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to my fellow APS... a hotel room rate question


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  • [Question] to my fellow APS... a hotel room rate question

    we were looking at staying at one of the resort hotels for out trip in oct.

    generally we dont but every once in a while sure why not.

    anyways I figured I would see what the value was of the annual passholder was when renting rooms.

    I thought a good way to do that was to look it up without the pass first, and with the pass second.

    well, an odd thing happened.

    the normal off the street price was actually almost 200 cheaper than the AP price. I thought there must be an error so I called.

    The CM I spoke with informed me the reason was when you book as an AP there are only so many rooms they hold. Most of which are the higher priced ones. Does this make any sense to anyone else?

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    Re: to my fellow APS... a hotel room rate question

    The AP rate is typically 10% off the "rack" rate or standard rate for that night...but they do often run seasonal and special rates at times which can be cheaper than the AP rate...the AP rate is only a discount off the standard rate, not any promo or special rates.

    You are on the right track...always best to call and confirm if the AP rate is the cheapest available for your dates.


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