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Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 & July 22)


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  • Trip Report Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 & July 22)

    I know there have been many questions about Legends of Frontierland and I wanted to write a Primer based on my experiences from the last two days (about 10 hours of gameplay). Hopefully this will help clarify some of the confusion, because I know even reading as much as I could about the game before playing I still had some rocky moments the first day.


    Part 1: Choose Your Side

    At the beginning of the game you can choose either Frontierland or Rainbow Ridge as your faction. You CAN switch during the games progression, and may even be encouraged to do so with some sort of reward. The Factions have their own color associated with them : Rainbow Ridge is Yellow and Frontierland is Orange. Each CM also has an allegiance to one of the two sides. Depending on which faction you choose, the decision will end up determining some of your actions. I have found although anyone can become an Outlaw, it seems that Rainbow Ridgers often become Outlaws more often via the Telegraph Office (as that is their "role" in the game). Also some Telegraphs that come in are Faction Specific, but more on that later.

    Part 2A: Bits the Currency of LOF

    Bits are the currency of the game, and they are found in three varieties. The common bit comes in the form of a wooden disk, like a combination of a poker chip and wooden nickel. There are two different designs for the bits, one with Golden Horseshoe and one with Mining Equipment. Each one of these disks represent 5 bits. Then there are little gold nuggets which represent 50 bits. Lastly, both rare and elusive, is the metal Hero Coin which represents 100 bits (Similar to a metal kini if you remember POGs in the 90's).
    You can exchange your wooden bits for gold nuggets at The Trading Post to make carrying bits earlier. I have got mixed information about the Hero Coin's. The CM's I ran into told me three different things:

    A. The Hero Coin is only given out to LOF players who have made a name for themselves, and gone above and beyond to enhance the LOF experience in some way.

    B. The Hero Coin is rarer and costs more for Disney to create and they only can give out X amount per day. Try in the morning at the Trading Post and you might be able to exchange 100 bits for one.

    C. When the game first started they were readily available as a currency option but Disney was giving out to many and now they have changed it to A.

    I haven't seen any of these appear on eBay and I haven't seen any early account that a person received these, so I am guessing the reality is A, but possibly some CM's who haven't been trained might do B. thinking it was just currency. Quick side note, nearly every CM I encountered while playing this game went above and beyond and was amazing. It was however clear during the play through that some CM's were new to the experience and were sometimes as confused about the rules just as some guests were.

    Part 2B. How to Earn Bits (Officially)

    A. Run Normal Telegrams
    Visit the telegraph office and see if you can run a telegram. This often requires you to go around the town and tell X amount of people what the Telegram says.

    B. Decode Encrypted Telegrams
    Sometimes at the telegraph office you can get a telegram that was received in morse code and a decoder card. Decode the telegram and return it for payment.

    C. Turn in an Outlaw
    If you have a Wanted Poster for a fellow guest who is an outlaw and find them, you can bring them back to the Jail to possibly earn bits. You and the outlaw stand back to back, walk three paces, and then rock-paper-scissors. The winner receives the bounty on the outlaw, the loser ends up in jail.

    D. High-Card
    If you already have bits, head into the Golden Horseshoe and you can play High-Card. To play you want to have at least 25 bits (5 wooden discs). You are dealt five cards face-down, you cannot look at them. Everyone ante's a disc, everyone flips their top card, and whomever has the high card (Ace is high) wins the pot. If their is a tie then you rock-paper-scissors to determine the winner.

    E. Talent Agency
    Also in the Golden Horseshoe is the Talent Agency. They often are looking for individuals to draw up signage for either faction or Frontierland functions to earn bits in return.

    F. Luck Elixir ($3 Cost Involved)
    Purchasing an elixir of luck will instantly grant you 1 bit. As long as you have liquid luck in the cup and interact with CM's and sometimes even other guests, you will begin to receive extra bits as if you have a hole in your pocket. Ya I know that sounds a bit strange but when you play the game you quickly understand what it means.

    Part 2C. How to Earn Bits (Un-officially)

    The ways listed below may or may not be official, but are ways I earned additional bits during my play-time.

