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"Valley of Villainy" land idea


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  • "Valley of Villainy" land idea

    How's this for a Disney Villains' land? Not all of these are my ideas. A view have been said elsewhere but I don't know who to give credit to. With the attractions list, I think maybe 4 should be made by the land's grand opening. Then eventually complete the attractions list with time. So as to have a lower budget and keep the land fresh for a few years.

    LOCATION: west of Toontown and north of Frontierland's BTR. This land will connect Toontown with Frontierland once BTR & BBQ is reopen with Woody's Roundup.

    ATTRACTIONS (all these names are unoffical, please suggest new names!):

    1) "Forbidden Mountain". A roller coaster ride to defeat Maleficient. Mostly the climax of the movie. Riders help the good fairies search for Prince Philip in Maleificent's castle in the Forbidden Mountain. The queue is themed to look like you're entering the mountains then into the castle. Similar to USH's Van Helsing. You pass by sleeping guards. The Good Fairies provide with transportation. Not sure what to theme this yet-HELP! Riders go through a dark ride portion of the ride. Pass an opening doorway, we see the prince in restraints. As we move towards and past him, the fairies release him and provide the sword and shield. Through another opening doorway, the crow is flying at you with guards close behind running down stairs towards you. Doors close to shut them away. As you make a turn, guards are above you left and right. Maleificent commands the guards. They throw boulders at you, but Fairies turn them to bubbles. Bubbles could be projected or real. Then the guards shoot arrows (ala Indy ride). But Fairies turn the arrows to flowers (projected?). Finally the guards pour water infront/ above you. But a rainbow emerges and pushes the water to your sides (ala fiber optics on bridge for running water & ala BTMR's 1st lift hill). Make another turn, lighting strikes the floor beside you. Maleificent makes torn plants rise. Through all of this, she's saying lines from the movie. Riders "push" their way through the plants (doorways ala Pooh ride). But green lit smokes rises from the ground, Maleificent AA (ala D-MGM'S Wicked Witch) appears and says her lines. Smoke again appears and Maleificent is gone. Riders go backwards through the plants and make a stop. Fairies exclaim we're against a cliff. The Maleificent dragon AA appears above our heads. You can see this amazing creature. Breathing fire, too. When she tries to snap at you, you're coasters zooms forward through twists and turns avoiding the dragon's jaws. Simple dragon heads appear at various times in the ride. Finally, you slow down in a brake zone. As you continue creeping forward, the fairies and Philip AA to your left strikes a sword that moves above your heads to the dragon's heart. Maleificent screams as she "falls". We make the fall with her (a 40-45 foot drop). Then we go through 2 more dark ride portions at the end. 1 with Philip kissing the Sleeping Beauty. Then the couple dancing in a cloud. With the Princess' dress turning pink and blue (Randall effect in DCA). Exit the castle and back to the land for more adventures.

    2) "Sleepy Hollow- Headless Horseman: The Ride". Someone suggested guests ride "Doombuggie" carriages through Sleepy Hollow. And you have an encounter with the infamous legend. Guests escape the horseman's evil in their carriages.

    3) "Cruella de Vil's Motor Madness". Similar to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I also thought the ride tech from Rocket Rods/ Test Track would fit well. Facade is Cruella's run-down mansion. Maybe a face with her too on the facade, something like this: & . Queue is inside the mansion. Station is themed to the mansion's front driveway. Show scenes include the snowy country side, villages, and London. Either it's a joyride in Cruella's car or a search for puppies in her car. If it is to be similar to Mr. Toad, then the back of the car would swerve side to side. To make it feel like you're losing control.

    4) "Hades and the Titans". Using EPCOT's Maelstrom ride tech. Enter Hades' temple facade and queue. It will seem like the queue is goin down to a lower level. Or you're going from the temple to a cave in the back. Your in the UNDERWORLD! So when you board your boat, you pass through the 3 headed dog and up to the surface. Hades has just released the Titans. With their powers, they freeze you (cold chill, snow, & ice), blow you away (smoke ring and fans), burn you (heat and lava), and watever Titan I missed. You see them capturing the Gods. Then Hercules comes in and saves everyone. Exit through to Heaven's gate.

    5) "Yzma's Ride". Using DAK's Primeval Whirl tech. This ride could be outdoors. With TENG art deco decorating/ theming the coaster. Facade and queue is the Emperor's palace. Yzma wants human guests to drink and test her potions. But Kronk pulls the wrong lever, and guests are thrown into a wild ride. With the guests shaken up, Yzma can't use us and releases us.

    6) "Ursula Spinner". Riding on shells held by Ursula's tentacles. Maybe call it Ursula's Tentacles ride? Ride seashells shaped like this: . Ursula needs to have more than 8 tentacles to raise hourly capacity.

