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Character Dining experiences


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  • Character Dining experiences

    I'm thinking about taking DD to one of the character dining experiences, but I can't decide which one to do. She likes all of the characters, so I can't pick that way.

    What are the menus at some of the different places? Who has the best food? Can anyone help me pick one? Thanks!

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    Re: Character Dining experiences

    I like Goofys Kitchen. They have a well rounded menu for breakfast or lunch/dinner.. although I prefer breakfast. For dinner they had all of the kid favorites like nuggets, pizza (PB&J!), and hot dogs. For the adults they had pastas and chicken and potatoes. There's a nice fruit section with yummy fresh fruit and another section with every dessert you could imagine. As for breakfast they had pancakes and omelettes and breakfast meats. Just my recommendation though, depends on what food you're looking for.

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      Re: Character Dining experiences

      We did almost all of the character meals, when we were at Disneyland for the anniversary. I thought they were all very good. Each of them has lots of characters. It is fun to visit the hotels. The lilo and Stitch Breakfast at the Paradise Pier Hotel was fun. They had Lilo, Stitch, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto on the morning we were there. Good Food. Lilo and Stitch dance with the kids. They pose for pictures and sign autographs.


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        Re: Character Dining experiences

        We have done Goofy's Kitchen, Storytellers', Ariel's Grotto and the Plaza Inn - all except Ariel's for breakfast. My favourite is Storytellers (best food IMO), but we've always been a party of adults, no kids. The character interaction there is less than at all the others. The Plaza Inn and Goofy's have the widest variety of characters, but I wasn't fussed on the food at Goofy's. If your little girl likes the Princesses, Ariel's is fantastic.

        I loved meeting all the princesses and Ariel was so perfect, right up to her mannerisms, it really made it a wonderful experience. I also enjoyed the food, although it wasn't buffet like all the others. There was still plenty to eat though and we walked out stuffed full.

        Both times I've been to Plaza Inn, it has been quite empty and the character attention we received was fantastic. We had quite a wonderful experience with Eeyore the first time (he hardly left my sister's side the whole time since it was her birthday, and we told him he was her favourite character) and with Pooh and Dale the second time.

        I find the character meals a great way to get one-on-one time with the characters without having to wait in line.
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          Re: Character Dining experiences

          I guess I should begin by asking what does DD like to eat? That would help to clue me in on which to recommend.


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            Re: Character Dining experiences

            I have only done Storytellers, and had maybe the most fun I've ever had eating at Disneyland!
            (I did do Ariel's Grotto but that was before the change. The food was better there than Storytellers.)
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              Re: Character Dining experiences

              we did goofys, and I did it once alone, in my opinion, it was ok, we are doing story tellers in April.we did ariels for dinner, very cute interaction and the food was ok. ( great deserts


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                Re: Character Dining experiences

                Donald's Breakfastosaurus at DAK is amazing! Oh yeah, wrong forum

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                  Re: Character Dining experiences

                  Goofy's kitchen!


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