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Spring Break Crowds?


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  • Spring Break Crowds?

    I'm going to have a day to spend at Disneyland anywhere between March 24 and April 1. DCA is open until 10 and Disneyland until 12 every day while I'm there, so I'm sure it's going to be busy the whole time. And the weekend is blocked out for Deluxe APs, so that, I'm certain, is out of the question. But what does everyone think what would be the best day during the week (or is there even one at all)? Could someone who knows the patterns help me out?

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    Tuesdays and wednesdays are usually the dead-est, and if it's really cloudy/sprinkling it's great. Most people leave.
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      Normally, i would say the week after easter is better, but with the 50th being so close and the weather so odd, the usual patterns aren't really holding.
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        I am going on Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th so I hope it won't be super crowded.
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          We will be there April 10 thru 13. We're hoping we will be hitting it just right, between the Easter/Spring break crowds and the gearing up for the 50th kick off.
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            I'll be there april 1 & 2. I imagine most spring breaks are over by then
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