    7) "Jafar's Spell". Similar to WDW's teacups ride. Riders ride in snake heads. Similar look to Jafar's snake stuff or his snake transformation. I like the snake transformation look better. The floor looks like a snake pit. In the middle, the black lamp is raised in the air like in The Cave of Wonders. When the ride is going, Genie Jafar comes out of the lamp's top and turn in circles. When the ride is done, he goes back into the lamp.


    1) Small stage ala DCA's the magic of Brother Bear type staging. Villains gather here at scheduled times to sing their Disney villain song. Or have separate singers sing villain songs and the villains make an appearance ala Drawn to the Magic.


    1) Prince John's Goods: A store for all your Disney Villain merchandise!! This would be my favorite store. I would probably rename it though, any suggestions?


    1) Captain Hook's/Chicken of the Sea restaurant with Skull Rock. You know, that same place from Fantasyland's yesteryears.

    2) Gaston's Tarvern/ Hunting Lodge. A sit-down, buffet, or scramble restaurant. Similar look and feel to the "Beauty & the Beast" film that inspired it.

    3) "Yzma's Fruity Potions". A fruit smoothie stand ala Tiki Juice bar or Bengal BBQ type place.


    1) Bald mountain is actually the wings of Chernabog as he awakens very 15 minutes with light projected spirits on the land's buildings and streets. Then he returns to looking like a mountain top of Bald Mountain with his wings. OR Chernabog rises out of Bald Mountain and does hiss thing. Once he's donw, he goes back down out of site. Bascially a hole in the mountain for Cherabog to pop in and out of. OPTIONAL: Notre Dame (representating Frollo) chimes and chases Chernabog back to mountain top form.

    2) Either the whole land is enclosed with dome to make a fake sky. With the controlled sky, it will look more like the land is under the influence of villains. OR half of the land is outdoors and the other half is indoors. OR the whole land is outdoors. If partly indoors, maybe make it similar to Las Vegas' Cesar Palace/Venience shopping halls.

    3) A cauldron fountain with water fog misters. And bubbles to make it look like it's boiling. Maybe Chernabog can control water fountains in the cauldron.
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    I can care less
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    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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    Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

    I do love the villains! Something along those lines would be fun. They could bring back the villains gift shop.
    I pledge allegiance to the Earth, one planet, many gods, and to the universe in which she spins.


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      Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

      Great minds think alike!

      I had a similar idea in this thread.

      Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
      Something I made up one day.
      The story is this: the Disney villains all got together and decided that since the toons had Toontown and Fantasyland, that they too needed a place to dwell.
      At the end of Fantasyland, where it meets Frontierland, there is a small continuation of village haus type buildings continuing on past the gates. Their color schemes get darker and their shapes become more twisted. Where a small section of Big Thunder Ranch is now, there is a small forest that leads towards the train tracks. The trees there are intermingled with fake trees that are menacing and dark. Through a covered bridge ala Sleepy Hollow, you enter Villa de Villain. The bridge actually will lead into a large covered warehouse area that is a large village set up on the inside. The ceiling of the warehouse is painted in dark colors giving the entire area an outdoor nighttime feeling. The buildings and houses you can see are lit from the inside and have an eerie glow to them.
      So this area is sort of a menacing nighttime Main Street USA meets Pinocchio. There could be places to eat here, maybe one upscale restaurant and a shop or two. The villains shop could be in here.
      Everyday, there would be at least one villain out in this area for a photo op.
      There'd be a fountain in the middle of the courtyard that spits out an eerie greenish liquid into a pond below.
      The entire land will have specific touches from each Disney villain throughout. Stromboli's wagon is now a vending cart, the Sleepy Hollow tavern is a small eatery (that sells poisoned apples etc) where you can hear people telling ghost stories near the fireplace, there could be a fancy restaurant called 'Gaston's' where everything on the wall has antlers etc you'd be served by Gaston's lackeys and every so often Gaston comes out to see how the meal is going etc.
      The centerpiece of the land would be the Forbidden Mountain where Maleficent's castle is. Going through the gates will get you to an e-ticket ride where Mickey and friends take on all of the villains and win. (This could be a good follow up to Fantasmic! if it ever goes away.)
      The land will lead out to a forest that eventually becomes the 100 Acre Wood where Critter Country ends. The transition from the Villains' Lair to 100 Acre Wood would be tricky, but it could be a riverbank area next to the Rivers of America where there could be tables and benches to relax. They could also put in this area the honey tree, the thoughtful spot, the houses of the Pooh characters etc.
      Just a thought. I think a villain's hangout would be a very popular area. It would be the best place to hang out on Halloween and Bat's Day.
      Maybe if we were some big corporate entity, Disney would listen to us, let us sponsor it and build it.


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        Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

        Sounds pretty neat. I heard a rumor after DCA had opened that they were going to make the 3rd Disney park a Villain themed park with rollercoasters, etc. I always thought that would be the neatest theming.

        Good ideas, filmfreak. :thumbup:


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          Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

          There are so many things you could do with the villains' imagery! It'd be a grand thing.
          I pledge allegiance to the Earth, one planet, many gods, and to the universe in which she spins.


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            Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

            Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
            Maybe if we were some big corporate entity, Disney would listen to us, let us sponsor it and build it.
            Oh lord this cracked me up :lol: I was thinking of a corporation sitting down and deceiding to sponser a ride about villains...Ha ha not sure many companies would want that kind of brand recognition. I could see Enron and Halliburton jumping on this!


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              Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

              ^ Wow, Enron sponsoring a villain ride! haha!

              Thanks for the comments, guys.

              And thank you, Gemini Cricket! Right after you mentioned a Villains' Land, people jumped all over that! The part where you described the entrance/ exit of the land (forest-like) is a great idea.

              I was thinking what to do with Scar's Elephant Graveyard, IndyJn511 had a really good idea of making it a playground.

              With Yzma's Fruity Potions, maybe fruit drinks can also be served. And non-alcholic beverages. Shirley Temples anyone?

              The Prince John store might not be a strong enough character to have. Even though there is an existing costume character or him and was featured in the Electrical Parade. So maybe have Governer John Ratcliffe's Supplies Store. As another store or replacing Prince John. Are there any other money-hungry disney villains?

              I was thinking the Magic Mirror could be hung somewhere in the store. Like how you can see the Chesire Cat in the Alice in Wonderland hat store.

              OR there could be a show room where you can talk to the Magic Mirror (ala Turtle Talk).

              Also, if a Notre Dame was to be built, I'm not sure what its bigger purpose would be.

              I thought about Forbidden Mountain more, the explaination I have now might be too costly, so I made a shorter version:

              Good Fairies made a "armor" vehicle for guests. As the coaster goes up a lift hill, to their left side will be Prince Philip in chains. Fairies free him and give the sword and shield. Next, to your right, the crow and guards are coming after you, but a door slams in their face. You reach the top of the lift hill looking down at the rest of the Villain land and twist around the mountain, then back inside. Encounter torn bushes and Maleficient. Go backwards and there's the rest. The look of the ride's exterior will also have a Expedition: Everest/ Journey to the Center of the Earth type feel. From the ground, you see the castle on the mountain's peak. Every so often, riders go outside and go back into the mountain/ castle. The climatic "drop" will have you peek outside then back inside.

              The coaster portion of the ride where you encounter the dragon's head, there could also be fire effects. And a claw missing you. And you hear teeth close near you, too.
              Last edited by filmfreak11; 01-30-2006, 04:47 PM.

              "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

              "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
              -Jurassic Park


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                Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                Disney Villain songs list, did I miss any? Also, the villain theme songs (no lyrics) will play as the land's atmosphere music.

                1) "Mine, Mine, Mine"
                2) "Trust in Me"
                3) "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind"
                4) "Gaston"
                5) "Hellfire" (If they can say that word in the movie and Sleeping Beauty, why not? Plus, I like this song)
                6) "Never Smile at a Crocodile"
                7) "Cruella de Vil"
                8) "Poor Unfortunate Souls"
                9) "Be Prepared"
                10) "Oogie Boogie's Song"
                11) "Yodle-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo"
                12) "Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise)"

                13) That "actors life for me" Pinocchio song??
                14) "Phony King of England" Robin Hood song??
                15) "Siamese Cat Song" from Lady & the tramp??
                16) "Heffalumps & Woozeles"???
                17) "Grim Grinning Ghosts"???
                18) Are there any good Headless Horseman songs? I only saw this movie as a little kid.

                Anyone know any live-action Disney villain songs?

                Also a new original song for the singers to connect all the villain songs for a "Drawn to the Magic/ Animazment" presentation.

                Disney should sell a Villain Songs CD in The Disney Villains Store.
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                "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
                -Jurassic Park


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                  Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                  Would love a ride on the edge of NOS/Critter Country to connect the two lands, a dark ride themed to Nightmare Before Christmas! NOT HMH but an original ride that was based on the ride but extended on a journey through the other holidays since we''ll never get a sequel, it would be fun to see rooms with holdays rethemed by Halloween Town- imagine: Valentines Day, New Years, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, Cinco De Mayo, etc


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                    Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                    ^ Wasn't there a TNBC video game that was a sequel plotline to the original film? Something about Oogie Boogie taking over all the holidays. And Jack must stop him.

                    Sounds like a great sequel to the movie. But like you said, it will probably never happen. Like getting a video game sequel of TRON instead of a sequel film.

                    But I'm interested in your idea, ah schucks. So would this ride put an end to HMH? What kind of ride tech would you use?

