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Miniature Disneyland Resort


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  • [Fun] Miniature Disneyland Resort

    Hello everyone! I've been a member of Micechat for quite some time but never really posted anything. I thought I'd finally post on here a project I've been working on for the last 4 (soon to be 5 years)!

    I started the Miniature Disneyland Project in 2009. The model has since gone under many changes, including being relocated to new tables and being rebuilt entirely. In 2011, I expanded it with Miniature California Adventure. In 2012 I decided to add another theme park: Epcot! DL and DCA were to be modeled after their respective theme parks almost exactly (with a few slight changes), but my plans for EPCOT were to make a park that was more or less original. It was mainly inspired by WESTCOT, but has some inspirations from Disneyland Paris, Tokyo DisneySEA, Tomorrowland from the 60's, various never-built projects from the Disney Decade, and even Animal Kingdom. EPCOT is still being constructed, but it will be done by summer of 2014 just in time for Miniature Disneyland's 5th anniversary!

    Without any further due, here are so pictures.

    Miniature California Adventure:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	disney001.jpg
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Size:	100.6 KB
ID:	7373771
    The entrance
    Click image for larger version

Name:	disney002.jpg
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Size:	110.6 KB
ID:	7373772
    Buena Vista Street (I plan to redo the storefronts someday)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	disney003.jpg
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Size:	113.7 KB
ID:	7373773
    The Carthay Circle Theatre
    Click image for larger version

Name:	disney005.jpg
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Size:	97.7 KB
ID:	7373774
    Small details like people, characters, flowerbeds, and even the Storytellers statue add a lot of life to the area
    Click image for larger version

Name:	disney006.jpg
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Size:	91.7 KB
ID:	7373775
    The bland Hollywood Land (which I plan to redo someday!)

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

    Small details like grape vines on the side of Grizzly Peak :P

    Grizzly Peak!

    The Grand Californian Hotel (I didn't make this one, obviously! It's actually a small model of the Ahwahnee Hotel that's in Yosemite. I saw this at that hotel's giftshop and thought it resembled it enough!)

    Paradise Pier (my personal favorite area of MDCA)

    Cars Land (to be completed summer 2014!)

    Now let's move on over to the park that started it all: Miniature Disneyland Park!

    The Train Station (that flowerbed and train need to be refurbished ASAP)

    Main Street U.S.A. Town Square (kinda blurry, sorry!)

    Sleeping Beauty Castle (the Fantasy Faire was being repainted at the time of the picture)

    Big Thunder Mountain

    The Astro Orbiter

    Space Mountain

    (My personal all-time favorite model) The Matterhorn! The picture doesn't show all the detail :P (check out that giant sledder!)

    Fantasyland (some facades need to be repainted real bad!)

    Fantasyland West (please excuse Dumbo's current condition! He's next on the repaint list :P)

    and East!

    it's a small world

    Temple of the Forbidden Eye!

    blurry but New Orleans Square

    Cool view

    Haunted Mansion (Splash Mountain is under refurb right now)

    EPCOT construction (hey, is that the Main Street Electrical Parade?)

    Miniature Disney Parks After Dark

    My personal favorite night angle. All the lights here are so different.

    I have a YouTube channel which showcases the model's growth from 2011 to today which can be found here: Blu923the2nd - YouTube

    I also set up a Facebook page which unfortunately hasn't been updated since September due to lack of any big events

    Also a website which I have not updated for a LONG time due to pure laziness! lol There's some other photos and a timeline of events on there, though! Home -

    I'll try to update this thread regularly
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    Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

    That's pretty awesome! You've put a LOT of work into that. Great job.


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      Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

      Thank you!


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        Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

        That is a wonderful and impressive model. I'm sure it was a labor of love.


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          Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

          Looks big!


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            Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

            great work!

            No matter where you go, there you are.


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              Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

              Holy cow! That is amazing! I can really tell you've put a lot of time and detail into. I especially liked the lighting you did for the park at night. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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                Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                I wish I had the free time to work on my hobbies! That looks awesome!
                "I do not like to repeat successes. I like to go on to other things." - Walt Disney


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                  Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                  so much better than a Christmas village ;-)


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                    Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                    Thanks for all your kind comments!


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                      Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                      Incredible work - thanks so much for sharing this with us!


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                        Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                        Update coming this weekend! There's a ton of new things regarding parades, EPCOT updates, the new plaza at Disneyland, concept art old and new, and more! :yea:


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                          Re: Miniature Disneyland Resort

                          Miniature Disneyland Resort Update 3/09/14
                          Hello everybody! I have some updates regarding the Parks, upcoming parades, and some concept art. Let's get started!

                          Miniature Disneyland Park

                          Since the last update, Miniature Disneyland Park has a new entrance plaza. Right now it has a couple of planters, the signatures of those who have helped me build this magic kingdom throughout the years, and... Well that's it.

                          "Creative Minds" Walkway.

                          A map of the park.

                          I was thinking of putting a theater (think of the Disneyland Bowl concept from the WESTcot concepts) where the map currently resides. Any thoughts? Ideas? Input from you guys what should be done with this area will be greatly appreciated!

                          I want to join this with the re-dedication plaque soon.

                          Construction on the Disneyland Hotel has yet to begin. The hotel, however, will be open by April.

                          Welcome to Main Street U.S.A.!

                          I like this shot (Come one, come all! See the Mysterious Lady With No Face! Only here at Miniature Disneyland!)


                          Hey, is that a Starbucks?

                          Fantasy Faire has reopened


                          Dumbo is going to go under refurbishment this coming month

                          it's a small world is getting some landscaping done

                          The mighty Matterhorn!

                          Rainbow Ridge will finally be added to Big Thunder Mountain very soon. It's been put off for a very long time.

                          There's some new trees along the Rivers of America

                          New Orleans Square

                          Splash Mountain has returned! The entire mountain was rebuilt because of some structural issues that were discovered during the refurbishment.

                          Miniature Disney California Adventure

                          Not much to update.

                          Guests stroll along Paradise Pier

                          No Cars Land updates


                          Structures have been completed since the last update!

                          The France pavilion is close to being finished

                          Italy and England in beginning stages

                          America starting to take shape

                          This is what the America pavilion will look like when finished

                          Site plan February 2014

                          Park overview from January 2014 (plans have since changed)

                          Various Concept Arts (NOTE: Please don't steal any of my work! Please ask if you want to use it)

                          That does it for this update


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