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The Rides and the Movies?


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  • [Chat] The Rides and the Movies?

    The Haunted Mansion and The Pirates of the Caribbean movies how ride actuate were they? I know Pirates had the jail cell scene with the dog but don't think they took anything else from the ride? The Haunted Mansion I know they covered a lot but not so sure?

    Thought you guys would know hahaha.

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    Re: The Rides and the Movies?

    They're more like movies that have taken the concept of the ride, but created their own storyline and have little "nods" about the ride during the film.

    For example, there being a character in the Haunted Mansion named "Gracey" in the film and also the ride and scene where a Pirate dunks a man into the well in POTC the ride and in the film. There are more examples, but that's just one for each ride.


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