    G. Faction Specific CM's
    Sometimes interacting with a faction specific CM (Red and Geddidiah for Rainbow Ridge), Chance (Frontierland), Billy (switches sides) can grant special "work" that you can be rewarded for completing. Everything from secret hand-shakes, visual tasks, to running specific non-telegram messages.

    H. Knowledge Elixir ($3 Cost Involved)
    With the knowledge elixir we often learned bits of information that allowed us get bits by performing certain work around the town. We see no other way to have known what we were told without purchasing the elixir.

    I. Teaching Guests The LOF Game
    Sometimes the Trading Post can get overwhelmed and a CM may ask you to explain the game and give you bits for your teaching.

    J. Running a Game of High-Card
    Sometimes the Golden Horseshoe can get overwhelmed and a CM may ask you to be a dealer for other guests.

    K. Greeting at Big Thunder Ranch
    Interestingly that games official map does not extend beyond Big Thunder Mountain, so Big Thunder Trail and Ranch are not on any of the official materials. I ended up heading to Big Thunder Ranch because I heard the Rainbow Ridge Mascot Billy the Goat (yes like the one on BTMR), and both of the CM's had Frontierland name tags. They asked if I would like to earn some bits and gave me some basic instructions and I greeted folks at the entrance of the ranch and earned some bits.

    L. Winning a River Water Challenge
    It is possible for you to be challenged to a River Water contest. This is rare and apparently more difficult then it sounds, as only certain CM's can officiate the contest. You and the challenger/challenge are led into the Golden Horseshoe and officiated by a CM who recruits some volunteers to judge the contest. You are led up to one of the Reserved boxes on the lower floor. The challenge is to drink a shot of River Water (Essentially a Lemonade / Vinegar like tasting combination), and the first one who shows signs of weakness, funny face or tapping fingers for example loses. I got to take part in a challenge, which I won and not only got bits but got to stay in the reserved box for the next Golden Horseshoe show with Miss Lilly.

    H. Let The Horses Out, Pioneer Mercantile
    Visit the small room in Pioneer Mercantile where they sell beards and mustache's and ask to take the horses out. You will end up galloping around the flag poll and shooting gallery on toy horse sticks to earn a few bits.

    I. Balancing Act, Pioneer Mercantile
    Visit the same room as above, and if you have a few other players with you, you might be challenged to balance the horse stick on one finger for bits based on the amount of time you last.

    3. The Point Of Legends of Frontierland

    Some people have asked what the point or end-game of LOF is. I think it is different depending on why you are playing the game.

    A. Faction Victory : Land Dispute
    If your faction purchased more land then the other faction (businesses are now included), then your side wins the day. This is probably the most basic end-game that happens at 6PM each day.

    B. Souvenirs
    Maybe you like collectibles from experiences you've done at Disney. In addition to the variety of bits you can also get two different types of deed certificates (much more detailed then the old Death Certificates from the Haunted Mansion). One is for Land Plots the other is for Buildings. You get your names on the certificates and they are signed off and make a great moment.

    C. Control the Western Territories
    Unlike land which resets each day, the buildings do not. No side has yet controlled every building, it is rumored that when one side does something special will happen.

    D. Become a Legend of Frontierland
    This is the goal of the AP'er and CM. Visit multiple times and build up a reputation in Frontierland. One CM described it like Karate belts:

    White Belt : Learning and playing the game
    Green Belt : Get more involved, CM's start remembering your actions by name
    Blue Belt : Your actions are getting more noticed, guests remember your name and seek you out
    Red Belt : You've become a fictional addition to Frontierland where you could be considered a character in your own right
    Brown Belt : CM's and Guests agree you have impacted LOF in an amazing way. You receive the Hero Coin
    Brown Belt X Degree : There will be additional tasks/rewards as the game progresses between this stage and being a LOF
    Black Belt : Congratulations you are a Legend of Frontierland

    Of course none of this is official anywhere, but I could definitely see different guests at different stages along this sort of track.

    4. Purchasing At The Trading Post

    A. Land Plots

    When the game starts in the morning you can purchase land for 100 bits (20 discs or 2 gold nuggets). If you are the first person you can choose any square on the board that is next to a square occupied by the town. As the day progresses, guests can purchase addition land plots in any direction as long as it is next to a square already purchased by someone on your faction.

