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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster Opening Ceremony Report


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  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster Opening Ceremony Report

    Since I took some pictures from the Opening Ceremony yesterday, I decided to share them with all you guys that didn't have a random Thursday off of school (like I did).

    By the time I reached the end of Main Street at 10:05, it was already fairly crowded around the castle. Most of the people didn't seem to know what was going on, but since they had video cameras out, they figured they'd wait.

    According to all the cast members around me, it was supposed to start at 10:15. At around 10:20, the first announcement came on. Basically it started off like a normal event announcement until Emperor Zurg intercepted the transmission and started saying something about how he was going to take over Earth or something like that. I dunno, it was strange. I mean, why would we all wait in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle for Earth to be destroyed by a giant toy?

    Anyway, after that announcement, they started playing really bad 80's space/techno/rock music. Annother 15 minutes went by, and the crowd was starting to get huge. Finally, nearly half an hour late, the show started.

    At first, a Green Army Man (get it he's green and it was St. Patrick's day! Hahahahaha....anyway...) came out by himself, and started saying something or other about Zurg coming. Then another Green Army Man came out and then they called the rest of the Green Army Men out.

    And started singing a song.....

    So finally, after some really bland sounding song, the Green Army Man Commander was told about Zurg and they decided to call out Buzz. Buzz rode out of the castle on a Humvee. Apparently, he's only concerned with saving the galaxy, not the environment...

    And, Buzz starting talking about not having enough Army Men, so they needed to call on the Little Green (hahaha) Men. And that's when hundreds of kids from Green (hahaha) Elementary School started walking out of the castle.

    And then a Green School Bus came around the corner...

    and went towards Tomorrowland. Where all the kids were walking. Where whoever it was that planned this expected us to move for the rest of the show.

    The audience was really confused. Half of the people in the audience said "screw that" and left, whereas the other half just stood there because nobody opened the rope so we could walk in that direction. People started jumping the ropes and it was utter chaos.
    When was the last time you've seen Tomorrowland THIS crowded?

    Note to whoever planned this. Moving the audience into Tomorrowland is not a smart idea. Ten minutes later finally everyone was over in front of BLAB (I love that abbreviation!) and they started marching Buzz, the Army Men and the kids back into the area in front of the attraction that they roped off.

    Buzz picked some of the kids from the group and gave them laser guns. Buzz then told them to shoot at the door on the count of 5

    And the doors open!

    And custodial dies a little inside!

    And guess what shape the confetti was?
    Anyone suprised?


    Is this what custodial gets to look forward to during the Block Party Bash?

    And that was the show. The Army Men walked away and Buzz went over to Club Buzz to do the whole autograph thing. Because that's way more important than saving the world from Zurg.

    Overall it was pretty cool. Not as awesome as I've heard the Stitch one was at WDW, though, but oh well. At least people are back in Tomorrowland. The ride had between a 30 and 45 minute wait all day, and even Star Tours was up to about 30-40 during the afternoon. And get this, even HISTA helped soak up some of the extra croud yesterday. You could walk onto the next show, but apparently the theater was much more packed than normal.
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    Wow, thanks for sharing the photos! I'm not so sure I would have believed your story had you not had the pictures to prove it! :lol:

    It's good to see a crowd in TL again.
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      Originally posted by Mr Ness
      And custodial dies a little inside!
      Hilarious! Seriously- Great report and great pictures! You should get your own column

      :bow: :bow: :bow:
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        Hahaha thanks you guys!


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          Great job Mr Ness! Thank you for covering the event for MiceChat yesterday. :bow:
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            Went last night and saw all the little green kids leaving the park, was wondering what they were there for.

            Thanks, the pictures were probably better than being there seeing how large the crowd was. Wait time for Buzz last night around 7PM was 75 minutes according to the sign. Since I've been on the ride a couple of times already, passed it up.

            Did catch the Tiki Room, so pleased with that!

            Thanks again!!!!!!
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              Thanks for the pictures. I got some of my friend.
              I think it was a great little event and done fairly well. They didn't want anything BIG because Buzz is SUPPOSED to be part of the 50th offerings, so they probably didn't want to make it so extravagant until May 5th.

              I also saw a green Buzz billboard going home on the North I-5. It replaced the "COME HOME" billboard, which replaced the "Snow White" one. I think there's another "COME HOME" one on the North I-605 tho. But anyway, just wanted to point out the Buzz billboard.. maybe I can snap a picture of it as I drive - hopefully won't cause any accidents.


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                Thanks so much for the GREAT photos! I enjoyed seeing them here as I hadn't seen the elsewhere.

                Aprille :-)


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                  Great pictures! I was there too - way down by the exit of the ride/premiere shop, and couldn't see much of anything but a sea of green (mostly the chaperones). My hubby is tall, and held the camera up high, but your pictures were great! Thanks
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                    It's been so long since a new ride opened at DL, I forgot what it was like. Thanks!
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                      Thanks for the pics, Mr Ness!

                      I loved the countdown! Yup, sure is nice to have a new ride in DL again!


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