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Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

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  • [Question] Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

    With the recent accident at Six Flags Ninja ride, I was wondering how safe do you feel on Disney rides? I know that their safety records are excellent, but sometimes things happen out of human control. (I think the Six Flags accident involved a fallen tree branch)

    Have you ever skipped a ride just because you didn't feel good about it?
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    Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

    Im confident in my safety on rides as long as its not at a fair operated by a Carny. Ninja had a tree/large branch land on its track.


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      Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

      ORWEN: I never feel safe on any ride more thrilling than It's a Small World. You'll never catch me on Tower of Terror, for example.

      ORGOCH: That's 'cause yer too dang big ta even FIT inside that thing!

      ORWEN: And I have a little sister who should never feel safe after making nasty comments like that one...

      (Sounds of crashings and smashings followed be a deadly calm...)


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        Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

        Baring a crazy accident, like the tree falling, is so random and unlikely that it doesn't affect how I feel about ride safety. Now if I was in that car when it happened...
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          Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

          I have never felt unsafe on a Disney attraction
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            Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

            What makes me feel unsafe at Disney has more to do with my own health restrictions rather than the safety of the attraction itself.
            considering the huge amount of people who have ridden each ride, the number of fatalities at Disneyland is very small.

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              Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

              Traveling in a car is more dangerous than any ride. Just about everything has a small unsafe aspect but you wouldn't be able to do anything in life if you avoid every single potential danger.


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                Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                I felt unsafe on Splash Mountain when a CM put three extremely overweight men about 300+ lbs each in the same log as my parents and I (both of them aren't necessarily skinny either) and noticed the water was about 4 inches from the top of the log a lot of the time. I kept having a vision of us going down a drop and then sinking because of the weight. Because of all of the weight we went down the drops a lot faster and got a lot wetter. By wetter I mean I looked like I jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed. I wrote an email to Disney after that trip and mentioned that incident and inquired about a weight limit per log and she said that shouldn't have happened and apologized. That hasn't prevented me from ever going on Splash Mountain again, though. I am just a bit more picky about which log I'm placed in.

                Other than that I don't think I have ever felt like my life was in immediate danger or anything. I don't ride certain rides, like California Screamin', but that's just me being scared of rollercoasters in general. I think the incident at Six Flags wasn't the ride itself. It was just a freak accident involving the surrounding trees. Nothing you can really do about that except cut them all down.
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                  Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                  Too safe.
                  Give me that little ferris wheel on the north side of Knott's Camp Snoopy that is so old I worry we'll die. Give me a 20-second earthquake warning as my Mickey Fun Wheel cage is 20 seconds from the apex, with no chance of unloading for five minutes.

                  John Waters said, "I love roller coasters and will drive hundreds of miles to ride one if I've read that somebody has recently been killed on it! My fantasy death is to be on coaster that goes flying off the track into a crowded cotton candy stand."

                  Of course, I actually want it perfectly safe, but the fear can be fun. That's why some coasters have that subtle decapitation threat at the bottom of some hills. Part of the thrill of skiing and whitewater rafting for me is the actual danger mixed with the natural beauty, but I don't want that on rides--just the manipulated fear with unnatural beauty.


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                    Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                    Originally posted by DrFink View Post
                    Because of all of the weight we went down the drops a lot faster and got a lot wetter.
                    You went down the drops at the same speed. The extra mass at the same speed (momentum) took you further into the splash zones, displacing more water, and thusly more water coming into the log. Gravity is a constant, and you don't fall faster because you are heavier.
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                      Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                      I always feel safe.

                      Well, on Goofy's Sky School I am terrified the whole time, and there is a part of me wanting to scream- "I'm going to die!", but deep down, I know that I'm fine.

                      On the other hand, I will go on very few rides at the fair, or some other amusement parks I've been to. But calling Disneyland an amusement park just seems wrong, somehow.


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                        Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                        Years ago my cousin and her husband owned WestCoast Shows, which supplied carnival rides and games to both county fairs and State Fairs all over the western half of the US. She and her husband absolutely FORBID myself or any of the family to ride any of the rides as they felt they were not as safe as they should be due to the fact that they were put up and taken down and moved constantly. (Also heaven forbid if we even talked to a carney...that would get a huge chewing down as they would go into what types of persons usually were hired for those temp jobs.) We were told if we wanted to ride roller coasters and those types of rides to ONLY ride them at amusement parks and boardwalks were they were a permanent fixture. They went on to explain that those rides were safer as they did not move and while they did inspect their own rides every time the went up and came down, the odds were just better that the permanent rides were safer. They also numerous times mentioned how safe they felt Disney was as they knew I and my family went often. I figure since they were "in the industry" they would know best. To this day I refuse to go on a local or state fair ride.
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                          Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                          I feel confident on any theme park ride because they do daily maintenance. But you won't see me on any carnival ride lol.
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                            Re: Do you feel safe on Disney attractions?

                            I'm not worried about Disney rides... I'm more worried about how crazy crowds can get in Disney parks..
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