    GAME NOTE: This has been one of the more problematic areas of the game from what I have heard from guests and CM's alike. There is one player whose nickname is Coonskin who was brought up on more then one occasion. Essentially in playing the game for five days he was able to rack up over 100 gold nuggets. He would then appear at the Trading Post at the end of the day and buy up a ton of land plots to win the side for his team (Frontierland). Hoarding was never the intention of the game and Disney has begun to take steps to discourage this process. Good example, the first day I played land was 100 bits throughout the day. However yesterday land went from 100, to 125, to 150, to 175, and ended at 200 bits per plot by the end of the day to discourage hoarding.

    B. Mines

    Typically half-way through or towards the end of the day a special Mine Space will appear on the board. To purchase the mine you need to have land plots purchased by your faction end up next to this space. At that point you can buy the mine like any plot of land but you have a chance of it making you rich or being a bust. The first day I was there no one was able to get to the Mine Space, the second day someone already got to it before I had a chance to see what the reward might have been.

    C. Buildings

    In the center of the board are buildings representing Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge establishments. Each building can only be purchased once per day, and with each purchase the cost rises for the next purchaser. Below are the cost advancements that I am aware of based on what was on the board:


    It's clear that there may have been some confusion in the early game on how much the next building will cost but I have been told by CM's that they have a sheet that now clearly details the cost of the next purchase.

    D. Land Auctions

    Sometimes a Land Auction might occur where a specific plot of land will be auctioned off started at 10 bits typically. Whichever guests bids the highest amount wins the land. This typically takes place at the Telegraph Office. The winner then goes to the Trading Post to get their deed and plot marked on the board.

    5. Official Locations

    A. Trading Post
    This is where you purchase land plots and buildings.

    B. Hideout
    Used for a handful of jobs, and has the Rainbow Ridge chalk board for announcements. No CM's are staffed at this location. More of just a hang out spot people eating that have no idea the game is going on around them.

    C. Telegraph Station
    Come to this location to get work, including running telegrams and decoding encrypted telegrams. You can also send telegrams for 15 bits. If you purchase a building you can telegram for your factions flag to be flown on the building (buildings include the Mark Twain). You can also send telegrams for meetings. First day I played a telegram went out for Ridgers to meet at the Mark Twain at 3 PM to take it over, which we did. Similarly Frontierland sending telegrams to let everyone know to try buying land at the end of the day. Helps create a larger strategy for your faction that is shouted throughout the town and major locations.

    D. Sheriff's Office and Jail
    This is where you can create Wanted Posters and bring in Outlaws. To make a Wanted Poster is costs 15 bits. Outlaws are brought in for 50 bits.

    GAME NOTE: This is another area of the game where people figured out how to break the system. Originally you could create Wanted Posters for no cost, and Outlaws were worth 100 bits. Now you have to pay 15 bits to make each Wanted Poster and Outlaws are only worth 50 bits. Their cost can go up however if they escape jail or become wanted again in the same day. The most I ever saw someone worth was 175 bits.

    People were gaming the system a bit by just writing Wanted posters over and over again for the same people in their group and then turning them in (netting 35 bits each time). Sometimes people would use the Charm elixir as well. So person A would make a poster for person B, they would turn in person B, person B, they would do the rock-paper-scissors, winner is rewarded with bits, then as the outlaw goes to jail they would show the Charm drink which gets them out of jail and if they roleplay enough they might get bits in the process. Rinse and repeat throughout the day. Again this is not how it was designed to work, but you can always game the system.

    E. Talent Agency
    Located within the Golden Horseshoe, currently you can draw signs for both factions for bits. I have heard this will get expanded to include other talents, but right now it's just drawing.

    F. Card Table
    Play high card in the Golden Horseshoe.

    G. L.B. Elixir Cart
    This is where you can purchase one of three elixirs for $3 a piece,

    H. Big Thunder Ranch
    Home to Billy the Goat, mascot of Rainbow Ridge. Although there is a second mascot for Rainbow Ridge which happens to be a Pineapple (this was a guest created part of the story which has caught on)

    6. Businesses

    A new addition is starting your own business. To start a business you go to the telegraph office and apply for a business license (100 bits). You then go to the Talent Agency and make a sign for your business. Then you go to the Trading Post to find a building that your faction currently controls that no other business occupies. Then you go back to the telegraph office and send a telegraph (15 bits) that your business is open at that specific location. This is a major role-playing and inventive part of the game.

