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Quick trip report from a semi-local


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  • Trip Report Quick trip report from a semi-local

    So we decided to go on a last minute trip to Disneyland last weekend and it was the first time going to Disneyland during the holidays in at least 15 years for me. I'll make this a quick trip report since I don't feel like typing much.

    - Coming from someone with an autistic nephew and being a user of the old GAC, the new one didn't make much of a difference to be honest, all it took was a little planning. Yeah you can only have one ride on the card at a time, but you can also go get fast passes which is what we did and we basically got to ride everything we wanted to during a two day stay during the busiest time of the year. It's perfectly fair the way it's set up, I can't see how people can complain.

    - I loved the Haunted Mansion overlay. I think I might have liked it over the original HM, although it just might be my holiday spirit talking right now. I also really enjoyed It's A Small World and the beautiful exterior.

    - Certain hotels don't really provide the "Disney experience". We stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Mariott across the street and it just didn't provide that "Disney" trip feeling I got at other hotels.

    - The weather ranged from 75-80 degrees while we where there and I hated it. I can't seem to get into the christmas spirit when I'm sweating. It just isn't Christmas to me if it's not cold. I hate the warm southern california weather during fall/winter. It didn't feel like December.

    - Strollers....Strollers everywhere. I hate them. Too bad Disney can't ban them from parks. It's not just the strollers I dislike, it's the people pushing them constantly clipping your ankles and running over your toes. Such a nuisance.

    That's it for now! Happy holidays ya'll!

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    Re: Quick trip report from a semi-local

    At the Fairfield did you not have a Disney theme room or view of the park? Do you usually stay on site or on Harbor and just not get the same feeling?

    I'm used to warm Christmas but can understand as it feel much better on my past few cold Christmas Days.

    Glad your visit went well.
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      Re: Quick trip report from a semi-local

      Good to hear of your positive experience with DAS. Thank you for sharing.


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        Re: Quick trip report from a semi-local

        thank you for your trip report. Look for mine, leaving tomorrow and was hoping to have a sweat drenched Christmas but it is looking like a real New England spirit. I have been walking around this frozen Oregon block in my shorts to trick my body into thinking it will be hot at Disneyland.

        It will be really helpful to others to share about your Fairfield experience and your other lodging in the pass. Many folks lurk here to made lodging decisions.

        I am also a HMH fan and for me it is the color and little surprises. I only ride HM once when visiting out of holiday.


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          Re: Quick trip report from a semi-local

          Glad to see a positive DAS report.

          I'm the opposite with the HM, I do like the overlay but much prefer the original. In fact I usually go in it 5 times in a row on my first trip after it changes back :yea:

          Yeah it was a little too warm when you went, the cold spell hit this week for sure.


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