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Trip Report Blog Post And DAS Review


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  • Trip Report Trip Report Blog Post And DAS Review

    Hello all!

    First of all, I posted another trip report on my blog, Finding My Inner Bombshell! Please check it out (and feel free to comment on there if you'd like!).

    Getting In My Disneyland Fix (or One Last Bit Of Christmas Time In The New Year) | Finding My Inner Bombshell

    I also wanted to give a full review of my first experience with DAS. I've seen some reviews when it started, but I thought maybe a new review was in order.

    First, I will admit that I was spoiled with the GAC. Yes, I needed it, but I also got very used to being able to ride whatever I wanted to without planning. Sometimes I had very long waits (the GAC Space Mountain line was almost always over an hour), but I was happy to be sitting down while waiting.

    I was very nervous to use the DAS. I had read plenty of reviews that were horrible and said that it ruined their Disneyland experience. For me, the DAS was amazing! I wasn't able to go from ride to ride as freely as I used to, but by using the DAS, FastPass, and riding rides with no lines (like the Monorail and Railroad), my group was able to do 8 rides in 6 hours (we also had a sit down lunch).

    I really do prefer the DAS. The lines once it was my turn to ride were almost gone (Space Mountain was 5 minutes). I think some of the help was with FastPass times being enforced especially with RSR. I did do a lot of planning while I was there, but it wasn't anything worse than what everyone else has to do.

    I like that there are photos on the DAS so people can't sell them (I was offered $500 once for my GAC). I even liked having to check in with Guest Services to get the new ride time. They were able to help me plan what rides would be good options for me while I was waiting for my time (or what time FastPasses were for so we could decide if we would use FastPass or DAS).

    I'm sure that a lot of the ease I experience was because I waited a few months after the start of the program to go to the parks. But as a first time DAS user I have to say that I think that I will continue to have a great time in the parks in the future without worrying about being in pain quickly.

    If any of you have questions about DAS for me, feel free to message me on here or comment on my blog. I'm more that happy to help anyone else figure it out.
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    Re: Trip Report Blog Post And DAS Review

    I'm glad to hear your DAS experience has been positive.
    Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.


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