    I opened the first guest business in LOF. I opened the Law Office of Elfego (yes a reference to the historic and Disney character from many decades ago). I ended up creating legal services from negotiating individuals out of jail, being a substitute rock-paper-scissor official for jail, and even having an on-call Bounty Hunter that worked for me, all for a few bits. This was all up to the player to decide what their business did. Later that day the Mayor, School Marm opened up the second business which was a school. Later that day, we got another Hero of the Western Territories (sorry I forgot your name) who opened a Circus.

    7. Politics, Mayor

    Each day a guest representative from Rainbow Ridge and Frontierland runs for Mayor of the Western Territories. This usually starts with creating a petition to run for Mayor, and ends with a vote about half way through the day to determine who becomes Mayor. The School Marm who became Mayor while I was there got a VIP show for Miss Lilly is one of the Reserved Boxes.

    8. Known Heroes of the Western Territories

    3. President _____ ______ (Rainbow Ridge)
    4. One-Eyed Bart (Rainbow Ridge)
    5. _________ (Rainbow Ridge) <- The guest who opened a Circus

    9. Roleplaying

    In the end, alot of the experience comes down to Roleplaying. The more you get invested into your character, the more reward I think you will get out of it. The Three "Heroes" I have come to meet, all have had amazing ideas and their characters are truly something unique in the Western Territories where CM's and guests alike remember their names. There is alot of gray area in this game, and guests have a lot of room to make a name for themselves and find unique ways to earn bits and add to the story.

    I don't know if it happens every day, but when I left yesterday at the end of the game both Rainbow Ridge and Frontierland actually had peace talks with representatives of both sides, signing a peace treaty. It was officiated by CM's, so maybe that will also play into the story.

    10. Thanks

    Thank you again to other guests like One-Eyed Bart, President, Owner of the Circus. And to CM's like Big Bad John, Coyote, Geddidiah, L.B., Cracker Jack, Billy, Dynamite, Huckleberry, Pricilla, Alyssa, Missy, Cheatin Chandler, and Red who made the experience immersive and fun. Also thank you to Drac, who tried to overthrow the President and Pineapple and performed a River Water Challenge with me.


    If you have any questions about the game, please let me know and I will try to answer them. I think that should do for an overall primer to the game. Hopefully I didn't leave anything out and if something gets updated let me know and I will update the Primer.
    "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing ... That it was all started by a mouse ... and inspired by a rabbit."

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    Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

    Thank you for summarizing this as the rules keep changing. We can only play this on the weekend and some aspects of the game are still confusing.

    A few notes:

    -The Hideout used to be where the RainbowRidgers would start but they weren't getting enough traction there so they switched the welcomes to the trading post.
    -My son may have been the one who got the idea to start a job. He got the idea to start a doctor's office (as he's playing "The Doctor") when a cast member confused the time lord with a medical doctor 2 sundays ago. The cast member thought it was a good idea so we just went with it. Interesting to know that they are now charging for the privilege as when we did it last Sunday, there wasn't a charge. Anything to help the game, however. Hopefully it helps him earn legendary status (we've only played 2 weekends but will be there again Saturday). He has another idea for this weekend that is REALLY good so we'll see if the cast members go for it and it works.
    -There is an aspect for the game for each side to capture the MarkTwain. The team that wins has its flag go up on the Mark Twain. The winner is determined by a shoot out by both teams in front of the Golden Horseshoe. We tried to stage a raid to capture the flag back, but they wouldn't let us, even after we used the rule that you can challenge any rule by rock, paper, scissors.
    -There is a rule that you can challenge any rule but it's enforcement is discretionary on the cast members. We tried once to switch resolutions of duels to rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, and were successful sometimes, and sometimes not. He's also used his sonic screwdriver to escape the jail by winning a rock, paper scissors match.
    -There is at least one player of the day award (perhaps only for kids?). He won it the day he came up with the doctor's office idea and was rewarded by going on a secret smuggling mission where he got to pilot the Mark Twain in the cab house.
    -The game is really fun if you get into to it and you have the right attitude and personality. We love that we can do it together (he's 6). He said it was the best time he ever had at Disneyland and we stopped by at Guest Services on the way out to let them know. Both times we were there, Rainbow Ridge won.
    -Flipping territories is better for your team than just buying an empty plot. Buying an empty plot earns the team +1. But flipping a territory earns you one and takes one away. Positioning is also important, particularly on the border between the 2 teams.
    -If they did this at Knotts with that western town it would be totally awesome. It's a shame there aren't more buildings in which to play in. Picture horseshoes in the stables, a real jail, a courthouse for suing people over claims.

