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Embroidery: A Dying Art


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  • Embroidery: A Dying Art

    So when I was at the resort a few weeks ago, I struck up a conversation with a CM. My friend bought mouse ears and was getting her name embroidered on them. The CM doing the work was very friendly as I was asking lots of questions of her artistry. She ended up telling me that the old machines will soon be replaced by computerized models. I understand that progress is good, especially when it affects the bottom line. It will be sad to see the hand-crafted works go. What's everyone elses feeling about this?

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    You know, I agree. When I was about eight, my mom, aunt, grandmother, and I took my great-grandmother to Disneyland. She had never been. One thing we got her was a pair of Mickey ears with a pretty little rose as a bow and her name on it. She loved it and always had it. She died in 2001 and we got to keep that hat. Even thinking about it makes me want to cry; it reminds me of how amazed she was at all of this. It's sad that an beautiful process, indicative of Disneyland, will soon go the was of the dodo...
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      Waaaaah. This makes me sad. I haven't had a pair of ears embroidered in a looong time, so maybe I'll stop on by while the practice still exists.

      Come to think of it, my name has always been in yellow thread on the black ears .... what will they do when the ears switch to gold real soon??


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        they've already made the transition to white thread for the run of the anniversary.

        got mine embroidered tonight...the new machines make it look like you took your hat to some cheap sports embroidery shop, not hand-done by a disneyland cm.


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          What??? No! Those old machines are golden! Don't you just love the sound when the machines are going? Its the symbollic sound of a child's disney memories imbued!

          I'm fondly attached to my pink sailor hat and my crumply old mouse ears... with the rose and the pink bow.... When I was little, I used to request that both my first and middle name be sewn, because it was very important to me! I love how it was different every time...
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            I think that it is a GREAT idea. You have NO idea how many cast members go home through First Aid when they are using thoes machines! They are very hard to use and if you look closley you can see how hard they have to jerk it back and forth just to make a pretty letter! It is about time they did it computerized! Not to mention that now that we have thoes GOLD mickey ears they'll probably be doing MORE then their normal amount!

            SIDE NOTE:
            People going into City Hall and wanting to write comments about it is good, if you want to get it off your chest ... but I am afraid that is it. IF they have made up their mind about this ... then the coputers have been purchased and it is all said and done. Sorry!


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              It sure would be nice to have the option of machine or hand done.


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                The hat writers hate it.

                Guest complain that they don't the machine embroidering as much, and it's slow. It's a 3 minute turnaround time for a hat, when a good hat writer could do one in 10 seconds and have it look better.

                The big reason for the change is carpal tunnel syndrome. Hat writing is very physical, and unless done correctly- results in carpal tunnel syndrome. To the tune that some hat writers attend physical therapy before their shifts, and some just stop being hat writers. This makes the position very difficult to staff.
                Also if you ask me, Disney probably wants to get rid of hat-writing premium pay (this is just my thought). Hat writers get paid a little more than normal store operations because of the speciality training involved in their craft. But if in the future hat writing is just 'throw the hat in the machine, and type in the name' Disney could say that such a job no longer warrants the premium pay.

                At this time there is only of these new machines in operation. I believe it is currently in the Briar Patch, but will soon be moved around for experimentation to see how it works in all of the shops, before they do a complete rollout.
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