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Club 33 "Regulars" - Question about my 1st trip

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  • [Question] Club 33 "Regulars" - Question about my 1st trip

    So through the generosity of someone I can never repay, I will have the chance to take my wife to Club 33 later this year. Obviously things may be changed after the current refurb finishes, but if you've had the opportunity to visit a few times, I'd love your input on a few things.

    1. Lunch or dinner? Assuming they keep the relatively same set-up, it's my understanding lunch is more of a grazing/brunch/buffet setup, where you pick a main entree and supplement it w/ whatever you want from the setup. Dinner I'm told is strictly off the menu. Again, assuming the same philosophy, which is the better way in your opinion? Obviously dinner seems more "intimate" like a normal restaurant...but it seems lunch may give more options?

    2. Dress/attire. Jackets for men a must? Preferred? Not needed and over-the-top? Just a nice pair of pants and collared shirt?

    I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions and revisit this thread.

    Note: I am a regular on some of these Disney boards under another name, but my wife frequents them too, and this will be a complete surprise, so I'm posting under this other name for this. Thanks.

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    Re: Club 33 "Regulars" - Question about my 1st trip

    1. The lunch buffet prior to the renovation was nice but except for dessert the "options" were not terribly extensive - soups and salads really, with a nice cheese board. However, looking at the plans for the renovation it isn't clear whether there will be a lunch appetizer and dessert buffet anymore. We are getting Chef Sutton (of Napa Rose and Carthay circle fame) coming in to take Chef Marcel's place, so we'll likely see a general shift in both menu and culinary practice. Having said that, dinner was always the superior experience (more bang for your buck, and much more romantic, and for some reason the clientele was always better dressed at dinner. Which leads me to the next comment)

    2. Disney has watered down the dress code twice in the past two years, so a jacket is definitely not required, and indeed I've seen people get away with flip flops and shorts in open defiance of the dress code. Slacks and a collared button down shirt, or even a golf shirt, are allowable for dinner. It'll be interesting to see what happens after the renovation as looking at the plans the atmosphere of the Club's new design suggests that an even further shift to allowing more casual wear is likely... which would be a pity. Having said that, a jacket is not overkill, and myself and many regulars ALWAYS wear a jacket in the interests of showing respect for the Club and (hopefully) cultivating a more appropriately country-club culture. Chances are good that many of the gentleman would be wearing a jacket at dinner.

    If you have any more questions let me know! I'll check back.


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      Re: Club 33 "Regulars" - Question about my 1st trip

      Thanks 91, I definitely appreciate the input. I may have a few questions after the Club reopens, but that was a big help without question.


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        Re: Club 33 "Regulars" - Question about my 1st trip

        I would go with your gut. Jacket not required, but if you could swing it (and an explanation as to why you are wearing a jacket to DL without tipping off the wife), go for it. I've heard they are cutting the buffet for lunch, but we'll see when it reopens.

        I would definitely do dinner over lunch. Enjoy!!! We loved being afforded the opportunity last year.
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