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Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas


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  • [Idea] Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

    I know a thread like this was done a while ago, but I think it disappeared into the unknown realms of MiceChat.....or a double-digit page. ANYWAYS...

    Here are my thoughts on what Disneyland could do if it really wanted to create a true "nostalgic" sense. These are suggestions for the "nostalgic" side of things, not the "new additions" side of things.

    --Main Street Electrical Parade returns
    --Updated [6]0 Magical Years
    --Barker Bird in the Tiki Room
    --Jungle Cruise receives striped covering
    --Pirates is given a new story (looking for TREASURE, not JACK)
    --Hatbox Ghost returns to Haunted Mansion
    --Country Bears Meet 'n' Greets in Critter Country
    --Golden Horsehoe Revue Tribute returns
    --Davy Crockett Meet 'n' Greet
    --Fantasyland Skyway Station becomes "Skyview Terrace", a new snack location (the food carts below will have some of their merchandise moved here)
    --Matterhorn Climbers and Band
    --Captain EO will play its final performances
    --New daytime parade: Worlds of Fantasy (Float for each land)
    --Updated "Remember..." (but not too much).
    --All culminating with the demolition and crumbling of Innoventions

    Any others?
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    Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

    I think it would be cool to tribute the Opening Day attractions. I would like to see Disney place pictures of how the different lands have changed and also make a timeline of attractions for the different lands to showcase the history of the park. Maybe different signs could be placed in front of attractions with pictures to show how the area looked on opening day.
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      Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

      Remove the tacky fiberglass character Tarzan overlay from the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Who remembers the SFR you ask??? No, the question is who wants to remember trying to sit through that forgotten Tarzan cartoon.


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        Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

        Next, Keep the subs with Nemo, but build an additional sub, and train the Cast for new loading and unloading procedures to quicken the pace and therefore bring the capacity of the attraction up by at least 10%.

        New Orleans Square:
        With backstage space between Pirates and Mansion being utilized only by a maintenance shed and a water chiller (for air conditioning), I was hoping Disney might bring over a California version of the Ratatouille ride from the Paris Disney parks. I think it would be wonderful! and the entrance to the attraction can be made to start either near (or at) the Haunted Mansion Fastpass or near the French Market building and take guests underneath the railroad tracks and to a show building beyond the berm. I understand that digging yet another tunnel under the tracks and moving the air chiller and such would cost a lot, but hey, if it was popular enough, TDA would think its worth it.


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          Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

          Short term: gradually reduce the hours at Muppets after the temporary bump in merchandise sales after the North American release of the movie. Money saved here is shifted to extend the hours of the Frozen Meet and Greet for peak season/60th.

          Long term: Muppets has its last show this Labor Day. Work immediately begins on the Muppets show building and Stage 17 to create space for a transplanted Roger Rabbit and on Stage 12 for a transplanted Mickey's House. By February 2015, 2014 merchandise/media sales for Frozen determine if Toontown is turned into Arindale or a mix of Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and a clone of Snow White's mine train. (Snow White gets replaced with Peter Pan side B or low budget Tangled dark ride) Hyperion Theater showtimes are modified to allow a Tomorrowland Terrace-esque stage to emerge from underneath the queue at night for Mad T party/a G-rated Jessica Rabbit act. The theater acts as a buffer between the family centered Hollywood Blvd(Toontown, Animation Academy, Disney Jr.) and adult centered Sunset Blvd.(night party, Tower of Terror, strong alcohol sales)

          A very desirable feature of the expanded Fantasyland would be adequately sheltering it from firework fallout to both increase ride capacity and, assuming an eventual scientific breakthrough in transparent materials, firework viewing capacity.(Fantasyland Theater gets removable roof to improve views/stage more pyro.) Biggest obstacles would be cost, bottleneck at the railroad underpass, and HVAC.

