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Park Entrance on July 17th


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  • Park Entrance on July 17th

    I've purchased one of the standard 50th anniversary packages and will be staying at the Grand Californian 7/16 - 7/18. The package includes park passes.

    My question is this, undoubtedly Disneyland will be sold out that day and I expect it will hit it's guest limit. Given that I will have a multi-day pass that I bought with my package, am I guaranteed entry or do I need to get up and get in the park early enough to ensure this?

    How does the park deal with guests on busy days? Is it just first come first served?


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    there is another thread called ....So how busy will the park be.....

    or something along that line. You should read that one, i believe it said you were not guarenteed entry even though you were staying at the parks hotels.
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      Hey DLFan,

      I too have ressies for around that time (so maybe see ya there!) but from what I've been told, no one, including resort guests, has guranteed admission on the 17th. I really guess they're expecting a lot of people. I plan on booking tickets for the merchandise event that weekend, so I at least have some form of getting in that day. We also plan to arriver 1-2 hours early and stake it out with the rest of the hardcore Disney fans :lol:
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        Wait.. not even Resorts have garenteed admission... Shoot.. I better get a new alarm clock that "Can" Wake Me Up..... (Or i can pull and all nghter and get in line at 6:00a.m. hehe behind every one on this forum...)


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