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Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

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  • [Pictures] Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

    Today, I got out several boxes of my Disneyland Hotel collection and began photographing it. I ended up spending almost all day and I still didn't photograph it all. Anyway, I will now attempt to share it with you.

    First off, these are really interesting market analysis reports and appraisals on the Disneyland Hotel. Got these from Al Nicholson, original Hotel architect.

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    Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

    Wow, some people would pay a lot of money to have a copy of these documents, it's so historic!


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      Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

      Next up are Jack Wrather's Day Timers which were the 50's versions of PDAs. These were what Mr. Wrather would use to keep track of his schedule.

      And now, some interesting entries in these. First, a meeting at Disney with among others, Roy Disney, Walt Disney's brother.

      Next is a meeting with CV Woods at Disney who, at that time, was in charge of Disneyland and getting it built.

      This is the entry when the lease was signed with Disney for the Disneyland Hotel.

      I would give anything to know what took place on the following day. I do know they actually went to the Disneyland site and also had several meetings with Disney including a seminar.

      The opening of Disneyland.

      Opening of the Disneyland Hotel restaurant.

      The formal opening of the Disneyland Hotel!

      I found several photo albums with original pictures in them.

      Found a large folder with hundreds and hundreds of original photographs including pictures with Walt Disney himself.

      Yes, this is the Beatles. Jack Wrather was named to the Board of Directors at Capitol Records in 1964 and the Wrathers were able to meet John, Paul, George & Ringo.

      Finding new pictures of Walt Disney is always a very special treat.

      What's neat about the next one is, I have that actual shovel.

      Found this whole envelope sealed up and probably not opened since the 50's. It was extra special because it has pictures of Roy O. Disney at the Hotel's groundbreaking.

      This one was sad because it was used in the annual Wrather report after Jack Wrather had passed away.


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        Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

        More pictures...

        Some great photos of Jack & Bonita while they were dating.

        These were especially neat. They are Bonita Granville's own personal scrapbooks.

        The films are the coolest. I have had every one converted to DVD including the color footage of Walt Disney on Disneyland's opening day. This is as rare as it gets folks.

        I love the Hotel's old Check-In magazines. I have about 60 copies. I also have every issue scanned.

        This issue helped to light a fire under me to write a book on the Hotel's history.

        Along with a three part article in Kaleidoscope magazine on the Hotel's history.

        These are some very rare items. The very first brochure and a super rare pre-opening brochure. Also in this photograph are a first year parking pass and first year stationery.

        I have hundreds if not thousands of copy pages from the Wrather family archives.

        Many rare items.

        An original invitation to the Hotel's grand opening and a rare menu with none of the inserts pouched out.

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          Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

          I have also collected quite a number of information on surrounding area hotels & motels in the proximity of Disneyland.

          I believe I have every brochure ever printed for the Disneyland Hotel.

          And postcards.

          Other souvenirs too.

          First year glass items.

          I got a large file of documents that had files which were personally sent to Bonita and/or Jack Wrather all from the 70's & 80's.

          Lots of soaps and shampoos from all years too.


          This is a receipt from the Hotels official Grand Opening night!

          Radio ads on record.


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            Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

            More receipts.

            Convention brochures.

            My very own piece of Disneyland Hotel history. This was at the Palm Court Lounge in the Marina Tower. Thank you BF for this wonderful gift.


            In the early 70's, the Wrathers had their original art collection at the Disneyland Hotel appraised. I have the original files.

            The Wrathers also owned Vacationland



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              Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

              More items.

              This is from a very good friend and was titled "signs." It's a photo of every sign at the Disneyland Hotel in the late 80's and early 90's.

              Stills from the films.



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                Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                Now I ask you, wouldn't these items make for a wonderful display or presentation on history at the Disneyland Hotel?


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                  Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                  I also have over 35,000 files and scans on my hard drive. Many other items did not make it to this post. I would love to display these items for all to see and I think many people would enjoy seeing them.


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                    Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                    What a treasure trove!

                    If you haven't, you should contact DLR (or the Disney Family Museum) about an exhibition on the hotel's history!
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                      Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                      Looking at this amazing collection gives me chills. I was born in 1950 and my first visit to Disneyland was in 1957. My wife and I were married July 3rd 1974 and we spent our honeymoon at Disneyland staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and having you post this really brings back some great memories for us!

                      I can't thank you enough for sharing your treasures with us here.



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                        Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                        Wow. Quite the collection!

                        No matter where you go, there you are.


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                          Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                          Amazing! Thank you for sharing! I hope you're able to set up a display somewhere it will be appreciated, like the hotel itself. It's wonderful that someone like you is preserving things like this.

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                            Re: Anatomy of a Disneyland Hotel Collection

                            Truly amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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