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Why can't kids register online as APs?


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  • Why can't kids register online as APs?

    My apologies if this has been noticed on another post.

    My wife and son each received the 50th AP newsletter and I've been online all weekend updating our user profiles so Mindy and I can enter the media event drawing. Curiously, however, there is no way for Nicky (our son) to enter. All kids under 18 are severely limited in the information they can enter to register with and The practical upshot of this is that as near as I can tell, every annual passholder under 18 is not only excluded from the drawing, they are unable to even acknowledge their AP status with or log on to the AP website at all.

    Some preliminary caveats:

    **Mindy and I were APs before becoming parents. We would love an "adults only" night at Disneyland.

    **We love the improved odds generated by automatically excluding all APs under 18.

    I would grant the age restriction on the drawing (as stated in the Official Rules), AS LONG AS I could be guaranteed that no guest would be under 18 either, which is currently NOT addressed by the official rules posted online. Contrariwise, if an AP can bring a youth or teen guest, then why exclude them from the drawing? And don't say it's security because RadioDisney is holding contests every other day that limit participation to UNDER a certain age....

    To me, it's an issue of economics and benefits. Disneyland has long ago abandoned the "junior" passport in favor of the calendarized versions we have now (SoCal, Deluxe, Premium). We pay full freight for a deluxe passport even though our child will only use a fraction of the Disneyland services due to age interest and height restrictions. We have come to live with this reality at the park. But is this any reason to say my son can't get a mousepad because he's under 18? That doesn't wash. If you're paying for a full AP, then any AP holder should have the full benefits accorded. If you want an adult party at the media event, maybe you should restrict the age; but consider that our son could have come with us (had we been willing to pay) to last year's Haunted Mansion event where alcohol was served to the upper-level guests.

    IMHO, the online disneyland web people need to figure out a way to meet both the needs of online child protection and the federal laws pertaining to such and the benefits that should be afforded to any paying annual passholder. 'Cuz right now they're paying like adults and getting treated like kids.

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    Well I think it's a legal issue. All prize drawings/sweepstakes that I have come across are 18 and over. Some 21 and over. Minors are not allowed to enter/win sweepstakes.

    However, when you use the APs in the park, no matter if you're the 5 year old holding the AP or the 40 year old holding the AP, you get the discounts. So they are not necessarily excluding the kids.


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      I think that a child should have a child's AP untill they reach the age of 13???

      (forums require a child to be 13 before they can join legaly....)

      I say have a discount for a childs AP... have less things but still offer few things... that way you will be paying for what they can do...

      once they turn 13... pay for an adults... they would be tall enough for most of the rides if not all....and have some things for teens?? not hard to pull off...


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        adults only :confused:
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