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Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot


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  • [Question] Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot

    Hey all,

    So, during Spring Break, I am taking my girlfriend on her first trip ever to a Disney park. We are traveling from Oklahoma. We will be at the Disneyland resort from March 15th-21st with planned park days of the 16th-20th.

    I plan on proposing to her during this trip. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it might cost to arrange for an engagement photo shoot inside of the parks or if anyone here might be willing to do it for a negotiable price and terms. I honestly have no idea what to expect in terms of how much this may cost.

    We are aware of Photopass and have already purchased our Photopass+ CD Voucher. I know that will let us do a pseudo-engagement shoot via Photopass photographers, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas or could possibly help.

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    Re: Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot

    I hope your girlfriend isn't a Micechatter, don't want her seeing this thread! I've seen a lot of Disney-themed photographers advertising on instagram, might do a search on there.

    Good luck with the proposal!!
    Grim, I lost her once; I'm not gonna lose her again.


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      Re: Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot

      Congratulations in advance!

      My wife and I did our engagement shoot at Disneyland. Here's a few tips I recommend.

      First, as Mind tricks stated, find a photographer with a style you like. Also, let them know you want to shoot at Disneyland. I say this because if you like them you may have to pay their way in. Our photographer had an annual pass, so that was no issue. Photopass is a good idea, but you will be limited on what locations you shoot at, as well as poses.

      Second, be careful with attracting attention. So if your photographer is there with a bunch of crazy equipment, you may catch the eyes of people are around you, as well as Disney Security. Disney doesn't like it when you distract from the "story" of the park. ALso, they don't want any outside professional photographers doing work there. Our photographer showed up with just his camera, and was pretending to shoot us just like we were friends visiting. One thing to note, I also called Disneyland once to ask them if it was ok to do engagement shoots, they really didn't give me a solid yes or no. So I think it's ok, as long as you guys don't attract attention.

      In addition to the parks, you can also shoot around the hotel and downtown disney area. At the hotel, they have the rose garden, which has a nice gazebo. That's where they do their outdoor weddings.

      Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me via this thread or on IM. Good Luck!

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        Re: Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot

        I am a photographer and did a set of engagement pictures at locations in both parks early summer last year,
        Like 14 MPH said you don't want to draw attention to your pictures. Don't want to have people photo bomb pictures or upset security
        I took just my camera and a backpack. The lighting in March around the park should be good for pictures and there shouldn't be a need to bring a bunch of equipment
        Also, like 14 MPH said it's good to hire someone with a pass. It saves on buying them a ticket. The couple I was with wanted to start in DCA but it started to get crowed in the area they wanted to use. We were able to switch over to DL for some shots and then go back to DCA later.
        I didn't run into any problems with security the day the couple and I went to do their pictures. It was in the afternoon and the crowds were manageable... I didn't have a problem not having people in the background of the pictures.
        Good luck with your pictures. There are a lot of nice places in both parks to use.


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          Re: Disneyland Engagement Photo Shoot

          Sent you a private message! Good luck!


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