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Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???


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  • [Question] Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???

    I'm currently planning a trip to DL in either Sept or January, leaning more towards a post-NAMM visit again (looking for the lighter crowds

    I'm trying to price out some hotel options, but so far the only ones I can't seem to get pricing for are the three resort hotels. Why wouldn't they provide pricing for guests who like to book early? We're well under a year away, but no prices available for the priciest accommodations?? Seems a bit absurd to me, since many of us can't just pop down spontaneously and drop a couple grand on a hotel!

    Any advice on finding good prices, let alone ANY prices on resort hotels for friendly Canadian tourists in Jan 2015?


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    Re: Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???

    You might have to call them personally. Sometimes the online booking program just won't allow it.

    These hotels get a lot of convention business, so they have to keep some or all of the rooms available to them first.
    Last thing they will want to do is disappoint a convention group by making a lot of them stay at the Hilton OR telling you that your reservation is gone and YOU go stay at the Hilton.

    So, seems you'll have to wait.


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      Re: Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???

      I never thought of the convention thing, thanks!

      Any suggestions for the nicest accommodations in the area not under the Disney brand? We like value. I like getting what I pay for within reason. So, if I'm paying a premium price, I want the most for my money. I don't see a theme park view from a distance as being the most for my money, since our family will already be paying out-of-town prices to actually be in the park every day! Where will we likely find the nicest suites that don't cost $300+/night? We're looking at 5-6 nights, so we're at $2000+ just for lodging if we stay at a resort hotel!

      We normally stay at HoJo, and we really enjoyed the kid's suite last year. Really great front desk service, comfy beds, loved the separate kid's room, 2 tvs, 2 bathrooms, tasteful decor, water park. As I search through travel sites and view hotel/room options, most seem quite tacky and typical to me. Obviously the resort hotels are done up nicely, but aside from HoJo or the DL hotels, is anyone else within walking distance worth checking out? HoJo, bless their heart, may lose us to hotels that offer breakfast. We normally keep groceries in our room, but with so many hotels offering included breakfast, we might go that route this time.

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        Re: Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???

        You will only find slightly nicer than Hojo rooms within short walking distance.

        The Disneyland Hotel does have the best pool in the area. Disney 2015 pricing comes out in the last quarter of 2014. GCH and PPH also have good pools.

        But if you want something cheaper, I'd suggest the Ramada Maingate's new rooms, and they have a couple hot items at breakfast. It might be hard to get two rooms for $300 but it is possible. They are doing construction in phases so it may have work going on. They redid their pool over a year ago it has a couple tiny play features, nothing like Hojo's waterpark by any means but more than just a pool and spa.

        You may look into the nicer rooms at the Annabella. It's about 15 minute walk, but the nice rooms include breakfast.

        Best Western Park place Inn, right across the street and has hot breakfast. Simple rooms and pool is nothing special. Attached rooms.

        Park Vue Inn, might work, attached rooms. Hot Breakfast and almost right across the street.

        Since you have a long trip and some short hours, you may look into some place with more benefits and nicer rooms but require driving or a shuttle. This could be difficult because they are convention rooms, so have a higher weekend rate, although NAMM is mostly a locals convention and doesn't slam the hotels.

        Ayres Inn, there are two in the area, breakfast.
        Hampton Inn, both breakfast and dinner.
        Embassy Suites, breakfast.
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          Re: Resort Hotels: Why no 2015 prices???

          Such excellent info, thanks!


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