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The Neverland Files website

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  • [Question] The Neverland Files website

    It was called which was a website dedicated to never built Disneyland history is no longer on the web. I liked it alot because of its detail on what might have been. That being said does anyone know what happened to it or if there is another site with the same content?
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    Re: The Neverland Files website

    My first assumption is that the moderator, an old friend of mine, has in fact gained an internship at WDI, and maybe that has something to do with it, I know that they're not allowed to take unsolicited ideas, so maybe they're not allowed to run unofficial Disney sites either.

    Either that or the site is just down.
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      Re: The Neverland Files website

      It's a government conspiracy. Bob Iger just recently gained membership into the secret shadow government that controls everything, and he had a 12-year old Chinese whiz kid hack into the site and destroy it and erase all traces of it's existance. Trust no one.
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        Re: The Neverland Files website

        Originally posted by Big D View Post
        ...erase all traces of it's existence.
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        Internet Archive Wayback Machine


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          Re: The Neverland Files website

          All is not lost: The Neverland Files by Cole Younger

          Love love love the Wayback Machine.


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            Re: The Neverland Files website

            erp... too quick to reply. Oh well, now there are two links.