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Anybody else really into the theme parks, but characters, not so much?


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    Originally posted by dshimel

    I always quote ironic statements from Comendy Central cartoons when I'm trying to make a serious point.

    Don't you?
    Far from Disney classic characters...(refereing to SP)

    Besides no one remembers the good Eisner did, I am sure we can think of some *hums the Jeopardy theme* well I give him credit for ABC (now in the crapper except for Desperate Housewives) and hey he brought back the Wonderful World of Disney (now off the air) and hey he added Epcot (which was promptly overhauled) and MGM Studios (about to lose its's name)
    ...but otherwise, otherwise- I got nothing drats!


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      Originally posted by ah schucks
      Eisner did,[clip] and hey he added Epcot (which was promptly overhauled)
      Actually, Walt's brother Roy was in charge when Epcot opened.

      I think Eisner did a lot of good in the early days, taking a company that having issues, and turning it around.

      His problem comes from not playing well with others...... He thinks he's always right, and if you don't agree with him, you're a clueless idiot...

      [sarcasm]Man, I'm glad I'm not like that...[\sarcasm]

      In all honesty, I think Eisner's problem is a desire to gain and hold onto personal power. He doen't think about what is best for the company, but instead he thinks about what is best for Eisner.

      Walt, on the other hand, cared not a lick about personal power... Walt was all about making and building...


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        OMG wipes the tears from his eyes [sarcasm] you found the button eureka [\sarcasm]

        PS- That Eureka was all for your gold rush idea bud! Ha ha Bring on the funny peeps!


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          I don't particularly like the Characters but Disneyland wouldn't be the same without them. I think that they add to the ambiance of the park.
          Originally posted by drunkmom
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            Originally posted by dshimel
            All "real" theme park fans love Disney characters, and I simply can't be seen talking to

            All or Nothing?

            If being "legit" means being "into" Huey, Dewey and Louie, then I'll gladly avoid you.
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              Ah yes, the beloved Disney character "The Red Head." Where's her plush?


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                Originally posted by Saddlesore Swanson
                Ah yes, the beloved Disney character "The Red Head." Where's her plush?
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                  You know, yeah, I like some of the Disney characters in their movies, and some in dark rides. But I tend to avoid the ones that can walk by themselves. Although, I do remember seeing Sleeping Beauty, and the CM playing her looked familiar, but I had to stop myself from approaching Briar Rose and saying "I know you..."

                  I do appreciate the original characters. Figment got a raw deal. And, oddly enough, I have wanted some plushies from PotC of the dog, and the cranky kitties, and maybe the dirty pigs... And I was furious that I could not find a single Flower plush at WDW, which has every Mickey and Pooh under the sun. And no psychedelic Tigger from the Heffalumps and Woozles scene?
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