    Question: Re the business license, do you have to reapply each day? Important for us to know for this weekend to plan out our bits given the other stunt he has cooked up.
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      Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

      @Gting Thanks for the information

      -The makes sense about the Hideout, just so you know their is no official welcome center anymore, not even the Trading Post. Every location now explains the game and writes name tags which can sometimes take away from those already playing, as it takes time to do the above. Even traveling CM's do this like L.B. when he is away from his elixir cart.
      -That is really cool about your son being a Doctor and "The Doctor". Yes to officially start a business you need a business license which is 100 bits. Has your son earned one of the Hero Coins yet?
      -Thats really cool about the Mark Twain. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way anymore. Now its about which faction owns the Mark Twain and any of the other major buildings in the Western Territories. For instance if Rainbow Ridge buys back the Golden Horseshoe, the can telegraph to change the flag. The Faction Flags are now on any major building/location and can be switched when re-purchased by the opposing faction. Cool side note when I was with Rainbow Ridgers trying to take over the Mark Twain (we thought it still worked the way as you described), Frontierlanders actually tried creating a blockade within the queue to stop us from entering. Once on board the river boat captain has a good sense of humor, saying Davy Crockett was from Frontierland and Mike Fink was from Rainbow Ridge, and he even gave some back story about the broken down remnants of the Mine Train attraction that "belonged" to Rainbow Ridge on the last quarter of the journey.
      -I hadn't heard that you could challenge any rule but I think it makes sense since there is so many gray areas. I love the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.
      -I never saw a player of the day award either day I was there. But maybe there only let a small group know and others are none the wiser.
      -I completely agree it's about having fun, and having a positive attitude and open mind when playing. Definitely one of the most fun experiences I've had in awhile at Disneyland.
      -Flipping territories? You mean buying someone else's land plot or building? I don't know if the rules have changed but when I was there a few people tried doing that and the CM's said only buildings could be flipped not land plots. Maybe thats another rule change.
      -I had the same thought about Knotts berry farm. I thought it would be kind of cool if they did something similar in all the Western Territories across their parks internationally and you could get news about other factions, and send telegraphs from say Frontierland in Disneyland to Westernland in Tokyo Disney or to the Ravenswood's in Paris.

      Business License
      You only have to apply once for 100 bits at the telegraph office. If anyone asks from there on out, you let them know you already were granted a license. That being said, I did that the first day I was there, and interestingly enough CM's I had not interacted with the day before, already knew I was the Lawyer for the Western Territories the next day and sent me work right off the bat. Also as the Lawyer I helped both sides Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge, I just charged Frontierlanders a premium for my services.
      "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing ... That it was all started by a mouse ... and inspired by a rabbit."


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        Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

        Yes, the original pamphlet published with the game said you can challenge any rule with rock, paper, scissors but I think they quickly came to rue that. It still works sometimes, depending on the change. As a frontier lawyer, you could really make hay with that. The obvious problem was that people were making up stuff like, rock paper scissors I win 1000 bits.

        If only buildings can be flipped then it's going to be a real problem for them this weekend. By about 3:00 last sunday, the territories on the board were all occupied. Perhaps that's has to happen before you are allowed to flip? In any case we'll report back if we see it this weekend. When you try and flip, the value of the land increased. There was a hot border war along the border where two teams kept trying to flip Tatooine, Corsucant, and Hoth for Gallifrey and Hogwarts.

