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Trip Report: Weekend x Rain Edition

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  • [Pictures] Trip Report: Weekend x Rain Edition

    Being that I live very close to Disneyland and I saw an opportunity with the rain to avoid some long lines, I headed to Disneyland this Saturday, March 1st at 2pm

    First stop, Fantasyland...

    Most of Fantasyland was closed due to the rain, which was fine because Children and crowds aren't fun for me, it was perfect.

    Next Stop...Frontierland Trail

    Crowds were a little heavy in Frontierland in general and it's the first time I saw the Thunder walls (I don't get to
    visit the park as much as I'd like)

    I was Hungry...So I went to The Golden Horseshoe for some chicken tenders, fries, and honey mustard.

    The Golden Horseshoe was packed, I didn't get any photos of it but it was extremely crowded with about a 5-10 minute wait to order food, which makes sense since it is indoors (and warm)

    Next I really wanted a cigarette, so I headed to the smoking section

    I made friends with this guy

    After this, I hit up POTC (30 Minute Wait! The line extended about 30 feet outside the queue.


    After POTC we headed back down Big Thunder Trail, but it started to POUR.
    I noticed the dock area where the old McDonalds fries Wagon used to be was open, which I've never seen open before...Also found a open umbrella in this area, the solitude and dry-ness was great, so I had another cigarette and waited the rain out for ten minutes (the rain stopped shortly after)

    the rain cleared out the crowds pretty quick

    RRCS had a 45 minute wait (makes sense) so I headed to Star Tours, where the wait was 5 minutes

    after Disneyland I had to head to the premier of a skate movie, ending the night sotally tober

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    Re: Trip Report: Weekend x Rain Edition

    I don't know if it's the rain, but your photos have a very vintage quality to them which is fun. Love Disneyland in the rain! Thanks for sharing.

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      Re: Trip Report: Weekend x Rain Edition

      Izzy - I use the VSCOCAM app on my cell phone, it lets me filter them. I would use the standard camera but that's no fun :thumbup: