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An Efficient-ish Trip


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  • Trip Report An Efficient-ish Trip

    So, a couple of CMs I work with mentioned how the new Alice in Wonderland projections look nice. I saw the Youtube video but Youtube videos don't do projection effects justice so I figured I had to see them in person. I normally skip Alice in Wonderland due to the long wait but I figured I'd be okay if I went in the morning.

    I hit more traffic than I anticipated so I didn't enter the Disneyland Main Gate until 8:59. I entered the Alice queue at around 9:05 and boarded at about 9:23.(The posted wait was 30 minutes so it looks like a got some efficient CMs/guests with only an 18 minute wait.) I definitely enjoyed the new effects and I'd probably rank Alice almost to Monsters Inc. in terms of how long I'd wait for it. I don't really have a connection to Alice in Wonderland so my new ceiling is about 30 minutes, which is about what I'll wait for Monsters. The only reason my Monsters ceiling is so high is DCA's lack of dark rides and how Monsters Inc. is an awesome movie.

    After Alice I got a 10:20 Fastpass for Big Thunder and hit up Splash Mountain Single Rider and Winnie the Pooh. I only waited 3 minutes for Splash Mountain and about 1 minute for Winnie the Pooh. After a restroom break I discovered Indy was 101 and probably was the cause of Jungle Cruise's 25 minute wait. I hadn't done the Tiki Room in forever so I decided to do that. It probably wasn't the most efficient choice but I hadn't seen the show in a long time. When I used my Fastpass for Big Thunder it took me about 5 minutes to go from Validation to boarding my train, which is pretty good when compared to a ton of Fastpass attractions.(I'll get to this later.)

    I entered DCA at 11:05 since Matterhorn was also 101. I picked up a 12:05 Fastpass for Soarin' and only waited 4 minutes for Grizzly's Single Rider. Screamin's Single Rider ended up being 10 minutes, which is nice but I was honestly expecting it to be in the 4-7 minute range. Racer's Single Rider ended up being 20 minutes, also nice, but I was expecting it to be 10-15 minutes. When I used my Fastpass for Soarin' it literally took 19 minutes to go from Validation to my seat in the theater. In an earlier trip report I complained about how long Soarin's Single Rider takes but the reality is it's only 10-15 minutes slower than Fastpass. I wish the Hollywood Managers lowered Soarin's Fastpass and/or retrained Soarin' CMs on proper pulsing at Merge. Soarin' doesn't have the hordes of DAS card like Toy Story, Peter Pan, or Racers so I think it's a reasonable request to be able to keep Soarin's Fastpass to less than 12 minutes.

    So, I spent about two hours in Disneyland and went on 5 rides and spent almost two hours in DCA and went on 4 rides. Everything I did in DCA was an E-ticket so I guess I was more efficient there even though my ride count was lower. I think had I done Pinnochio and Teacups instead of the Tiki Room my count would have higher but I had a Teacup to myself last week when I went with friends. It's not the same thrill when you're only making yourself dizzy.

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    Re: An Efficient-ish Trip

    Thank you for writing, what day of the week?

    What type of wet did you find yourself on Splash and Grizzly?

    interesting that you compared Alice and Monsters as the same value.

    I am 58 and grew up with Alice, I like the leaves and the tunnel darkness. But I am not fond of Monsters and will not wait to ride the attraction.


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      Re: An Efficient-ish Trip

      Monsters still doesn't do it for me, too many Superstar Limo flash backs when I ride it.

      Soarin single rider 90% of the time is a waste of time. The updates to Alice are wonderful.


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