        There were two flags. One was in the center of the square, and the other is on the Mark Twain itself. Not sure if they are associated with each other or the golden horseshoe or the mark twain but we have seen them different. The Mark Twain itself couldn't be purchased but had to be won in the shoot out...has that changed....can we buy it now?

        He hasn't earned the hero coin yet. He's only played twice...once for a few hours, once all day Sunday....we'll see this weekend. Perhaps the stunt he has planned might earn him that, but I don't know if he'll be able to make it go off or if they'll let him. He has a series of them planned in ever increasing craziness, but not all of them are really viable (mind of a 6 year old).

        Hopefully they'll grandfather him in for the business license. We'll have to be sure to try that on Sunday as Saturday will be filled preparing the stunt and we won't be able to play all day anyway. We might have need of the services of a frontier lawyer to argue for us that he should be grandfathered.
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          Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

          I will be visiting sometime on Sunday. I hope to be able to see what his imagination has in store for everyone! I ended up meeting up with my friend and her daughter for dinner last night. In less than an hour she was able to gain 400 bits. I had hoped they would have played more and provided more feedback.

          @Oswaldtherabbit - I sent them via text the information you shared on the other thread and they easily were able to get involved in the game. Apparently they were able to have a character switch sides and her daughter earned 200 bits for a poster as she was lucky.


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            Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

            @nightrippe I am glad that they had a fun time and were able to get easily involved. It's a little daunting when people don't know anything about the game other then picking up the entertainment flyer at the gates. I wish them the best of luck. If they end up being Rainbow Ridge faction have them tell Geddidiah or Red that Elfego el gato the lawyer says hello. The might give them a few extra bits.
            "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing ... That it was all started by a mouse ... and inspired by a rabbit."


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              Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

              Hey Oswald any way we can change the name of the Thread to the "Offical Legends of Frontierland information/trip report thread?

              Here's my report from Monday and yesterday. On Monday I arrived to town and started to run a few telegraphs and make a few bits before running into Andy Six Shots. We have both meet before last Thursday on the 59th anniversary. We both decided to partner up but first we had to go see of Pineapple Pete was in town, he had spent the weekend over at the Jungle Cruise. Pineapple Pete was sure in town and soon it was myself, Andy, and Pineapple Pete started to do some jobs around town few telegraphs and then learned of a fellow who was going for presidency and decided that Pete wanted to be president so we tried making him a contender but that wasn't ment to be seeing by the time we had made a poster for him that Sly Jackson had become president so after hearing this we decided to rally a few members of Rainbow Ridge and demand that Pete become Supreme Overload with Andy and I leading this group of Ridgers we marched over to the telegraph booth and sent a message to Chicago and moments later a message was sent out that Pete is now Supreme Overload Pineapple Pete. As our day continue we meet up with Kitty Kat and the three of us thought of a idea of throwing a carnival on Wednesday. Kat was the mainly in charge seeing she lead the movement of collecting donations for the carnival and myself,Andy,and Pete kept trying to keep out of trouble. Later we found out that Sly Jackson and his posse were up to no good even though he was presented a Hero's coin for become president and they felt that a way of celebrating would be to go to Big Thunder Mountain(Rainbow Ridge territory) and hang their Frontierland flag at the station. Myself, Kat, Andy, Pete, and two three other fellow Ridgers quickly made a run to the Mountain and quickly removed the flag just second after Jackson and his posse have hung the flag saving our beloved piece of land. After that we we talked to Mac and Red and shared the details of our adventure and the plan of the carnival. Just the Mac was called over to Red and soon after Mac gathered the Ridgers to make a special announcement. At first I thought this was going to be a exciting new mission or part of the story but then Mac started to say that their has been a person who has been extremely helpful and part of the community and this person has been deemed worth of Hero status so of course all of us was thinking Pineapple Pete even being a Pineapple has been deemed a hero. Mac then turned to me and said One-Eyed Bart you are the third Hero of the Frontier and I was shocked I really didn't think it was me and I was honored, surprised, and privileged. Thus ending our day on Monday. Next came my day of play for Wednesday in the time between Monday and Wednesday I became the new owner and handler of Pineapple Pete which means Pete and One-Eyed Bart are best buds. Also I came learn the Andy Six Shots did achieved Hero status and a member or the frontierlanders Matt also was deemed Hero status bringing the total of Heros at the time to 5 Heros. The day started with Kat, Pete, and myself stating to make a few bits by running a few messages for members of the town and later grouped up with members or our growing posse. We meet corrupted Kassie, Emily (I forget her first part of her name lol, sorry Emily), and Heart Breaker. As they were doing their mission Pete and I learned that their once was a other election and we made it in time to get him into the running against Turned Up. Pete easily persuade many people to vote for him and he was named President Pineapple Pete taking the term away from our fellow president and posse member Slippery McQee who was heart broken when he arrived to town. as this happen Kat was able to secure the hideout and business license for the carnival. Pete and I then started to work on the Donkey game where it was just like Pin the tail on the Donkey but with a drawn Donkey and tape the tail. The goal was two bits for the Carnival if you won then you would get your bit back. It was pretty fun and we may try running a other carnival later. After the carnival we were told to be at the Golden Horseshoe for a special announcement during Miss Lilly's show. During the Show Miss Lilly announce and presented Kitty Kat that she had achieved Hero status. Later Corrupted Kassie and Emily both worked at and successfully converting people to Rainbow Ridge even Miss Molly which later ended with Kassie and Emily also getting Hero status bringing the number of total Heros to 9 at the end of the day. The best part is a that our posse is practically all Hero status members seeing we help each other and work together as a team. So far their are a 7 Rainbow Ridge Heros and only 2 Froniterlanders Heros. As the game progressives things to become interesting and intense as the land battles become more costly seeing the buildings prices are starting to get all in the 1k range and the land squares start at 100 and go higher during the day. Can't wait till Pineapple Pete and I get to go back to town next week.
              Here are the pictures I and fellow Posse members took theses last two days
              Hero's Coin in the middle bottom
              Lof9 by Jalejandro Photography, on Flickr
              Emily and Kassie
              lof7 by Jalejandro Photography, on Flickr

