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A Very Late World of Color: Winter Dreams Review


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  • [Review] A Very Late World of Color: Winter Dreams Review

    I know you're probably all tired of hearing and seeing reviews of the show, but one more couldn't hurt right? Maybe, but anyways I thought I'd address a few things that others have said along side my personal opinions on certain aspects throughout this extravaganza.

    The show itself, was pretty cool. It was better than I anticipated in certain parts, but rather lackluster in other areas. Might I add that the little Mickey's Fun Wheel game is a great time-killer! Do it!

    The three parts that really stuck out to me were the "Opening" section being everything after "Glow" and before Olaf starts talking, the "Let it Go" section, and the "Finale" section, after the little sing-a-long.

    What I really love about the opening is the soundtrack, and usage of the fountains. I personally thought that I wouldn't be wow'ed here because what amazed me the most in the original show was that at a certain point all of the fountains shot up at the same time. Only at that moment did you realize that massive scale of the show, here however, all of the fountains are already noticeable. What makes this scene work is the build up to the amount of fountains used, if you understand what I'm trying to say. The addition of the lights on Mickey's Fun Wheel were a nice surprise as well, they really do add a lot to the show. Now, the opening isn't sentimental or heart-tugging like "Believe .. in Holiday Magic," but it's still heart-warming and enjoyable.

    "Let it Go," was the highlight section of the show. In a simple word, the scene was beautiful. I've always greatly enjoyed when they made the projections on the water screen connect with the laser effects and fountains. Seeing Elsa wave her hands at the corner of the water screens and seeing lasers flow from her hands was a sight to see. When she would point to the ground the fountains would fly up. I just love when they interact with each other, and it's something that I wished World of Color would do more of. Also, Idina Menzel's voice is perfection with the song, and it's very grand, in lack of a better term. I may be a little biased however because I'm a fan. Any who, the scene is great, beautiful, enjoyable, wonderful, and worth the show alone.

    The finale was spectacular! I greatly enjoyed this finale more than I do the original show. In the original shows' finale, it's basically a recap, where as here we are treated to a full scale, "finish with a bang," type of spectacle. When the lights on Screamin' turned on, that's when the show truly shined. The lights on the coaster's supports really add to the show in such a way that puts the production onto another level. It's truly outstanding how much those lights, and the lights on the Fun Wheel enhance the show. I don't know, in my personal opinion, this finale is more of a finale than the original ever was, and was pretty much what I expect at a show's end and more.

    Everything else in the show was just there to be honest.

    Olaf wasn't as annoying as everyone made him out to be. I do agree that his commentary is put into the show a lot, but he's the main character. However, I do believe that everyone addresses this because he speaks a lot during the Bambi segment in the show, which might I add has been shortened down. With that said, because of the shortened segment, his commentary has basically been ripped out so maybe that's why I wasn't too bothered. His song however, was so out of place. This is a show about the winter time, and hearing him sing about summer was just, what?

    The Toy Story Nutcracker Suite segment dragged on for far too long.

    The foam-snowflakes that flew up to the sky were a beautiful touch, where as the rendition of "I See the Light" from Tangled was not. The rendition of "Believe," was nice however!

    The problem with the show, and the original World of Color in general, is that they rely so heavily on projections. I understand that those were expensive and using them to their full potential is important, but so are the fountains. Rarely, in my opinion, do the fountains get their chance to shine. What's rather annoying is when there is one center projection and two large circle fountains on either side of that. If you aren't viewing the show from the middle, you can barely even see what's going on, if you understand what I'm saying, so relying so much on projections isn't really a good choice to do. Sure they add to the show, but there's too much of it. If I wanted to watch the movies portrayed here, I could easily do that in the comfort of my own home. The way they used the screens in the "Let it Go" scene are prime examples of how they should be used and not over done.

    Overall, World of Color: Winter Dreams is worth a watch. It's fun, enjoyable, and heart-warming at certain points. It has it's flaws but it shines just as well. When it returns next year, which I'm sure it will, hopefully there are changes to only plus the show.
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    Re: A Very Late World of Color: Winter Dreams Review

    I do have to say that they have gotten a bit better in the aspect of relying too much on projections. Winter Dreams has a lot less projection-based content and it is accompanied by fountains. In the regular WoC, something must be done about the Marlin and Dory whale talk, Toy Story, Heimlich, etc where it is only projections.

    And the Let It Go segment also has to be my favorite scene! The I See The Light was a tad bit odd, but it didn't bother me that much. They should have used the original audio but I understand why they did so that they could have one singer connect the entire show.


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      Re: A Very Late World of Color: Winter Dreams Review

      I definitely agree on the "Let it go" section. I haven't seen Frozen and hadn't heard the song. Between the vocal performance and the World of Color hardware at its best doing stormy weather, it was definitely the emotional high point they were looking for. I wish they could have had a longer segment to give the performance time to build because I imagine it's also beautiful when sung quietly. Other parts of the show varied but I found the "Let it go" section was memorable despite never having heard the song before.

      I really wish they'd stick this song into the regular show. It may not be the same rendition as in Frozen (or so I gather from other people's comments) but in the right context this version is quite spectacular. I'm going to make sure to make another trip before holiday season ends so I can see that part again before they remove the show. For me it was that good.

      There's a pretty good video for folks who haven't seen it.


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