                    Would a Stromboli's Wagon work in this land as a pin trading/ other merchandise? I know there's a Stromboli Wagon in Fantasyland. Couldn't that be rethemed to Gepetho or Dumbo? Then a new Stromboli Wagon could be made.
                    Last edited by filmfreak11; 01-30-2006, 10:22 PM.

                    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
                    -Jurassic Park


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                      Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                      Maybe for the Oogie Boogie ride guests ride a dice?? Or a sack... That sounds weird...

                      Maybe the eels from The Little Mermaid surround the Ursula spinner. Making them part of the wall themeing to the ride. Where the heads are, is the entrance and queue. Then the eels' tails is the exit!

                      And Iago the parrot from ALADDIN can fly in circles between the rock formation and the black lamp. Kind of like how Tinkerbell flies around the pirate ship in the Electrical Parade! Then tall poles surrounding this ride would be the snake cane Jafar had to control the Sultan. Either facing riders or out towards the rest of the land.

                      Someone suggested having Captain Hook's pirate ship as the villain shop. We think it would be better than a shop themed to Prince John or Ratcliffe. So maybe call it "Captain Hook's Ship of Treasures"? Perhaps downstairs/below deck is the shop. And upstairs of the ship is the restaurant. The captain's quarters lead into a backstage chicken behind the Skull Rock facade. This would probably be a nice view from a 2nd floor level. Another seating area on ground level beside Skull Rock would probably be needed like in the original 1955 design.

                      "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                      "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
                      -Jurassic Park


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                        Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                        Or Iago could be inside/besides the ride control structure themed as a palace tower. A AA Iago recite the saftey spiel. And instead of snake staff designs surrounding the ride, it's the palace tower like the ride control structure...

                        Would a Skull Rock, Cave of Wonders, and Ursula's home make a good entry or exit to the land? If you look into the land from the outside, like the Cave of Wonders, you see Jafar's ride in the distance. With an Ursual's home entry, you see Ursula's ride in the distance. With Skull Rock, you see Capt. Hook's ship in the distance in the land. Or have the Skull Rock, Cave of Wonders, and Ursula's home face IN the land as an exit. The land entrance would be themed closer to whatever the path's land is closest to. Did that make sense?

                        "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

                        "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
                        -Jurassic Park


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                          Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                          Originally posted by filmfreak11
                          18) Are there any good Headless Horseman songs? I only saw this movie as a little kid.
                          I suggest you might want to rent the Ichabod and Mr. Toad DVD so you can hear this song:

                          When the spooks have a midnight Jamboree
                          They break it up with fiendish glee
                          Ghosts are bad, but the one that's cursed
                          It's the Headless Horseman, he's the worst

                          That's right, he's a fright, on Halloween night

                          But when he goes a-joggin' 'cross the land
                          Holdin' his noggin in his hand
                          Demons take one look and groan
                          And hit the road for parts unknown

                          Beware, take care, he rides alone

                          And there's no spook, like a spook who's sporned
                          They don't like him, and he's really burned
                          He swears to the longest day he's dead
                          He'll show them that he can get a head

                          They say he's tired of his flamin' top
                          He's got a yen to make a swap
                          So he rides one night each year
                          To find a head in the hollow here

                          Now he likes them little, he likes them big
                          Part in the middle, or a wig
                          Black or white or even red
                          The Headless Horseman needs a head

                          With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop
                          He's out lookin' for a top to chop
                          So don't stop to figure out a plan
                          You can't reason with a headless man

                          Now if you doubt this tale is so

                          I met that spook just a year ago
                          No, I didn't stop for a second look
                          For once you cross that bridge, my brook friends

                          The ghost is through, his power ends

                          So when you're riding home tonight
                          Make for the bridge with all your might
                          He'll be down in the hollow there
                          He needs your head, look out, beware

                          With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop
                          He's out looking for a head to swap
                          So don't try to figure out a plan
                          You can't reason with a headless ma
                          It's sung by Bing Crosby in a very 1940s harmony style.
                          Just remember without a well written Disney Villain, there would be no point in the Heroes and the Princesses. Have you hugged a Disney Villain today? :love:


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                            Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                            I love the title, many of the ideas and the effort that went into it. My only suggestion is to incorporate the approach that Walt Disney had for presenting "evil" things in the park. He did not want to frighten children, so he had his pirates and ghosts all smile. They were as much to be laughed at as they were to be feared. The Disney secret to making such fun is making sure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

                            I think many of your ideas can incorporate the villain theme with a touch of humor to the presentation. That way both kids and adults can enjoy everything.
                            Jiminy Cricket Fan

                            Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


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                              Re: &quot;Valley of Villainy&quot; land idea

                              Oh it would be fun if they had a Jafar hypnotist show area where he did a show 3 or 4 times a day!


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