              Kat gets Hero Status
              lof6 by Jalejandro Photography, on Flickr

              The Posse with Red and Molly
              Lof1 by Jalejandro Photography, on Flickr

              The rest are Pineapple Pete Mischief
              image_1 by Jalejandro Photography, on Flickr
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                Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                @DisneyLoon Great trip report. I would change the thread title, but I am unsure of how to do this. If you can PM me with how to do it I will.

                Glad to hear there are so many more Hero's being added to the mix.
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                  Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                  Wrangler Rob (that's me) achieved hero status today!!!! Yay!!!


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                    Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                    Congrats wrangler rob, out of curiosity what did you do to get heros status and are u frontier or rainbow ridge, Pineapple Pete and I are curious

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                      Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                      Currently I am Frontierland. The first day I joined the game my friend Kat wanted to be orange. So I kept the personality from that day. I did switch sides twice today and was rather active with Zane ( I was his best man today) and Pricella (ms). I was offered 150 bits to change sides to Rainbow Ridge by the L.B., which I agreed to. My friend Marshal Stephen threatened to put a warrant out for me, but was given 15 bits to keep his mouth shut. When the elixer cart was bought by Frontierland, I had to go back to Frontierland.

                      Maybe I should actually post what all happened today once I have it all straight in my mind. Note that I bought all three of the drinks by the end of the day, was rather lucky (luck potion) and inherited two plots of land (thanks Zane and Chicago!) bought a building, helped out a couple new players (even convinced new players to join Rainbow Ridge while I was Frontierland) and really got into the world.
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                        Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                        A few rules notes from a Saturday visit:

