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Pics from today 2.6.06


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  • Pics from today 2.6.06

    Went for a few hours this afternoon. The huge fire in Anaheim Hills made for some CRAZY orange skies and fricken' ASH all over the place. ~cough cough~
    But whatevs. I think in the closeup of one of these pics you can see tiny bits of ash on the flowers.
    I mainly went to take pics of the purty flowers they've planted for spring.


    DUCKY!!!! There were lots of ducks just chillin' in the flowers today. Wtf?

    Hazy skies and smoky ash, imo.

    I love Fantasyland and the way the buildings look. I want my future house to look like that. lawl.

    Ash-ey flowers.

    This is what the front door of my future house will look like. lol.

    That's all.

    ~does a tap dance~

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    Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

    i love your pictures. they're all so purdy, duckies and flowers and such. and i really like the angle you used to take that pic of the castle...the gold looks so nice and shiney....good stuff! hope your lungs are OK from all of the ash!!

    ^clicky clicky^


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      Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

      thanks for all the pics, was it empty because of the fire?


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        Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

        Originally posted by viewaskewniverse
        Hazy skies and smoky ash, imo.

        Awesome picture! The darker sky really makes the castle pop.


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          Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

          theres a fire?

          ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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            Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

            These pics are great despite the smoky sky!!!!
            Katie :yea:
            Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
            :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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              Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

              Wow , there are flowers popping up all over Disneyland!! I absolutely love it! How much better are things returning to the park? They are now, and this is just a start! I'm so excited about the little touches here and there around the park. Beautiful!! :yea:
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                Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                Beautiful! I love floral shots of Disneyland! Thanks so much for posting them!


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                  Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                  Oh yah theres a fire, its only a mile or so away from me.. i rode my bike up there last week... now its ablaze, not asky here through, the wind carried down a-ways. and no im not in any danger..
                  Current DL Entertainment Technical Services

                  Former DCA Attractions CM


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                    Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                    We were there today. My birthday, so we decided to get out.

                    Every ride was a walk-on. Don't know if the fire affected the crowds, but both parks were light. Our only wait was for Monsters and that was less than 10 minutes.

                    Bought a few pins today. Always have to buy the new monorail pins and anything that has my name on it. There was a pin for DCA's 5th anniversary. I didn't buy it and for the life of me can't tell you a thing about it, but I was a lilttle surprised to see it. Would that be the sole thing Disney is doing for DCA's anniversary?

                    All-in-all a great day to be an AP

                    "Not Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Astor together could have
                    raised money enough to buy a quarter share in my little dog."

                    � Ernest Thompson Seton


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                      Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                      Im going in 8 hours!!! yippie
                      Come to the dark side,
                      we have cookies.


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                        Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                        I Sure Do Like All The Spring Flowers
                        aka Sara

                        :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

                        One of my children
                        isn't pictured,

                        ABE is still hibernating :sleep:


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                          Re: Pics from today 2.6.06



                          LOOOOOOOVE this shot!! Thanx
                          I'm just a bit more than Just Really Nice!


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                            Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                            Views - thanks for the great pics!!!
                            Fantasmic - glad to hear that you're gonna be okay...
                            Wildfires are just a part of life we come to accept here in the land of milk and honey that is SoCal...
                            God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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                              Re: Pics from today 2.6.06

                              I love Disneyland with all the Spring flowers and the duck was pretty cute. Thanks for taking pictures of all the different flowers!


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