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    Originally posted by darkincite
    MellyMouse, thanks for the information on where to find the answer, I can't believe I overlooked that!
    I would have done like Jerm did and re-posted it in here but I didnt know how to do the spoiler bar. That spoiler bar is pretty cool!

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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      Great explanation of Indy!

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        the Indiana Jones Ride is so cool.
        There needs to be an Indy type ride at DCA...
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          one more thing

          just to add one more thing about the tracks at the beginning of Indy, if you look on the ground when you first head into the room with the 3 doors you can see a real track going straight, towards the mirrors, but the vehicle turns right into the room with the doors.

          The track that goes straight heads back into the vehicle maintenence room which is right behind those doors, which is why once you head into the room with Mara in it you are going up a floor, because underneath you is backstage maintence.
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            The doors never move,the real secret to the shifting doors is that there are 5 total,you only see 3 at a time.You always pass through door one consider the below examples with X being doors hidden by moving walls. The dot at bottom shows the "path" you take

            X X 1 2 3
            X 1 2 3 X
            1 2 3 X X
            as you can see in each example the dot is in the same position but the number changes, the moving walls change what you see and are aided by changing colored lights over each door but, by changing colors over the doors the illusion makes you see the three doors. If you doubt what I say look where the "tracks" come back to a central point and you will see 5 "tracks" converging but your path is always up the central one


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