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Stroller locks?

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    Re: Stroller locks?

    Originally posted by Mackster View Post
    Sounds like a waste of time. When we used to use strollers I often wondered why they were never stolen... I kind of figured that for the most part thieves are statistically going to be younger males... which kind of tells you why a stroller isn't high on the list of things to steal.

    I think the only times I've heard of them being stolen was when it was one that was rented and then I am always wondering if it was stolen or someone got it by mistake not looking at the tag.

    That said the only thing I would worry about is anything expensive that you keep in the stroller bag like a purse or camera. I've seen some people leave things like that in the strollers and I'm just wondering how stupid those people are to leave something so tempting in the open unattended.
    Sadly, it happens, as it happened to us with a very nice stroller.

    No matter where you go, there you are.