar Land Hong Kong Disneyland gets Mystic manor and recently announced "iorn Man" (the first marvel ride in any park) and we are still riding on cars land which is nothing short of amazing I am truly grateful for Cars Land dont get me wrong but is it wrong that i want more? Do any of you feel like We should have heard about monstropolis or Star Wars land or a 3rd gate or something?????? and also please let me know how you guys feel about all the recently announced attractions will you be making the trip in 2017 to Disney World like I will?

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    Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

    While I'd like to have more, I can't quickly dismiss the 1.3 B they put into DCA.


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      Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

      Cars Land was the last thing that appealed to me. Mystic Manor...well, maybe. The rest is just a waste of space in my opinion. Please don't bring that useless (however popular with the public) stuff to Disneyland.

      It's not necessarily bad to want more - but want those things elsewhere.


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        Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

        It's certainly not wrong of you to want more, but it might be unfair to expect more so soon after Cars Land. I want a thrilling and imaginative e-ticket ride in place of Innoventions, an overhaul of Tomorrowland, some innovative use of the ol' People Mover tracks, and something exciting down in Toon Town territory. But they did just build a whole new land. I know that's DCA, not DL, but Cars Land was a massive investment, and a major creative undertaking, and it didn't disappoint. I think it's fair, probably even smart of them to put energy into some of the other parks while they create a thoughtful strategy for the next "world building" at DL.

        To your other question, I'm probably among the minority in looking forward Avatarland. Whatever else I may've thought of the movie, I left the theatre wishing I could visit Pandora (well, except for the clear cutting and poisonous atmosphere), so I look forward to seeing what the Imagineers come up with.


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          Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

          They're probably holding out on announcing any California parks news to keep people interested. When you give all the information at once it is easy to lose interest after a short amount of time because you got your answers. It's actually a pretty smart move.
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            Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

            Could also be .. they are not so sure about certain projects.

            Keep in mind ... WDI desks are full of concepts. I mean - A LOT.

            And rumormills often only discuss a couple of them.

            It's not unreasonable to wonder what's next .. and the line up for the rest of this decade.

            I actually hope they think twice if they WERE serious about forcing too much "Star Wars" on TL .. and will take much more time trying to figure out a proper solution.

            Keep in mind also .. that the acquisition of Lucas Film was not that long ago. And hashing out new ideas take a long time.

            Consider E Tickets take as much as 5 years ... from pencil sketch to opening.

            In the meantime ... if they devote the rest of the decade to DL's other rumored idea - Expansion in Frontierland ... and perhaps this Monstropolis idea ... or something else, but on the same scale .. then you pretty much complete the remainder of this decade.

            That's my hope. And they give WDW all the "Star Wars" stuff they want to do - While they should take MORE time to find a more suitable place to go "Star Wars" mad, for the DLR.
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              Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

              Well, I think that Disneyland has some really big capacity problems right now, from park capacity to parking to hotels, so I think that before they build a new E-ticket ride that will attract more guests, they need to address those. Also, it seems to me like maintenance has declined lately (and it could totally be a result of all of the new DOSH rules that they have to make sure everything now complies with), so I'd prefer to see them get all of the existing rides back up to their normal standards before they start building anything new.

              Having said all of that Disneyland Park has not had a new E-ticket ride that lasted more than a summer since 1995, so it is long overdue for probably TWO new E-tickets. Remember, in the 90's we got Splash Mountain and Indy only three years apart. Part of that is due to the failure of the new Tomorrowland in '98 that was supposed to propel the whole park into the 21st century while they built DCA, but even if Rocket Rods had been a wild success, it still would have been 15 years since the last E-ticket.
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                Re: Does anyone feel the same way?

                Everyone always wants more... that the merican way! Don't feel bad or guilty.

                I try to keep things in prospective, Disney just basically built half of a theme park at DCA over the last 5 years or so. It seems natural for Disneyland to be next to get some sorta of huge upgrade. I am sure it will come. But do keep in mind, Disneyland has the unfortunate obstacle of space. So it's not so easy to simply add something, or shut down a portion of the park for awhile.

                I had absolutely no interest in Avatarland until I saw the Disney Parks Video. I look forward to visiting in 2017, not for the rides, but to walk through the environment. It looks like they are truly coming up with some amazing effects, and I think Carland proved that they can really transport us to another world.

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