          If public transit in So Cal doesn't improve by the 70th, a 3rd gate won't happen. However, by this time equity in Sega and Nintendo will be cheap enough to where Disney can acquire some lucrative theme park IP on the cheap for the eventual 3rd gate/Tomorrowland expansion in Shanghai/Paris.(However, I'd honestly have no problem with Princess Peach in Fantasyland, Yoshi in Animal Kingdom, DK in Adventureland, etc) I could easily see Disney testing the waters of video game IP in the parks with a Kingdom Hearts Meet and Greet, mini-show or low budget interactive dark ride/walkthrough attraction in the U.S. or Japanese parks.(Europe probably won't displace the two largest video game markets, N. America and Japan, anytime soon.)

          Sorry about the 70th tangent/long post. Tldr; Move Toontown to Hollywoodland and Fantasyland takes over Toontown with at least one Frozen attraction by 60th. Nintendo/Sega join the Mouse around the 70th but possibly outside the DL Resort.


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            Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

            I like the idea of expanding Fantasyland into the toontown area with a seven dwarfs mine train coaster, but if Disney Gets rid of anything Roger Rabbit related, you know it wont come back since today's audience no longer connects with that character. Plus, in Hollywoodland, Monster Inc is too popular to remove and they are really going for that "Monstropolis" idea.


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              Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

              Any and all expansions of Fantasyland into Toontown (or really any projects planned for the TT area) need to take into account having to shut down for fireworks. I know people keep wanting to do something there, but part of the reason it is never brought up for future projects is that huge fireworks problem.


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                Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

                Roger Rabbit wouldn't go away, it would just get transplanted. Basically how they moved a bunch of America Sings show elements to Splash Mountain. Ideally they can move 90% of the expensive show items created by pricey Imagineer labor. Obviously a lot of show /building elements can't be moved into Stage 17/Muppets building but this gives Imagineers white space to add more Hollywood/California theming to the transplanted Roger Rabbit.

                The fireworks issue has a few workarounds. The most expensive is a massive building to cover the walkways in former Toontown/expanded Fantasyland/Arendelle. Eventually a high-strength transparent roof is added to allow Elsa's North Mountain palace to become the second major place to view the fireworks. (Clever Imagineers can make North Mountain looks like the Rockies when viewed from the opposite side on Frontierland so we don't have a repeat of the Cadillac Range when viewed from Harbor fiasco.) The projections on Elsa's palace during the fireworks are different than the current projections on the Castle so guests have an added incentive to view here, thereby spacing out firework exit crowd flow. Later fiber optics get embedded into the glass roof to allow for snowflake effects at night/for the fireworks show. North Mountain firework viewing would also require massive earthwork in Toontown for tiered viewing. TDA beancounters will most likely pick this over an ice-skating rink for Arendelle.(Although I just had an idea of an outrageously expensive but magical "freezing the courtyard" nightly ceremony. Elsa, with the help of liquid nitrogen and/or very environmentally unfriendly industrial freezers, freezes the daytime fountain for a nightly ice-skating rink.)

                The cheaper alternative is waiting a couple of years for more accurate/quieter/more compact mortars. This would allow for most of the big mortars to be staged on the Matterhorn and North Mountain.(Matterhorn already has some small mortars for smaller shells.) Launching the more dangerous shells from the highest points in the park creates a larger margin for safety and could theoretically increase firework viewing capacity by having the larger shells explode at higher altitudes. If they detonated high enough then hopefully fallout would become a minor/non-issue. Otherwise, every tree in the resort would need Tinkerbell to sprinkle flame retardant Pixie dust over them to make sure they don't become accidental pyro effects.


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                  Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

                  What I said in this thread on the same subject:


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                    Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

                    I would not mind another show like the 50th...talking about the History of the park
                    A New Firework show, the Dark rides getting upgraded...and I'd like to see some little 60th signs hidden around the park like they did for the 50th...these things would make me get an AP again for that year
                    Happy Halloween!!!


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                      Re: Disneyland 60th Anniversary Ideas

                      More scenes for Mr. Toad(lots!)as well as more characters at Town Square and in the Countryside scene.


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