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Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

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  • Trip Report Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

    Hi everyone! I'm back with another trip report! A little late, but I've been told it's alright to do so

    So this was about 4 weeks ago, Jan. 11-13. To start my wonderful visit, I came down with a cold. Lovely. I woke up with a little tickle in my throat on Friday, went to work and tried to shake it off, and when I woke up Saturday ready to hit the road....all I really wanted to do was roll back into bed and go to sleep So, even though I had a nasty cough, lost my voice and most likely had a fever the first night there.....I still toughed it out with a smile on my face!

    Along on this trip was my mom, and the little girl she babysits, her mom and her signifigant other (we all went to high school together). My mom has been taking care of her since she was 3 months old (she's currently 2) so she's practically like my mom's own child! This was her first trip to Disneyland so of course, the baby's mother extended the invite to my mom and I.

    I wasn't planning on going to the parks our first night there since I was super tired from the drive and all around not feeling too hot. But I was checking on my wait time apps and saw that California Screamin' and ToT had a low wait, and since those are my mom's favorite rides we decided to hop on over for a couple of hours. After CS/ToT and walking DCA for a little bit, I was craving soup and Gatorade (my sick-time food) and sleep. I ended up going to Tony Roma's and getting some soup to-go and after eating and some NyQuil, I was out like a light. My mom ended up making a Target run after I got into bed and she said when she came back I was howling away in my sleep like I was in pain and I had a fever =/

    The next day was our first day proper at the parks with the baby. She had on a custom-made Minnie Mouse dress (if you read my Dapper Day TR, it's the same lady that made my dress for that) and was really excited! Of course when we got in the park, we saw Mickey right on Main Street and got her the tradition of little kids meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time, she was kind of scared, lol. It was still really cute. Then we got pictures with Minnie and it was off to Fantasyland....where she got scared on Peter Pan, Snow White....pretty much all of the dark rides! She loved Dumbo, Casey Jr. Train, and Story Book Land Canal Boats (I did too, it had been quite a while since I got on those lovely boats!) Oh, and she loved IASW as well! After getting on those rides we ended up doing the character breakfast at Plaza Inn. Where, again, she got scared at most of the characters that came to the tables. Oddly enough she loved Captain Hook (though I'm sure she recognizes him from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)!

    The last half of the evening was spent at DCA. Took the baby to Disney Jr. Live Show (okay, I kind of enjoyed this), I had more soup for dinner (bread bowl!), and while my mom watched the baby and took her through Bugs Land, us big kids got on ToT and California Screamin'. It was a semi-early night, after still not feeling well.

    The next day was our last, and we set out early to get more stuff in for the baby, mostly. My mom took her through Astro Blasters and got a kick out of the "blaster" she got one, lol. After that we took her through Fantasy Faire and the princesses kept calling her a space ranger, haha! Then after I had to get my obligatory picture with Snow White, as I was in my Snow White outfit that day and she called me her "twin" and gave me a big ol' hug!

    Then we headed down to Downtown Disney where the baby had a gift card to Build-A-Bear and had a late lunch at ESPN Zone. We we're going to head back to the hotel to go home, but decided to take one more visit to DCA and saw that the wait time for RSR was 45 minutes, so us big kids took advantage, got on and had a great time! was home. And yes, I was still sick for almost a week after!

    Some pictures....

    Day 1.....

    Mickey & Me!

    I'm really excited.

    Minnie & Me....yes, I dressed like that on purpose

    I got a huge kick out of all the characters at Big Thunder Ranch! Honest John & Gideon fought over me, I forgot to include that picture but it was really funny.

    With Mary & Pearla Mouse.

    This one is my favorite! So the CM had my phone to take a picture and right as he did my mom called me. He said "Your mom is calling you....and apparently she looks like a dog" (my picture for is of her dog Cinnamon) and everyone, including Robin Hood & Friar Tuck, started laughing.

    Right as the characters were changing out.

    Story Book Land Canal Boats...been a while since I went on this. Fell in love all over again.

    Another shot ♥

    Me & Bert!

    Bert...wooing me? I don't know. It worked. I looked tongue-tied.

    Day 2....

    My mom and I were enamored with these flowers and bird over at Cozy Cone at DCA.

    Speaking of dear ol' mother....she totally fell asleep on IASW!

    Me & Belle outside of Princess Fantasy Faire. I have pictures of me with all the princesses inside but I didn't have my sunglasses on and I look so bad, you could tell I wasn't feeling good. So, we'll pretend those pictures don't exist

    The Queen, me and Snow White. The Queen wasn't so impressed with out outfits, she called them "very primary"

    Me & Snow! My favorite picture!

    On RSR...this ride gives me the best hair, haha!

    Hope you enjoyed!!! My next TR will hopefully be from Dapper Day next week
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    Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

    Happy to hear you stuck it out and had a great time! Hope you're feeling better now!

    I LOVE your Disney Bound Minnie and Snow inspired attire!

    And gosh if Snow's new costume isn't MILES better than her old one. The colors are so much more rich and the textures lush. Fits in a lot better with the detail Disney gives everything in the park. (Also, the wishing well, waterfall, and statues is one of my favorite areas of the park.)
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      Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

      Thanks for sharing, TanyAnnette! Your pix are great - and am really glad you had a good time!


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        Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

        That's a great story to go with your Robin Hood picture!!! :lol:
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          Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

          Great pictures. You looked adorable! Hope you are all better now.

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            Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

            Very fun TR to read, well done! Great pix and the one of your mom sleeping on IASW, epic!!!


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              Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

              Thanks for sharing, trip reports are far and few between as of late.
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                Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

                Really great character photos!!

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                  Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

                  Great pics! I hope you still had your purse after taking your picture with Honest John & Gideon.


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                    Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

                    ..thanks for the TR......


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                      Re: Trip Report: Enjoying the parks with a cold *achoo*!!

                      AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the pics! You need to frame that picture of you and Minnie!!!!
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