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  • Let's Simplify And Do A Search

    Originally Posted by "A MiceChatter"
    "I never heard these ideas..they are great..."

    Reply From another member:
    "Thats because you don't seem to wanna use the search function and read older threads... and attach your thoughts to those threads*sigh*"

    I lifted the above off another thread and really think this is a legitimate thread to post. While roaming through the dozens of threads, I've found many topics discussed and dissected for weeks at a time and then interest declines and they fade to the bottom of the pages. Suddenly, someone posts the same question or statement in a brand new thread and here we go again.

    May I suggest that before some of you begin a brand new thread you take the time to utilize the "Search" function found on the header at the top of the page. It's interesting and often brings up old threads that you weren't even aware of. Doing a little research before you post could certainly clean up these boards a bit.

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    Amen desert! I was thinking of posting the same thing! (or maybe we could all just get a life so we will stop running out of things to talk about
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      I go to a lot of forums and newbies that don't know how to use a 'SEARCH' button is one of the most common things I see. I can't begin to count the number of hours that I have spent researching topics and I find a lot of useful info in a lot of the old postings. On one of the sites I go to there is one member who has perfected the art of being a "SEARCH" nazi. He uses the most clever language I've ever seen (he's an attorney) to remind people that they're bringing up an old & much discussed topic.
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        I agree and apologize for starting a few threads in my first day or two on here without searching. Lucky some sarcastic minions and senior members pointed me in the right direction. I like that the moderators shut down bad threads and move certain threads to other parts of the site.

        I almost wish they broke the Disneyland area down into sub catagories before we even get to them. One for DL and one for DCA and within each of those, another subcatagory for each land. Thats a lot of navigating, so I guess its not feasible.


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