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Disneyland "Never have I ever"


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  • [Fun] Disneyland "Never have I ever"

    I know that many people on this board go to Disneyland at least 1-2 times per year, so I thought I'd start a thread about the things we HAVEN'T done at Disneyland/DCA.

    In the past 6 years I have been to Disneyland/DCA 9 time 15 total in my lifetime (16 on December 6th!) but
    Never Have I Ever...
    - Been on Davey Crocket Canoes
    - Been on Astro Orbiter
    - Been to the petting zoo
    - Been to the Royal Hall to visit the princesses
    - Seen the Aladdin show at DCA

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    Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

    As an out of towner I have been to DL often and always try to do something new, but I have never rode the tea Cups or the Pirate ship.
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    Originally posted by VintageMouse;n8463446

    You know best :-)


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      Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

      I've never seen World Of Color! I'm an out of towner and my last 2 trips were quick ones! (I did though watch Fantasmimc on both trips)

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        Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

        As a California native I went often as a child. Last year was my first year back to the parks since 1995. This is my first and only year as an A.P. Holder, we have been February, April,May,Sept,Oct,Nov and going again next month. My Husband and I are making a list of everything we haven't done yet and would like to do;

        I have never ever in my 30 years rode Big thunder railroad!
        I haven't been on the submarine ride since it was converted to finding nemo!
        Or been on the sailing ship Columbia
        I have never seen the Aladdin show either
        The animation academy
        Bakery tour
        Davy Crocket explorer canoes
        Gadget coaster
        Golder Zephyr
        Jumping Jellyfish
        Lugis flying tires
        Main st. cinema
        Mickey's fun wheel of death
        Muppet vision
        silly symphony swings
        Toy story midway mania
        turtle talk with crush
        Pixie hollow.
        ride the lily belle

        Wow with a list that long of never have I ever's you almost wonder what we do when we are at the park! lol!
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          Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

          Interesting that you have never done BTMR yet all the other coasters!!!! I will never do screamin and shouldn't have done space!!!

          as a 60s E ticket California kid the list is endless!!! It was always the same rides

          As a father at the turn of the century Disneyland I have never

          tea cups
          And I can barely do Dumbo

          and main street trolley, Frisco took care of that bucket list!!!


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            Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

            My list is pretty darn short. In fact, the only things I can think of are things I haven't done because they weren't there when I was last at the park, or visiting Walt's appartment and the Dream Suite.
            SO basically, the only thing I can think of is I haven't seen the new princess area. Other than that, I think I'd have to get creative with my list.
            I haven't swam the length of the Rivers of America
            I haven't given Cinderella a pie in the face
            I haven't ridden on the top of the train
            I haven't sat on the back of the dinosaurs yelling "Hiyo, Silver! Away!" like the Lone Ranger
            I haven't set up a tent and camped for the weekend on Main Street

            A list like this could go on all day!

            No matter where you go, there you are.


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              Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

              Never have I ever:
              rode the Main Street fire engine vechile
              rode the tender on the Disneyland railroad
              rode the Lilly Belle
              rode the captain's loft of the Mark Twain

              This year though I crossed off riding on the front cone of the Monorail.
              I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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                Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                Originally posted by Meville View Post
                As an out of towner I have been to DL often and always try to do something new, but I have never rode the tea Cups or the Pirate ship.
                You mean Columbia? Oh have to do this!
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                  Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

         the true nevers are:

                  I've never been on King Arthur's carousel.
                  I've never set foot in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
                  I've never been to club 33 (but will be going in December!)
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                    Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                    As a SoCal native, I've never...

                    - Rode the Astro Orbiter
                    - Swing Danced at the Carnation Gardens (sorry, it will always be the Carnation Gardens regardless of the flavor-of-the-week princess overlay)
                    - Been to the Royal Hall to visit the princesses
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                      Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                      I've never been to Tom Sawyer's island.
                      I've never danced at the Carnation Gardens.
                      Never been on the Columbia.

                      I feel that if I ever do it all I won't go back, because I will have seen it all. So I don't even try to do those things. But the Carnation Gardens thing... that will happen when I have grandchildren. I swear, I will


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                        Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"


                        Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (I know, blasphemy!)
                        Horse Drawn Carriage
                        Main Street Cinema
                        Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough
                        Pixie Hollow
                        Princess Fantasy Faire
                        Mickey and the Magical Map


                        Red Car Trolley
                        Mater's Junkyeard Jamboree
                        Luigi's Flying Tires
                        King Triton's Carousel
                        Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
                        Disney Jr. Live on Stage
                        World of Color Winter Dreams


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                          Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                          Originally posted by frollofan View Post
                          Red Car Trolley
                          Mater's Junkyeard Jamboree
                          King Triton's Carousel
                          I crossed these 3 off my list during my last trip in October.
                          I also rode:
                          Flick's Flyers
                          and the spinny bugs ride in Bug's Land


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                            Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                            This is a fun one!

                            Let's see, my last trip I finally rode the new Star Tours. And I didn't even get sick! I also danced at Carnation Gardens for the first time. Magical!

                            I still never have:
                            -rode Astro Orbiter (probably never will)
                            -had character breakfast at the Plaza Inn (need to do that!)
                            -visited the new Royal Hall (maybe someday)
                            -Chip n Dale Treehouse
                            -Donald's Boat
                            -Goofy's Playhouse (I just don't get over to Toontown much)

                            There is A LOT I haven't done at DCA, but I think I've done almost everything that I want to do there. My boyfriend has only been to DLR twice now so we're still checking off some of the big things on his list! He still hasn't even been on Big Thunder because it was under refurbishment during both of our trips this year! Next time.


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                              Re: Disneyland "Never have I ever"

                              Great idea for a thread! I kinda giggled at some of the posts... and they got me thinkin'

                              I've been to Disneyland, ooohhh, about 25 times, and I've:

                              1. Never seen the Aladdin Show.
                              2. Never purposefully searched for Hidden Mickeys
                              3. Never stood under that rocket ship (beside Pizza Port) that blasts-out cool mist
                              4. Never been to Club 33
                              5. And, until last summer, I never knew about the Harbour Galley Restaurant (hidden gem, check it out!)


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