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Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party


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  • [Pictures] Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

    Welcome to part three of my Halloween trip reports. In part one, which can be found here, we went to Halloween Horror Nights. In part two, we went to Six Flags Fright Fest at Magic Mountain, which can be found here.

    The time has come for our favorite Halloween event! Disneyland! The only place child-like adults can dress up and have harmless holiday fun.

    And yes, you should be jealous of our awesome costumes...

    Okay, that's enough. Let's get to the theme park now!

    We met our pal Austin, who was a Ghostbuster for the third year in a row, at Disneyland.

    Here, we waited a long, long time for Diandra to show up.

    The ecto-goggles were lost so this had to suffice.

    Megan made the awesome choice to shave part of her head for this costume.

    At last, Diandra arrived dressed as Fred Krueger. Unfortunately, she had no time to put on her burn scars.

    Our group was now all together and we finally made it into the park.

    Only to learn of this unfortunate event.

    We were all very disappointed. This was something we looked forward to as a part of the event and it didn't feel quite the same without it. Oh well.

    We were still doing pretty good, though. Didn't seem to be many lines yet.

    The ghostbutser showed off his lightning fast reflexes while we were leaving Indy.

    "I don't want to alarm you... but there's GHOSTS in this haunted mansion."

    "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

    Turns out, the PKE Meter was just going off because of Freddy.

    It was REALLY going off in Freddy's boiler room.

    "How sweet. Fresh meat."

    This park looks great for Halloween.

    Even The Mouse's were out trick 'r treating.

    "I think they're looking at us. Let's get 'em...."

    "...on this ride and enjoy ourselves!"

    The Matterhorn was a low moment for the night. The ride was as enjoyable as usual, but that also means it was as rough as usual and we had a few casualties.

    Earlier in the night, Megan decided to place her cell phone in her gun holster.

    Which held up until, you guessed it, The Matterhorn. But we didn't know it yet. It took a ride on Space Mountain to find that out. The excellent folks at Space looked in every train that went by (not knowing they would never find it there). They were kind enough to call the other mountain for us and they had it! It worked out well, but it was not a pleasant half hour.

    Not only that, but Freddy lost a finger!

    Poor Fred. How's she supposed to kill teenagers now?!

    But worst of ALL, I lost my bag of candy! Matterhorn did NOT like us that night!

    Like I mentioned, Ghost Galaxy was next.

    One ghostbuster meets another!

    "Did you take my candy?!"

    Look at the excitement on their faces. They have no idea how unpleasant it's about to get.

    Which way is up?!

    Turns out, I was Freddy the whole time!

    "Whatever you say. Too hungry to argue."

    Austin then felt like he needed to get something off his chest.

    In reality, he just wanted to ride Indy again.

    What is with these lines?! It's amazing!

    We then saw this killer sword that was just lying around and no one was watching. So, we tried to steal it.

    Our plan failed.

    Around then, the night was dying down.

    The park had closed and people were headed home.

    But we had to get one last visit in with the Halloween tree.

    Man, I need to get me one of these trees.

    It was a long night but incredibly fun.

    We had many ups and downs, sugar highs and lows, and enough pictures not to remember any of it. It was a fantastic evening. Of course nothing could prepare us for...

    The drive home.

    And so concludes my Halloween adventures. My favorite time of year comes and goes so quickly, but always leaves me with a smile.

    Until next time.

    The End
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    Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

    So much win.

    Were you the ones in the Adventure Time costumes last year?

    Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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      Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

      Man, what a fun read! Thanks for a VERY entertaining Trip Report! Your costumes were amazing!


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        Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

        So much win in this trip report (except for the lost candy)


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          Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

          Impressive!! Thanks for sharing.

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            Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

            Thanks everyone!

            We were, in fact, the Adventure Times folks from last year:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	1382038_10100559517619487_2010773383_n.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	69.6 KB
ID:	7353382
            Ah, memories.


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              Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Mickey's Halloween Party

              I thought so! That was my favorite Space Mountain photo ever. Looking forward to next year!

              Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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