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Frontierland Gateway to the West attraction/show


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  • Frontierland Gateway to the West attraction/show

    HI. Whenever I go to EPCOT, I love the show that is housed in the American Adventure pavillion. I would like to have a similar show like that in Frontierland except the show would focus on the American West. Davy Crockett, Pecos Bill, a tribute to Native Americans, Lewis and Clark, Westward expansion and the railroads, the Mississippi River could be featured. THis attraction could give Frontierland the boost it so desperately needs!

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    Any ideas? Thoughts? Frontierland needs more attractions!


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      Great idea; but I think I would like it more if they could make each scene a set in a river ride ala Pirates
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        Well, I like the basic IDEA and technology behind the show, but I would personally like to see it used in a different way.

        Basically, the most likely place this would go is a third gate which reinterprets Epcot into ImagiNations, a place which celebrates the American melting pot and Yankee ingenuity. It would be housed in a scale replica of Ellis Island and be called Beautiful Tomorrow. If that's not tip-off enough, it would essentially be a retelling of Carousel of Progress, but instead of the audience moving from stage to stage, the show scenes transform before our very eyes.

        Of course, another home for such a ride could be made if Disneyland ever gets Residential Street behind Main St., and the show could enter from the turn of the 20th century and exit into a great big beautiful Tomorrowland.

        Anyhoo... if Anaheim is going to get any kind of new show, American Adventure is the kind I'd want to see, pretty much no matter what they do with it.
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