                        -Confirming that it is possible to switch an opposing team's land territory but it must be adjacent to one you control in order to do this. It generally costs 25 bits more than the current land amount on offer.
                        -The talent agency and sheriff office have changed. It is no longer possible to get work by going to the talent agency and doing up a poster. To do a job there, you have to have a telegram first directing you to that job. It is also no longer possible to just draw up a poster and try and put someone in jail. You need a telegram directing you to do it first, OR you need to go after an existing wanted poster. This unfortunately has broken one of the more fun aspects of the game. They probably did it because there was too much crowding at these two stations, but the crowding is now at the telegraph office as it is not really possible to use the sheriff or the talent agency without going thru the telegraph office. My son was disappointed by this as he likes to do the sheriff's office and the few times we did get a telegraph, the person had left the area before we could find them. It was overall very frustrating, and has impacted the enjoyment of the game.
                        -Rumor has it the talent agency was originally suppose to be something more but legal concerns, about being singing copyrighted material or material which might not be appropriate in front of children, prevented them from doing it. My son had wanted, for example, to organizd the frontierland militia, but there were concerns about using a term "militia" which might be considered offensive to some, so we had to settle for "defense posse"
                        -Confirming there were people surveying regarding frontierland in general. The survey questions didn't make a whole lot of sense. They were directed at how we like frontierland in general, rather than what aspects of the game were good or bad. From the survey questions, it's probably not going to be very useful to Disney.
                        -Confirming that the Mark Twain is not for sale. It has to be won through various contests, but the contests apparently vary from time to time. The last time we saw it change, it was in a shoot out between 2 teams. Also the jail is now up for sale. One cast member told us big thunder ranch will be up for sale soon.
                        -In another rule change, apparently the telegraph office is unable telegraph a particular time in which a meeting between factions is to occur. I can't figure out the reason for this rule, other than to encourage folks to interact.
                        -Overall the rule changes from this week to last seem to be geared for making more consistency in play, but unfortunately have hampered the free flowing dynamic between players and factions. We've gone from no rules with anything being challenged by rock paper scissors to too many rules, all action being controlled from the telegraph station, and snafus such as the one being reported on micechat regarding the frontierland carnival. The game is still fun, but I have to say its less fun than it was in the early days when creativity could really flow and anyone could put anyone in jail.
                        -One possible source of future potential problems is the hero coin as from talking to cast members, there doesn't seem to be many standards as for when it is awarded, other than a particular cast member recognizing and liking you. Another source of potential friction is that the game is heavily geared to repeat players, some of whom are there multiple times during the week, and newbies (who might just want to spend a few hours at the game before moving on) get quickly frustrated by their inability to understand the rules, jump in at the sheriff's station, or earn enough bits to make a difference for their team. Unless they recalibrate things between new players and the repeat players, ultimately this venture may not be successful and we may not see repeat incarnations in other lands, other forms.
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                          Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                          Gting, thanks for the primer on how to play. I was overseas while the game was introduced so I missed out completely on it existing in Frontierland but now that I'm back up to speed on what's going on in Anaheim, LOF seems like a great game that doesn't require a lot of extra infrastructure to play and I'll definitely have to give it a shot next time I'm down there. Also, I apologize if I'm not reading your explanation correctly but it seems like there is a lot of guest to guest interaction in LOF, an element which is missing in a game like Sorcerers of the MK or the Pirates Adventure. Definitely a neat idea and hope it works for them in the long run.
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                            Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                            Whenever you deal with a game that has an economy, players will find a way to break the game. Wanted posters were free to make and you could make 100 bits when you caught someone. Then people created them on their friends and made a ton of bits fast. So they limited the reward to 50 bits but you had to pay 15 bits to make the poster. Again, same problem as before. That may be why they changed how those posters work.

                            Remember that they are still trying to work things out. I felt more like a person of importance today with my interactions. Keep in mind that I was giving out bits to everyone.


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                              Re: Legends of Frontierland - PRIMER (From My Trip July 21 &amp; July 22)

                              Originally posted by nightrippe View Post
                              Whenever you deal with a game that has an economy, players will find a way to break the game.
                              But no one except the heroes and repeat players really cares about the economy. The casual visitor/kids just like to make a poster or get locked up. Game works better as a game but its less fun. If their target audience is people pursuing hero status, then the change makes sense, but it's a limited audience and I can't therefore see them doing something like this on a repeat basis when its over. If their target audience is getting it out to as many casual players as possible, then they should be focusing on making the game more accessible, and who cares if the actual mechanics work.

                              For example, there was a little girl dressed as Elsa last Sunday who wanted to see who was more powerful, Elsa or the Doctor, by doing rock paper scissors at the jail. My son obliged her with the wanted poster. Elsa was otherwise not involved in the game and just wanted to do this part because it was cool. Now the answer to Elsa would be you have to wait at the telegraph office, and hope you get to chase the character you want, which is unlikely.
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