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    Questions like this inspire pie-in-the-sky thinking, which many of you would might agree Walt was accused of in the early '50s ..... so here's my idea ...

    The crux of my E-ticket ride idea is not so much the theme or ride system ..... it is more the location and what it would do .......

    I am proposing that a ride or rides be constructed that would link Disneyland to DCA. This may require Management to give up on the idea of DCA being a seperate park ...... or you could charge a seperate fee to ride this ride(s) that would grant you admission into the "other" park (or use your parkhopper or AP priviledge).

    Think of a ride vehicle themed to a 1930's era airplane (like the one Indy got into in the beginning of Temple of Doom) that would connect Adventureland with Condor Flats. Or a vehicle like the Rocket Rods, or the Incredibles monorail, linking Tomorrowland with Hollywood Back Lot. Or a skyway-type ride linking the old Fantasyland Skyway building to Paradise Pier .....

    I remember two things as a child telling me "you really are about to enter Disneyland," ...... Seeing the Matterhorn from I-5, and seeing the Monorail cruise along Harbor and/or across the parking lot. That was Magic to me. So the idea of seeing an E-ticket (which the Monorail was, by the way) ride zooming around above your heads in the Esplanade as you make your way from the Tram Stop (or DTD, or hotel) is particularly exciting to me. For those of you familiar with the term, it (they) could be a "wienee" for the whole resort.
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      I would like to see another water ride or a coaster added to DL.


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        Geyser Mountain is just ToT witha different theme why does everyone want it so much?

        also Frontierland has plenty of room to expand with it's old Festival area so I'd rather see them finish up that land before you start in on backstage areas (yeah I'd perfer something different for the backstage areas not MORE Frontierland, even though it could use being bigger so it's more of an actual Frontier but that's what the festival space is for)
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          whatever it is, PLEASE DO NOT THEME IT AFTER A MOVIE....

          thats one thing that miffs me about disney sometimes, is they constant need/desire to bastardize every single ride by either theming it after a previous movie(tarzan's tree house, Indy, buzz lightyear) or by making a movie after the likeness of the ride, thus destroying any individuality the ride had (pirates, mansion - can i tell you how sick i am of hearing little girls screaming at the pirate captain calling out Johnny Depp's name?)

          Innovation, individuality, uniqueness (okay, 2 of those are the same thing) are what need to be applied to whatever ride Disney or DCA gets next.
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            I would love to see a roller coaster type ride as well...but indoors. I think an outdoor coaster will have that carnival/cheap feel. Maybe something like SM and Indy combined. Universal tried this with Mummy's revenge, but I found it rather dull and slow, and the atmosphere on that ride was awful (cheap neon images of mummies?). I bet Disney could go all out with something like this.
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