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Saving Storybook Land


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  • [Other] Saving Storybook Land

    Some of you may have seen my other thread on The 1981 rebuild of Storybook Land but I wanted to go into further detail about a part of Storybook Land that is on the verge of being lost forever. The original houses that were built by Walt's first Imagineers, like Wathel Rogers, Harriet Burns, and Fred Joerger were pulled from the attraction and replaced with the current versions in 1981. Those originals were all destroyed except for the French Village under Cinderella's Castle. That village eventually ended up in the hands of the Carolwood Foundation, the same folks that operate Walt's Barn in Griffith Park. I'm heading up the restoration of the village so that it can be put on display at the barn, but in order to do so I need to raise enough funds from the Disney fan community to make this a reality. So I come to all of you reading this, if you can help out any way possible to help us reach our funding goal by this Monday, you'll be saving a piece of Disneyland and Imagineering history.

    The exact buildings that we are trying to restore, laying next to the Casey Jr. track before being transported back to the Staff Shop.

    Looking at these same buildings now and how they were removed in 1981, its clear why and when they were separated into four pieces.

    Many of the pieces of the village were discarded after being copied. The small building on its side is currently on display in its unrestored state in Walt's Barn.

    This part of the lower French Village wasn't so lucky when it was removed. The decay caused it to crumble immediately.

    The current state of the French Village, roughly assembled in their original placements and elevations. A priceless piece of history sitting on palettes at Walt's Barn. A miracle that they've survived this long.

    Imagineer Wathel Rogers working on the French Village in 1956

    The very same house that Wathel Rogers built, now in desperate need of repair.

    The concept art for the display cart where the village will be displayed next to Walt's Barn. Covered to protect it from the elements and also allow the lights to be seen from inside the buildings. Guests will be able to walk right up to the miniatures and get up close to all the detail that went into these buildings.

    As a reward for donating to the Indiegogo fundraiser we're giving out T-shirts and posters designed by Richard Terpstra.

    We're also having exclusive pins made for donors to the restoration.

    At the highest donation level, we're giving out actual fragments of the Storybook Land village. There are only a total ten of these fragments available.

    If you'd like to help preserve a piece of Disneyland History that is on the brink of being lost forever, then I encourage you to donate. Your tax-deductible donation to our Indiegogo campaign

    From one Micechatter to another, thank you.


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