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Celebrating Birthday's at Disneyland

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  • [Question] Celebrating Birthday's at Disneyland

    This September I will be taking my son and sister to Disneyland for their birthdays. My son will be turning one and my sister will be turning 19. What types of birthday things can we do or what does Disneyland offer for birthday stuff? I plan on getting them buttons and cakes but that's it so far. Also anyone who has traveled with a one year old and has any great tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Celebrating Birthday's at Disneyland

    Don't expect to do too much with a one year old in terms of attractions. I think the only rides you can bring kids that little onto are the Fantasyland dark rides and maybe Buzz Lightyear. Rider swap will probably be your best friend throughout the day.

    As far as birthdays go, make sure you have the birthday buttons because most CMs will place you in the front of the rides when possible. You also will get free desserts at the table service restaurants.
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      Re: Celebrating Birthday's at Disneyland

      yeah on his birthday we're doing all the rides he can go on i made out a list of all the ones he can go on.